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  • Drifting Between Film and Reality

    Chapters 23-24

    *Content warning: R*pe*

    Chapter 23: Save me…

    The man rubbed his temples, looking like he had a headache. When he saw Xiao Xiaohong, he asked her, “Have you seen Hu Songyu?” 

    Xiao Xiaohong was a smart person. She immediately left Ye Fu alone and said to Cen Luan, “Brother Cen, wait for a while. I’ll go and find him now.” 

    Then, she sprinted off. 


    Ye Fu stood there awkwardly. Even though wanted to leave with Xiao Xiaohong, she felt that it would be rather impolite if she didn’t greet the movie king. As she hesitated, her eyes accidentally met his gaze. Immediately, she lowered her head guiltily and said, “… Good morning. I, I’ll be going… To the set now.” 

    Cen Luan leaned against the wall, his hand still on his temples. When his gaze fell on her fair neck, his brain started to recall the memories of when he pressed her down and f*cked her, and the euphoric taste of when his thin lips touched that tender skin. 

    She was dressed very conservatively today, in a long shirt and pants. 

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    Ye Fu was facing the actor who was playing Monkey, and the actor kept talking to Ye Fu. It wasn’t known what they were talking about, but Ye Fu smiled lightly. 


    Her looks were innocent, and she looked like the girl next door with her thin eyebrows, and her fair and tender skin. Most importantly, her figure was perfect. Her waist was thin and her br*asts were big. Her legs were slender and fair, and even her toes were so pretty that others couldn’t turn their eyes away from them. 

    Right now, she was in her slippers, and she didn’t put on any socks. When the male actor spoke to her, his eyes were trained onto her toes, as though he was asking her why her feet looked so pretty. 

    Ye Fu covered her mouth and smiled shyly, then replied something in a soft voice. 

    Cen Luan looked at that side from a distance. 

    Director Xu used the script to tap on his hand, “Did you hear what I said?” 

    Cen Luan nodded, “Mmmm.” 

    “What did I say?” Director Xu gave him a displeased look. 

    Cen Luan didn’t even lift his head, “Let’s quickly film. I want to rest after we’re done.” 

    “Rest?” Director Xu snorted, “Don’t think I don’t know what happened last night.” 

    Cen Luan chuckled. 

    Before Director Xu left, he said, “I don’t care about anything else, but you have to act well in this movie. Don’t disrupt the mood here.” 

    Cen Luan dropped the cigarette between his fingers and said, “Don’t worry. I’m looking forward to the next scene.” 


    Director Xu knew what the next scene was, so he glared at Cen Luan, “Don’t go out of hand.” 

    Cen Luan looked at Ye Fu, who was still talking to the male actor. She was covering her mouth, and she was smiling so widely that her eyes were narrowed. Between the fair fingers, he could still spot a glimpse of that pink tongue. 

    To Director Xu’s words, Cen Luan replied hoarsely with these words, “I’ll see how it goes.” 

    The lights and cameras were already in place. Cen Luan stood by the side as he watched the production assistant say with the clapper board, “Stockholm, thirtieth scene, act one! Action!” 

    His light eyes were piercing as he stared at the young woman in the loose maxi dress, wearing a pair of men’s slippers. 

    The young woman’s eyelashes were trembling, and a tear slid out from the corner of her eyes. When Monkey violently threw her onto the sofa, she tried as she looked towards him, her gaze full of aggrievement, “Save me…” 

    Cen Luan’s cigarette fell. 

    Don’t even talk about saving her. 

    Right now, he even wanted to give her his life. 

    Chapter 24: I’m going to fuck her to death today

    Tang Gu was pressed onto the sofa by Monkey, and stripped of her clothes. 

    Just as they were about to proceed to the next step, Boar rushed over and pulled Monkey off her. 


    “Are you crazy? Boss has said it before, no one can touch this woman!” 

    Monkey’s gaze was filled with lust, “I can’t take it anymore. I can only see but not touch her, this is driving me crazy. I will just do her once. If all of you don’t say anything, Boss won’t know either.” 

    “Are you stupid? Won’t she tell him?!” Boar pointed at Tang Gu, “She’s not mute. When Boss returns and she reports you to him, you’ll be finished!” 

    When Monkey heard this, he sneered, “It’s not like she’s important! Would Boss fall out with me for her?” 

    “Monkey, I’m telling you. Boss treats us well. It’s rare that he likes this woman, and everyone can see it, so don’t push it… Otherwise, we can’t even be buddies anymore.” 

    “For the sake of a f*cking woman, would he disown his buddy?” Monkey was furious as he unzipped his pants, and was about to push his meat stick into the woman’s core. “I don’t believe it. I’m going to f*ck her to death tonight!” 

    Tang Gu cried as she leaned back to avoid the man, but her fair and long legs were grabbed by the man. He placed her legs over his shoulder, and the man’s c*ck looked hideous and savage. Strangely enough, Tang Gu actually felt that Yu Chibei’s c*ck looked better than his. 

    At that moment, another fear grew in her: the fear that Yu Chibei would be disgusted with her if she was r*ped by Monkey. 

    She struggled with all her might, and screamed till her voice was hoarse, “Save me… Yu Chibei… Save me…” 

    Monkey let out an evil chuckle, “You can shout all you want. Boss won’t be coming back today, and by the time he comes back, you’ve already obediently sucked my c*ck.” 

    A low voice sounded from behind him, “Is that so?” 

    Monkey was stunned for a moment, and the hand that was holding his c*ck froze. He turned around, but before he could take a clear look, he was kicked off the sofa by the other man.


    Monkey’s stomach hurt from being kicked, and when he fell, his shaft also hit the ground. The pain was so unbearable that he shouted out, “Ahhhh… Boss, my… my… ahhhhh…” 

    Boar and the others quickly pulled Monkey up. His meat stick seemed to be knocked crooked, as it leaned crookedly to a side. There was blood seeping out from the root of it, causing the hair around it to slowly dampen. 

    Monkey was in so much pain that his face was ashen, “Send me… to… the hospital!” 

    Boar looked anxiously at Yu Chibei, “Boss? What should we do?” 

    “Bear with it! How can we send him to the hospital now? Yu Chibei’s face was extremely black, as he added, “Take this as a lesson. In future, you’d better remember what you can touch, and what you can’t!” 

    “Yes, yes, yes! Boss, please spare him this once.” Boar tried to calm the situation. 

    “All of you should leave.” Yu Chibei glared at them coldly, “Monkey was going to r*pe my woman, and all of you were just f*cking gathering around and watching! Get lost! I don’t need buddies like this!” 

    “Boss!” The others looked at him in shock. 

    Boar was also stunned, “Boss…” 

    Yu Chibei didn’t say anything else. He walked up and carried the n*ked Tang Gu in his arms, then lowered his head and lightly kissed her eyes, which were already dazed from crying. Then, he ignored the rest of the group and carried her into his room. 

    Tang Gu was still whimpering softly, as her tears continued to flow. Yu Chibei went up to her and kissed away her tears, “Be good. Your man has returned. It’s fine now.” 

    Tang Gu was so terrified that she hugged him and started sobbing loudly. 

    “Where did he touch you?” Yu Chibei’s palm rubbed her spine. 

    Tang Gu heaved and panted, as she pointed at her chest, feeling both afraid and aggrieved. 

    There was a dark bruise in the shape of a palm. 

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