Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 21-22

Chapter 21: No more… 

Cen Luan carried her and flipped her around, laying her prone on her bed and raising her b*tt. One hand was flicking her n*pples, while his other hand was pressed at her waist. His hips dipped once, and he entered her body from the back. 

Ye Fu’s neck arched high, and the pleasure from being penetrated caused her eyes to lose their focus for a moment. She almost forgot to struggle, and it was only when she was being held in place by her waist and f*cked hard that she cried out for mercy. 

“Cen Luan… It’s me… Ahhhh… Haaaa…” 

The pounding caused her voice to sound intermittently, and the two tips on her chest were rubbed by the bedsheets so much that they became erect. Behind her, each time the man entered and left her body, her n*pples would knock and rub against the bedsheets, and the pleasure kept on piling. Ye Fu cried out again, “Ahhh… Cen Luan… Ahhh…. Ahhhh…” 


Cen Luan pressed onto her tiny waist and f*cked her for more than twenty times, then finally pulled out and shot on her back. 

Panting heavily, he lay down on her back, and his thin lips started making soft kisses from her perspiring neck down to her pretty and arched spine, and followed each column down slowly till he kissed her waist. 

Ye Fu didn’t have any more energy left, and she subconsciously called out, “… Cen Luan…” 

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The tiny hand seemed to be afraid of touching it. 


She gave it a light touch, then quickly withdrew her hand. 

A low rumble emitted from the man’s throat. He grabbed that hand and placed it securely over his hard rod, then slowly delivered that rod into her body, watching as her passage was gradually filled by him, and observed as her expression turned from protest into an uncontrollable moan that came after she bit her lips. 

That area was tight and warm. 

After Cen Luan entered, he took a deep breath. He pushed back the desire to madly f*ck her hard, then slowly lowered his head to put her erect n*pple into his mouth. He used one hand to rub her other br*ast, while his other hand supported her back. 

So that she wouldn’t fall. 

Ye Fu seemed to have lost control of her emotions. She cried till her face was full of tears, but her entire body seemed to be electrified. The man only needed to move a little and she would feel immense pleasure, pushing her to the brink of a new wave of euphoria. 

“Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhhh…. Ahhhh….” She screamed till her voice was hoarse, and she squirted out once more. 

She looked like she was lost in her pleasure, and her eyes lost their focus. The bodies were knocking and slapping each other loudly, and broken moans could be heard from her, “Ahhh… Haaaa… Ahhhh… Haaaa…” 

The man was almost going to come too, as he pressed on her body and started to thrust harder into her. She was pounded so hard that even her soul was trembling, and her voice continued to cry out controllably, “Wuuuu…. Ahhhhh… Wuuuu… Mmmmmm…. Haaaaaaa… Don’t…. No… More…. Ahhhhh….”

Chapter 22: Did she sleep with the movie king? 

When Xiao Xiaohong heard that Ye Fu had sent the movie king back, she went to knock on the door to see if Ye Fu had returned to her room. However, after knocking for a long time, there was no response. 

She couldn’t resist going to ask the movie king, but just as she reached the entrance of his room, she heard the moaning sounds that came from within. 


Her ears were crimson as she withdrew her hand. Just as she was about to leave, she saw the movie king’s assistant Hu Songyu return. She quickly went up to him and said, “Hey, I.. I suddenly remembered that I left something downstairs. Can you accompany me to look for it?” 

“You can go ahead to find it yourself. I still have to send Brother Cen his medicine.” Hu Songyu avoided her as he said that. 

Xiao Xiaohong immediately grabbed his hand, “You… You should go down with me to search.” 

The assistant felt that it was strange, but he still followed her for a couple of steps. Then, he swiftly turned and ran towards the movie king’s room. He was about to raise his hands and knock on the door when he heard something like cries coming from within. 

He instantly understood the situation. His face flushed, he pulled Xiao Xiaohong as they walked out, “… Let’s go. You… You dropped your phone right? I’ll help you search for it.” 

Xiao Xiaohong: “…” 

In the room. Ye Fu was still crying out. Her voice was soft and weak, like an injured kitten, causing one’s heart to itch, and even more so, it called the blood of the man atop her to surge, as he wished he could embed his meat stick deep into her body. 

The tight pussy was like countless little mouths sucking him. Each time he entered and left her body, it seemed like it didn’t want to let him out, and each time when he withdrew from her body, the countless layers inside her p*ssy would grind against his meat stick, causing him to feel a numbing sensation all the way to his spine, causing him to want to cum. 

Cen Luan resisted the urge, as he used his palm to press against that soft waist and thrusted tens of times into her again before pulling out. And against the p*ssy that was fucked till it was slightly swollen, he shot his load out. 

The room was filled with a sweet but fishy smell. Cen Luan quickly wiped Ye Fu’s body and carried her into the bathroom to help her clean up properly. 

Ye Fu was still drifting in and out of her consciousness. At filming today, she was already “f*cked” for some time, and at night, she was really “f*cked” twice. Her consciousness, which was driven to madness by pleasure, was still floating about, her eyes were still shaking, her mouth was still slightly agape and her limbs were so tired that they hung limply beside her. 

Cen Luan kissed her, and after washing her up, he wrapped her body properly and placed her on the bed. 


By the time he came out of the shower, the woman on the bed had already disappeared. 

He looked at the dried bloodstains on the bed, and a trace of a smile could be seen in his light eyes. 

Ye Fu had covered her face as she secretly went back to her room to hide. After she returned, her legs were so weak that she slid onto the ground. 

Did she just sleep with the movie king? 

The ache between her legs was a constant reminder that what had just happened wasn’t a dream. 

No, no no, the movie king was drunk, he thought that he was acting. 

Ye Fu covered her face, as she mumbled shyly, “What should I do… How should I face him tomorrow…” 

The next morning, Xiao Xiaohong had to knock on the door for some time before Ye Fu awakened. Her waist was aching badly, and she looked tired. All night long, she was stuck in the dream of being f*cked over and over again by the movie king. 

She shouted till her throat was hoarse, and her soul lingered in the air. 

It was only when she heard the knocks that she came back to her senses. 

When Xiao Xiaohong saw her, she asked worriedly, “Sister Fu, do you want to take the morning off? You don’t look so good. Did you not sleep well last time?” 

Xiao Xiaohong immediately regretted her words once she spoke them. 


True enough, when Ye Fu heard this, her expression turned awkward. She bit her lip and pretended to be fine as she said, “No, that’s not it. Let me touch up my make-up.” 

Xiao Xiaohong didn’t say anything more, as she took the things and prepared to go downstairs. 

However, at the same moment, the door to the room opposite was opened. 

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