Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapters 17-18

Chapter 17: Is it very cold? 

“No… There’s no need,” Ye Fu covered herself awkwardly, “… I, I’ll do it myself.”

She didn’t expect that the movie king would come in, or that he would actually lower himself to her level and help her apply medicine. 

“You won’t be able to apply the ones on your back.” The movie king’s voice was low and hoarse, and within this small and enclosed space, the air felt a bit more stifling. 

“Where… where is Xiaohong?” Ye Fu didn’t know where to put her hands, “Where… where is she?” 


“She went to get the car.” The movie king waved the medicine in his hand, “I’m sorry. I was the one who caused all the wounds on your body, so won’t you give me a chance to make amends?” 

He had already said this, so Ye Fu couldn’t reject him anymore. 

Moreover, when they were filming, they’d even been in more intimate positions. 

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She pitifully opened her mouth and only managed to speak after a short while, “… Thanks, movie king.” 


Then, she swiftly wore her clothes, and literally escaped from the room. 

Cen Luan took the medicine and stood in the bathroom. There was already a high tent in his pants. He looked down at it, then sighed internally, before taking the medicine and leaving the bathroom. 

Ye Fu sat in the backseat of the car and spent some time calming down, but realised that Xiaohong hadn’t started driving. She asked, “Why aren’t we leaving yet?” 

Xiao Xiaohong replied, “Hu Songyu went to help the director take something, so Brother Cen doesn’t have his car. We’re waiting for him.” 

Ye Fu’s heart quickened, “… The movie king, he… he’s going to take our car too?” 

Xiao Xiaohong looked at her through the rearview mirror, “What’s wrong? Sister Fu?” 

“”It’s… It’s fine.” Ye Fu tried to hide her emotions with a smile. 

Immediately after, she saw the movie king walking in their direction. 

After Cen Luan showered, he had changed into a black shirt and pants. From afar, his figure was tall and muscular. His hair was still slightly wet, and under the night lights, there was a trace of coldness and nonchalance on his face. 

These days, when he acted as Yu Chibei, he would also frequently wear black short sleeved shirts. Hence, when he sat in the backseat of the car today, the overbearing and imposing aura that belonged to “Yu Chibei” started assaulting Ye Fu’s senses. 

She didn’t dare to move at all, and her gaze froze as she looked ahead. 

When Cen Luan saw her uptight position, a faint and barely traceable smile appeared on his face. 


It was dark in the car. In the front seat, in order to alleviate the silent atmosphere in the car, Xiao Xiaohong intentionally played some soothing songs for the two people in the back. 

Ye Fu looked ahead shyly. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the movie king leaning back onto his seat. There was half a body’s distance between the two of them, but Ye Fu felt that she could smell the body soap from the movie king’s body. 

It was the same fragrance as hers. 

This knowledge made her feel even more embarrassed. 

The tips of her ears were slightly red. Fortunately, no one could see her reaction in the dimness of the car. 

Chapter 18: Still have to lick there…

The hotel was very near the set, so the car stopped after a short while. The two of them alighted from the car, one after the other. 

Director Xu was at the entrance, and when he saw the two of them approaching, he waved to them, “Come, let’s go and have a drink.”

It was only then that Ye Fu found out that today was Director Xu’s birthday. 

Director Xu wasn’t someone who enjoyed celebrating his birthday. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have filmed till this late before he thought about getting people to celebrate with him. 

Everyone had bentos for dinner. Even though it didn’t taste very good, it was still very filling. 

The screenwriter decided to order a table of dishes at the hotel’s restaurant, saying that it was to celebrate Director Xu’s birthday. However, Director Xu said that they could do without the birthday celebration, instead, they could have a round of casual drinks. 


Hence, the birthday party became a casual gathering. 

The abrasion between Ye Fu’s legs were bad, but she was worried that others might notice it, hence she bore with the pain as she walked, and tried her best to act normally. 

After giving Director Xu a toast, she couldn’t help but secretly find somewhere darker to sit down. She carefully spread her legs apart as she sat down, so that she could alleviate the pain for a while. 

Not only after, Cen Luan walked over and sat down beside her. 

Ye Fu unconsciously wanted to tighten her legs. However, just as she was about to move, her knees were held in place by the man. 

“Don’t move,” Cen Luan seemed to have drunk some alcohol, as his voice was laced with a hint of drunkenness. 

“… Alright,” Ye Fu turned her head slightly to look at him. 

The man raised his hand and placed it on his temples. His nose was straight, and the corner of his thin lips were lightly curled up. His breath was warm, and he undid a button to reveal his sexy Adam’s apple. Because he was leaning slightly backwards, his Adam’s apple appeared even more prominent. 

“What are you looking at?” The man put his hand down and stared at her with his light-coloured eyes. 

Having been caught in the act, Ye Fu was someone embarrassed. But after stammering for a moment, she said sincerely, “… Movie king, you’re really good looking.” 

Cen Luan seemed to have laughed, as a low rumble sounded from his throat. 

To Ye Fu’s ears, that rumble was extremely alike to the one he made when he c*mmed. 


The tips of her ears turned red, and she immediately turned her face away and looked at the wine bottle on the table, reciting the Heart Sutra in her heart. 

“Remember to apply the medicine when you go back,” The man’s voice was hoarse, and every single word he said was like a flame that was going to brand itself in her mind, “For tomorrow’s filming… I’m still going to lick that area.” 

Ye Fu looked up at the man in a panic. She thought that he had too much to drink, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Movie king, you… are you drunk?”

Otherwise, why would he… say something that bordered on the verge of sexual harassment. 

Cen Luan’s thin lips curled up into a smile, and his voice was throaty, “A little.” 

Ye Fu heaved a sigh of relief. 

No wonder. 

“Should I get your assistant to send you back?” Ye Fu got ready to stand up, “You’ll feel terrible if you drink too much. Plus, we have to film tomorrow.” 

Cen Luan pulled her hand to stop her. 

That tiny hand was white and fair, and even a little soft. 

He didn’t let go of her hand, as he looked at Ye Fu through the dim lighting. 

Ye Fu didn’t struggle to free herself. Instead, she leaned closer to him, “Movie king? Are you feeling unwell?” 

The crimson red lips opened and closed. 

His throat became incredibly dry. 

He wanted to kiss her. 

Just like how he had violently ravaged her lips when they were feeling, heavily sucking in her soul. 

And then enter her body hard, and hear her cat-like moans. 

As he thought about it, he got incredibly hard. 

Cen Luan briefly let out a breath, then said in a seductive tone, “My assistant has gone to get me some medicine. Can you send me back instead?” 

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