Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 7: I’ll be gentler later

*Content warning: R*pe scene ahead*

Tang Gu looked at him with her bloodshot eyes. Finally, with trembling fingers, she lightly removed the towel. Her long hair, which was slightly wet, hung on her chest, making her bosom appear like a piece of white jade, while the tips were pink like plums. 

Her waist was very slim, and her belly button was tiny, like the tip of a bamboo leaf. 

The man stared at her belly button for a while, then couldn’t resist reaching out to touch it. The young woman was so scared that she stepped back, causing the man to stop in his movements. He raised a brow and didn’t say a word. He just continued looking at her. 

The young woman was both startled and frightened. Her gaze was timid, but she took a small step forward and placed her belly button near his hand. 


The man extended his finger and poked it. 

The young woman’s skin was so sensitive that she shuddered. 

The man took off his shirt, revealing his muscular and sturdy figure. His chest and back were filled with scars, and every single one of them was a signal to this young woman that he wasn’t an ordinary man. 

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Tang Gu was so surprised that she stepped back, and she knocked onto the glass door behind her. 


The man stepped forward, then lowered his head and sniffed her neck. His lips moved down from her neck, and finally, he took her n*pple in his mouth. Because it all happened so suddenly, Tang Gu instinctively struggled. 

That wasn’t in the script! 

Ye Fu was struggling so hard that she accidentally hit the movie king’s face. She thought that he would stop. Unexpectedly, the man used his leg to keep her in place, then used one hand to lock her arms over her head. 

The camera had a blind spot. Cen Luan lowered his head and pretended to lick and kiss her on her ear, but in reality, he was whispering, “Trust me this once. We’ll pass it in one take.” 

Ye Fu understood his meaning, so she cooperated immediately. She cried and shoved him, “No… Please…” 

“No?” The man’s large hand easily cupped her full br*ast, then kneaded it into all sorts of shapes. However, his voice was cruel, “Do you want my group of brothers to f*ck you together?” 

When Tang Gu heard this, she became even more terrified, so she shook her head. 

“Then be good. Weren’t you the one who said that you wanted to sleep with me?” The man’s bewitching voice reverberated by her ear. Tang Gu nodded with tears in her eyes. 

His finger reached between her legs and tried to pry open that plot of honey land. Tang Gu was shaking from fear, so she clamped hard on his finger, refusing his entrance. 

The man seemed to have noticed something. He asked, “You haven’t had s*x before?” 

Tang Gu continued to cry, but she didn’t say a word. 

The man seemed to be amused. He took a towel and wiped their bodies casually, then carried her back into the room. He lit a cigarette and took in a deep dreg, then looked at the woman on the bed. He said in a low voice, “Alright. I’ll be gentler later.” 


He lay prone on her body, his large hands kneading the fair and full mounds, then took a n*pple into his mouth again, used his tongue to lick it, then nibbled it. 

Tang Gu was shaking uncontrollably, and her voice sounded like soft sobs, “Don’t… Please…” 

The man separated her legs and placed his hard object between her thighs. He acted as though he thrust into her, as he made a low grunt. 

On the other hand, Tang Gu was in so much pain that her upper body arched upwards. Her lean and fair neck fell backwards, and traces of tears could be seen from the corners of her eyes. She let out an almost mournful shrill, “Ahhh… It hurts….” 

Outside, when Monkey heard this voice, he rubbed his hands in regret. “F*ck! I knew it! This girl is a virgin!” 

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