Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 6: I want to… sleep with you

Tang Gu was about to cry. She grabbed Monkey’s hand and pleaded desperately, “Please, let me go! I beg of you, let me go, alright? I’ll give you money. How much do you want? I’ll pay you.” 

Monkey shrugged her off, and hummed a tune as he walked into the bathroom. 

Tang Gu went to beg the others too. The other men had already removed their masks and were counting the money that they had robbed. She begged every one of them, but the men would all smile slyly as they told her, “Don’t worry. He’ll have a taste first, and then it’ll be our turn later on.” 

Tang Gu bit her lips so that she wouldn’t cry out. She was so fearful that her body started shaking, and large drops of tears started falling down her cheeks. 

Until… the man wearing the tiger’s mask appeared. 


He tossed his rifle casually on the table. After removing his mask, he took a cup from another man and took a sip of water. After that, he said, “The CCTV has been dealt with. After splitting up the money, all of you should lie low for a period of time.”

“Boss, you can split it for us.” The others solicitously gave up a seat for him.

The man sat down, then took the money and stuffed it into a bag. He then stuffed the rest of the bags and threw them on the ground. “This is Boar’s, this is for Monkey, and this is for Bull.” 

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Tang Gu suppressed the fear in her body. She didn’t want to be gang-r*ped. Right now, the man in front of her was the boss. If she could get into his good books, that might mean that she might not be… that cruelly treated by the other men. 


She could only take this gamble. 

“I’ll follow you.” Tang Gu’s trembling lips repeated this. “What I’m saying is, I want to… sleep with you.” 

The man smiled when he heard this. In front of all of them, he lifted Tang Gu’s white t-shirt and pinched her slender waist, before finally saying, “Sure. Go to my room.” 

Monkey was protesting at the side, “Boss! She is mine!” 

The others were mocking Monkey, “Stop fighting. The woman is interested in Boss, you can just forget about her.” 

Boar scoffed, “You have so much money now, you can get any other woman you want!” 

Monkey pondered for a moment, and felt that Boar made sense, hence he carried his own bag and happily went to count his money. 

The man had finished his meal outside, but the young lady hadn’t finished showering. He went in to take a look. The bathroom was filled with steam, and when he pulled the shower curtain open, he saw the body that was shaking in fear under his gaze. His voice was slightly hoarse when he said, “Are you done showering?” 

The young woman’s eyes were red and she used a towel to cover her body. Her voice was shaking terribly, “… No, not yet.” 

The man saw past her intentions, so he sneered, “The cops won’t be able to find this place. There’s no use in trying to delay this. If you regret following me, then you can go out and find Monkey.” 

“No.” Tang Gu couldn’t care about drying her body, as she wrapped her body with the towel and walked out. 

Her skin was very fair, and after soaking in the warm water, there was a pink sheen on it. Her feet looked very small in the men’s slippers, and her toes were all tiny, with pink nail polish on them. 


The man stared at her feet for some time, then looked up and commanded her, “Remove the towel.”

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