Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 56: The End (Part 2)

This was the first time she acted as the lead actress, even though… it was an erotic movie. 

The movie began with the female lead, Tang Gu, appearing at the entrance of the bank. When Ye Fu was filming, the camera was positioned far from her, so she thought that she wasn’t in the scene. Now that she saw the outcome of the fiming, she realised how good Director Xu’s filming techniques were. 

Just like many of the bank’s customers, Tang Gu took a number and waited patiently for her turn. 

And then, the robbers appeared, pointed their guns at them, and made all of them kneel down with their hands over their heads. 

During the filming, she didn’t notice where the movie king was. It was only now that she saw that the movie king had been the last one to enter the bank. He was wearing a tiger mask, walking in with his lean and long legs, looking just like a hooligan. There was also a gun in his hand. 


The moment he walked in, he managed to accurately identify where the bank manager was. He threw a few bags at the bank manager, pointed his gun at him, and made him fill them with money. 

Behind him, Monkey was flirting with Tang Gu. 

When she saw Song Yu again, Ye Fu thought of something, and she turned to look around her. She realised that she didn’t see Song Yu when she arrived. 

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When she came out of the washroom, quite a number of people surrounded her and asked for her autograph. Ye Fu was overcome by surprise. With her hands trembling, she signed a few autographs. When she looked up, she saw the movie king standing a short distance away, looking at her with a gentle gaze. 


Right at this moment, it seemed as though she had returned to the movie. Yu Chibei had made a deal with the police to save her, and he stood in front of her. 

Ye Fu smiled, then ran towards him. 

It was the first time that she had acted so boldly, running through the crowded passage and into his arms. 

When the reporters and other actors walked out, all of them covered their mouths in shock at this sight. 

Some of the actors were still immersed in the movie, and when they came out and saw the couple embracing, they were so moved that they started crying. 

After “Stockholm” premiered overseas, it became a trending topic online. There were all sorts of reports suggesting that the two leads had fallen in love for real, and even some of the crew had revealed that when they were filming, the two would always hang out together. They had even seen the movie king get into Ye Fu’s car more than once. 

There were countless reports, but no one knew what the truth was. 

Even the fans, who were fed with all kinds of news, were unable to uncover the truth. 

It was only during a movie awards presentation that the truth about the couple was confirmed in front of the billions of television viewers. 

Ye Fu had won the Best Actress award. 

The movie king Cen Luan didn’t receive the Best Actor award, because another actor who starred in a police-related film acted passionately, and had successfully won the award instead. 

Cen Luan didn’t have any regrets, because he had received the Best Actor award many times previously. 


As for Ye Fu, it was the first time she had received the Best Actress award. She was so emotional that tears welled up in her eyes even when she was offstage. 

She was too nervous when she walked up to the stage. In the end, she didn’t even notice that it was the movie king who helped her on stage. 

It was only when she received the award that she realised that the movie king was standing beside her. 

Cen Luan waited for her to finish her thank you speech before he went up to hug her lightly. He then gave her a peck on her forehead, “Be good. This is your reward.” 

Ye Fu covered her mouth, and couldn’t help as her eyes turned red as she cried. 

Cen Luan used his thumb to wipe her tears, and when he saw that she was unconsolable, he could only pull her into his embrace somewhat helplessly. 

Offstage, the audience was in a flurry, and some screams could be heard. 

Everyone who had watched the movie was heartbroken because of Yu Chibei’s death. And right now, who wouldn’t feel excited when they witnessed this “happy ending”?

The fans sitting in front of their televisions exploded, as they quickly went online to leave comments, causing the Internet servers to hang. 

As for the couple in question, after the award ceremony, they vanished from the public eye. 

Based on insider information, they had gone on a trip together. 

Based on unreliable news, they had secretly gotten married, and had gone on a honeymoon. 


According to some sources, Ye Fu was already pregnant, and was preparing for delivery in a luxurious mansion. 

Netizens continued watching out for the couple, and it was only till Christmas in the next year that they saw the movie king post a picture on his Weibo. 

It was a picture of a pair of tiny feet. 

The caption from the movie king: 

“Her name is Tang Bei.” 

The entire Internet exploded again.


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