Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 5: Let’s take a shower together

Every weekend, the banks would be working at full capacity. A number of people would specially take leave on Mondays to settle their banking matters. Unexpectedly, there were still quite a number of people on Monday. The security guard yawned as he helped the next person coming in to handle his matters take a number. Yet, all he saw was a man wearing a wild boar’s mask, and the man had a gun in his hand. 

“Robbery.” The other party smiled and said to him, “Shout it out!” 

The security guard’s sleepiness vanished in an instant, and he yelled, “Someone’s attempting a robbery!” 

The entire bank fell into chaos. There were some who attempted to run out, but there were a few men wearing masks standing outside. All of them had guns in their hands. 

“Line up against the wall, hands on your heads!” A man wearing a bull’s mask shouted as he kicked a fat man’s butt, “Why are you running! Line up against the wall and put your hands on your head! Don’t move!” 


He aimed his gun at the ceiling and shot once. Immediately, there were screams all around, and within minutes, a group of people were huddled against the wall, their hands on their heads, shivering in fear. 

There were seven or eight robbers in the group. They coordinated well together and had already placed the cash in a number of cloth bags. The bank manager and the staff were made to help pack the money with their trembling hands. 

After the money was bagged, the group of robbers brought their guns to the wall and pointed at the group of people whose hands were on their heads, “Take out all your valuables and put them in this bag. Your wallets, jewellery, necklaces, and watches. Move it!” 

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“If you like her, bring her back. Why are you flirting here?” The robber with the boar’s mask walked over, “Hurry up, let’s go. The cops are coming.” 


Tang Gu almost cheered when they were going to leave, but the next moment, a man pulled her up by the collar. She was so petrified that she shouted out, “Ahhh… Let me go!” 

“This skin is so soft that it is dripping water.” The man caressed her face, then carried her over his shoulder and walked out. 

Tang Gu cried till her voice was hoarse. She looked at the security guard and pleaded, “Save me… Save me… Save me… Please., all of you, save me…” 

Unfortunately, even when she was thrown into the car, no one came to save her. 

The car drove on for three whole hours. Halfway through the journey, they had lunch, then went to the second-hand car market and changed a van. They then drove in circles for another two hours, and it was dusk when they finally reached their destination. 

Tang Gu was carried out of the car. She had been knocked out during the journey, and her mind was still groggy. When she was brought out of the car, her wails for help were soft and weak, like an injured kitten. 

“We’re rich!” The group of seven to eight people removed their masks after they walked into the room and tossed them on the table casually. 

Tang Gu was thrown onto a sofa with an incorrigible smell. 

“This is mine! Don’t you dare touch her!” Monkey removed his mask and touched Tang Gu’s face. “Wait for a while. I’ll help you prepare a bath, and we’ll shower together later.” 

[1] There are a few homonyms for the word “Gu”. Tang Gu’s means “ancient”, while the robber used the word , of which one meaning for the word is to bulge or swell. 

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