Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 4: The movie king is so childish

Three days later, Ye Fu arrived on the set. 

That night, the entire crew had a simple dinner and got to know each other before closing for the day. 

The movie king arrived very late. He was clad in a casual white shirt with slacks, looking very clean and suave. 

He seemed to have cut his hair shorter, and the outline of his face was even more defined than previously. After drinking a few drinks with the director and some others, he found a place to sit. 

When Ye Fu saw that he was finally free, she rushed forward and offered him a toast, then thanked him again. 


Outside filming, Cen Luan always had a nonchalant demeanour. He raised his glass at Ye Fu, “It was the director who chose you, not me.” 

Ye Fu felt that this line invigorated her. 

“Thank you.” She was still extremely grateful to the movie king. After toasting him, she even asked him for an autograph. 

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Ye Fu nodded. 


Cen Luan raised his arm and pressed the area between his eyebrows. When he saw how she was properly seated by the side, and even her spine was straight, he couldn’t help but laugh. 

Ye Fu c*cked her head sideways to take a look. When she saw that he was still laughing, she couldn’t resist asking Director Xu, “He seems to be drunk-laughing… Is that really alright?”

“Drunk-laughing?” Director Xu turned his head back curiously once more, “All I hear is drunken prawns.” 

Ye Fu: “……” 

Cen Luan finally opened his mouth. His voice was laced with alcohol, and he sounded exceptionally hoarse. “Old Xu, when did you become so harsh?” 

“I won’t practice favouritism. You better come in your best condition tomorrow. Otherwise, I won’t give you face.” By the time Director Xu said this, the car had already stopped. 

Cen Luan nodded. 

Director Xu had already left. 

Ye Fu looked at Director Xu, then looked at Cen Luan before asking carefully, “Movie king, you… where’s your assistant?” 

“He went to buy some medicine. You can go back first.” Cen Luan’s hand was still between his brows, and the nose bridge and lips that were visible in the dim car seat made him appear even more manly. 

Since his head was leaning lightly on the seat and he had undone two buttons on his collar, his Adam’s apple could be seen sliding up and down, carrying an indescribable sexiness. 

“Alright, good night.” Ye Fu didn’t dare to look at him any longer, so she hastily alighted the car and rushed into the hotel. 


Actually, what she wanted to ask was, What medicine?


Sobering pills? 

But… their relationship didn’t seem to be that close. After filming this show together, perhaps their relationship would improve?


She wasn’t sure. 

However, she really hoped to have a closer relationship with the movie king. 

Ye Fu didn’t have an assistant, so she had to do everything herself. By the time she unpacked her luggage, it was already eleven at night. She thought that she would receive the script that night, but even till midnight, she didn’t receive any news from the director. 

It was only on the second day when they prepared to film that she received a page of the script. 

Director Xu’s directing style was completely different from other directors. What Ye Fu received was only the script for that scene that they were filming that day. As for what they were filming the next day, she didn’t have any idea. 

Worried that she might take too much time to get into her role, she carefully and tactfully asked Director Xu for tomorrow’s script. 

Director Xu rejected her with a single line. 


“We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” 

Ye Fu was helpless about it, so she could only get changed first, in preparation for the upcoming scene. 

The movie king had also changed into his outfit. There was a tiger’s mask on his face, and he was toying with an extremely realistic looking gun in his hand. 

Seeing Ye Fu approach, he pointed the gun at her. 

Ye Fu instinctively raised her arms. 

Cen Luan seemed to be laughing, and his shoulders shrugged. 

Ye Fu thought to herself, The movie king is so childish. 

But she was… so embarrassing. 

The extras were also in their positions. 

Director Xu eyed the camera positions, then reminded the extras, “Don’t stare at the camera. You have to look afraid, have to tremble, and you cannot look up. You can carefully raise your heads, but if you want to show your face, you have to appear terrified. Do you understand?” 


Everyone got into their positions. Ye Fu took in a deep breath, then slowly released it. 


The script supervisor prepared the clapper board, then said, “Stockholm, Scene One Act One, action!” 

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