Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 25: Don’t… Wooo woooo…

Yu Chibei’s gaze was extremely dark. He carried the woman into the bathroom and washed her entire body clean, then placed her on the bed and licked every part of her body, starting from her ear. 

“Ahhhh…” Tang Gu couldn’t control herself from panting and making noises. Her feet were pointed straight, and her legs were placed on the man’s shoulders. Tears were still flowing from her eyes, but her hands grabbed the man’s short hair, her expression filled with both pain yet pleasure. She subconsciously bit her lip as her seductive moans escaped her mouth, “… Ahhh….. Don’t…. Ahhhh… Don’t…. Lick…. There…” 

They should have just been simulating it. 

However, the movie king didn’t. His lips and tongue directly swept across her sensitive cl*toris, and his tongue entered her core inch by inch. 

She took a deep breath and helplessly grabbed his hair, crying out loudly, “Wooo wooo… Don’t… Wooo wooo…”


Her lower belly started convulsing, and a gust of lewd liquid squirted out. 

Ye Fu was stunned. 

Her gaze was about to turn towards the director, but before she could do so, her chin was held in place by the man, and he covered his face over hers, kissing her fervently. 

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Ye Fu looked down, and simulated the movement of swallowing the giant object; however, the movie king raised his hand and pressed against the back of her head, pushing her lips till it touched his gl*ns a few times. 


Every time that soft lips touched the head of his c*ck, Ye Fu felt both surprise and embarrassment. She didn’t know what to do, but she didn’t dare to stop abruptly, and could only continue acting. 

When she poked her tongue out and simulated the licking movement, the movie king’s giant rod seemed to jump excitedly, and it accidentally hit her face a few times. 

Ye Fu was stunned, and at that moment, her expression was extremely cute. 

The man couldn’t resist straightening his body, and before Ye Fu could react, the giant rod was already in her mouth. Her entire body became limp, as she didn’t know if she should continue or spit the giant object out. 

Her pleading gaze met with the movie king, before it unwittingly moved over to the director. 

However, the man didn’t give her a chance to move. He held the back of her head in place, and moved his hips. Then, against her lips, he acted as if he was shooting his load. 

However, Ye Fu knew that he didn’t shoot. 

The movie king was panting heavily, but his face didn’t show an expression of satiation. Instead, his gaze seemed even… darker than before. 

The next scene was a shower scene. 

Prior to the start of filming, Director Xu had said that the scenes were going to take place continuously. 

Ye Fu knew that, but at this moment, she subconsciously didn’t want to film anymore. 

For this scene, she was supposed to lie in the bathtub filled with bubbles, and she would be hugged… as Yu Chibei f*cked her. 


Some of the scenes from the previous night still reverberated in her mind. That feeling of being really penetrated still remained at the depths of the memories. Her throat tightened, and wanted to turn to the director to ask him to stop, but before she could open her mouth, she was carried into the bathroom by the man. 

The tub was filled with water. The man squeezed out some soap and rubbed it all over her body, gently helping her clean up. 

In this scene, Yu Chibei’s brothers had all left. 

There was only Tang Gu and him in the entire house. 

These few days, the couple were stuck together, and made love all the time. 

Ths shower scene would show the change in Tang Gu’s emotions, after she completely threw aside her embarrassment, and enjoyed making love with Yu Chibei. 

She had fallen in love with this robber.

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