Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 2: Please, let me go…

Content Warning: Some rape-related roleplay towards the end of the chapter!

Director Xu pointed at a few more people and sent them away. 

Ye Fu heaved a sigh of relief. That finger didn’t point at her. 

She discreetly observed the people around her. It was only then that she noticed that within a span of less than two minutes, there were only less than five of them remaining. 

“See that note in your hands? That’s right, all of you have been given the same topic for this audition. Just the word ‘cry’.” Director Xu pushed his specs back as he spoke. Although he hadn’t reached the age of fifty, his hair was fully white, making him look extremely old. His voice was also filled with melancholy, “From now on, I’ll give you a minute to perform.” 


As Ye Fu stood there in a daze, the other four actresses started kneeling on the ground and bursting into tears. Their sobs were full of sorrow, and some of them were even bawling loudly, as they started shouting out a fictional name that they came up with, adding more action to their crying scene. 

Ye Fu was usually slow in getting immersed into her role. She knew this herself, hence every time when she was filming, she would arrive an hour earlier than others. However, an audition was unlike a shoot, no one would give you ample time to prepare beforehand. Moreover, she had just obtained the question. 

She didn’t have sufficient time to prepare, hence when Director Xu asked them to stop, Ye Fu’s tears were just starting to form around her eyes. 

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Cen Luan removed his shades before walking over. 


The colours of his eyes were very light. Such an eye colour made him appear extremely cold, and when he was taciturn, he would appear even more frigid. He lightly dropped his shades on the table. 

He stopped in front of Ye Fu. He didn’t say a word, but abruptly, he gripped her neck and pushed her down onto the wooden floor. 

A sudden jolt of pain attacked her fragile spine. Before Ye Fu could cry out in shock, the actress beside her was so terrified that she screamed. 

Hearing that actress’ scream, Ye Fu then clearly understood that the movie king was now helping her get into her role. 


Could it be… Crying because of r*pe? 

After she understood the word, she immediately started struggling. The same thought continued to attack her mind, This man wants to r*pe me. At this point, tears started streaming down her face, and she sobbed as she shouted, “Please, let me go….” 

Her tears covered her entire face. She cried till her body was shaking hard, and her voluptuous br*asts accidentally grazed the corner of the man’s shirt. Because of the cold material, her n*pples also became slightly erect. 

Ye Fu had a beautiful body. Her skin was extremely fair, and when one looked at her body, they would think of the idiom “skin like gelatin” [1]. 

Many women were beautiful, but they didn’t look good when crying. However, Yu Fu wasn’t like that. She looked exceptionally beautiful when she cried. When her tears were brimming just then, Director Xu was already interested to see how this woman looked when she sobbed. 

Now that he witnessed it, his gaze brightened, and he immediately called out, “Alright.” 

“You can go back now.” Director Xu told the other actress, then looked at Ye Fu and said, “These few days, you have to maintain your figure. There must now be any scars of changes to your body. If there’s any questions, you should contact me as soon as possible. Three days later, come to this place, and we’ll start filming.” 


Director Xu gave her a name card and address, then turned to leave. 

Director Xu was stunned for a moment, then finally realised that her audition had been successful. She quickly stood up and thanked Director Xu. It was after that that she remembered the movie king Cen Luan, who was still standing beside him. 

“Thank you.” She covered her chest in a somewhat awkward manner. 

[1] Refers to skin that is fair, spotless and tender. 

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