Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 15: Be gentler…

Tang Gu’s entire body froze. She saw the gazes of Monkey and the others moving over to them. All of them looked depraved and aroused. 

Humiliation rose in her and she wanted to struggle, but she didn’t dare to really kick up a fuss and make the man angry. Moreover, the man had only reached in for a feel. 

Just a feel. 

However, before the second round of mahjong could begin, the hand had already probed into her b*tt and had pulled her panties away. The moment Tang Gu’s body was propped up, she yelled instinctively, “Ahhh”. Then, the meat stick had entered her body. 

She had to bear with it. 


Tang Gu was feeling both scared and embarrassed. Her eyes were filled with tears, and her hands gripped the back of the man’s hands as she turned back and begged him, “Can we return to the room, please?” 

Her eyebrows were thin, but her eyes were very big. Right now, these eyes were filled with tears, making them appear even more moist and beautiful, and when she cried, there was an irresistible air about her. 

Yu Chibei couldn’t resist that excitement, so he grabbed the woman’s waist and started moving. 

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Tang Gu used her red-rimmed eyes to look at him. “Your actions made me feel like a hooker.” 


The man was stunned. “Why did you…” 

Tang Gu cried out, “In front of all of them, you… f*cked me. Aren’t you treating me like a prostitute? Forget it. Even if you send me out to be played by your brothers now, I won’t protest anymore.” 

Yu Chibei finally understood what she meant. Back then, he didn’t think about anything else, he just couldn’t control his lust. 

He didn’t expect the young girl to be so upset. 

He quickly lowered his head and kissed her tears away, “Don’t cry. I won’t do this anymore.” 

Tang Gu felt strange. She had just lashed out at him, and was waiting for his anger to arrive. However, not only did he not become furious, he even coaxed her. 

“Alright, baby.”. The man’s low and seductive voice was placating her, “Let me kiss you.” 

He kissed her lips. 

Tang Gu hesitated for a moment, but her mouth was pried open by the man, and his thick tongue shot in, leaving his breath and mark within her mouth. 

His kiss was filled with sensual possessiveness, and Tang Gu couldn’t resist moaning softly. He then released her lips, and lowered his head down to take her n*pple into his mouth. 

A strange euphoria rose within Tang Gu. She cried out twice, sounding weak and soft like a crying kitten. 

After playing with her n*pple, the man’s lips slid even lower down her stomach, and kissed the honey patch below. 


Ye Fu bit her lips and lightly arched her body. 

They were supposed to simulate this, but… the movie king’s lips were getting too close to that private area. 

The sound of swallowing travelled to Ye Fu’s ears, and Ye Fu was so shy that her toes curled up. The movie king was licking the area near her hamstring, and that piece of tender flesh was licked till it was sloppily wet. 

Ye Fu could feel that her core was leaking. 

When the man’s meat stick pressed against Ye Fu, she froze for a second. The movie king had probably positioned himself wrongly, and that thick glans had almost entered her c*nt. 

Then, it was brought by the man’s hand down, and he positioned himself near her b*tt. 

Ye Fu cooperatively put on the expression of being f*cked. She opened her mouth wide, and panted heavily. 

In the past, she had watched quite a number of AV films. Even though she didn’t know how it actually felt, she was very good at imitation, and could imitate the detailed emotions of those women, including how they moaned.

The man pounded her heavily. This was probably the first time he used such a method to coax her. Surprisingly, Tang Gu felt satisfied and happy, and she cooperated unconditionally to this round of s*x. 

Once the heart and body was aligned, the pleasure would naturally be limitless. 

In the room apart from the pa pa sounds of the two bodies knocking, the only other sound was a woman’s coquettish cries. 

“Ahhh… Be gentler… Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh…” 


Yu Chibei felt that he had conquered the woman underneath him, so he started thrusting even more furiously. Just before he came, he even lowered his head and captured her lips, then pressed on her body, moved in and out of her quickly before spilling his seed inside her. 

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