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  • Daydreaming About Me

    Chapter 9 I’ve never studied

    Lin Yujing finally registered the words she had just blurted and wanted to take it back but momentarily couldn’t find a way to do so. As such, she blanked out for half a minute after her words had ended.

    The awkwardness that ensued was similar to when she had uttered “This butt..” back when she had first gotten to know him.

    Only this time, it was much harder to take back. She had dropped a bomb on herself, sealing herself to a miserable fate.

    Lin Yujing looked at Shen Juan and opened her mouth.

    This boss probably hadn’t been told such words by anyone before, appearing dumbfounded.


    After silence prevailed for three minutes, just when Lin Yujing thought that she was going to become the next desk mate that would be ‘nearly beaten to death by him’, Shen Juan suddenly began to laugh.

    He pushed his English book forward and straightened his back, turning towards her. He then leaned on the wall and with quivering shoulders, he laughed at her in amusement.

    The first time Shen Juan had seen Lin Yujing, he knew that she wasn’t a goody two shoes, at least, not at all innocent as she appeared to be.

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    Shen Juan was not the type to stick his nose into other people’s affairs, a religious follower of the ‘none of my business’ church, and so, he didn’t really care for what kind of backstory his dejected little desk mate had.


    Yet, he didn’t expect that she wouldn’t be able to keep up the act after just a few days.

    The little kitty finally brandished her sharp claws, and probingly tried to tickle him.

    She scratched his muddleheaded discomfort arising from not having slept well due to his cold, into oblivion.

    His chuckle turned even deeper, like a low cannon launching beside her ear, the blast rendering her ears numb.

    Lin Yujing laid on the table and expressionlessly looked at him, not understanding how she managed to amuse the delinquent.


    Li Lin and his desk mate Ye Ziang, sitting behind them, were also scared witless.

    Lin Yujing and Shen Juan spoke in a normal volume so the two of them were able to hear the contents clearly, especially when the new student blurted the words ”Is the first lesson you delinquents learn upon entering society how to bluff”, Li Lin’s legs nearly gave out in fear.

    Upon the realization that the people in front could probably also hear them, Li Lin and Ye Ziang forewent all unnecessary communication and used the whole day yesterday to practice interpreting eye contact messages within 3 seconds. The two people exchanged glances and leaned back on their chair, slowly lifting their desks and pulling it back until it pressed against their chests.

    A safe distance was formed between Li Lin’s row and the front row as they quietly waited for a rain of blood to pour. However, since the new student was a girl, the school tyrant will probably go a bit easier on her.

    As a result, what they heard next was the school tyrant laughing.

    Not only did this ruthless delinquent not get angry when he heard his desk mate curse him, but after being stunned for a while, he even laughed in amusement.


    Li Lin and Ye Ziang exchanged another glance and saw the same expression in each other’s eyes.

    Could he have gone mad?


    Shen Juan laughed at her for a while, and just when Lin Yujing was about to lose it and hit him on the head with the English book she was holding in her hand, he stopped and licked his lips, saying with an entertained voice, “Bluffing is certainly a skill to be learned.”

    Lin Yujing: “…..”

    Why did this person’s tone sound as if he needed a beating?

    “Classmate Shen, I believe that desk mates should be kind to and love one another,” Lin Yujing started to say nonsense with eyes wide open, “I just want us to help each other out. Let’s study and improve together.”

    “Alright, be kind and love one another huh,” Shen Juan lowered his head and chuckled, repeating the last few words, “How exactly should we be kind and love one another?”

    He tilted to the side, still leaning on the wall, his languid appearance resembling that of a sloppy young master, the facade of a good student nowhere to be found.

    Lin Yujing didn’t really feel anything when she said those words but hearing him repeat it made her feel as if something was wrong.

    She ignored the peculiarity and stiffness and no longer beat around the bushes, wasting time, bluntly telling him the conditions, “I want you to sign something on a receipt. Just sign a name, and in exchange, if you have any parts you don’t understand, I’ll explain it to you.”

    “Your conditions aren’t that attractive.” Shen Juan said unhurriedly, “We delinquents only know how to bluff and have never studied.”


    Lin Yujing: “….”

    Petty jerk.

    They were unable to continue this conversation as half of the morning self-study period had elapsed. The subject representatives had to start collecting summer homework. Lin Yujing didn’t need to submit anything, watching Shen Juan take out a stack of papers from his seemingly empty school bag.

    Lin Yujing swept a glance at the papers, wondering where he pulled it out from. And just like Li Lin’s, the papers only had multiple choice questions filled, the long problems left blank. Occasionally, there were lines drawn on the geometry problems but no steps were jotted down.

    Choosing an answer from A,B,C,D was definitely quicker.

    Lin Yujing watched as Shen Juan handed his half-complete homework to the subject representative, not understanding what it was that made him so confident.

    Was it because he went beyond what he was required to do?

    The subject representative probably wanted to persuade him. If you’re going to submit such a paper, why not forgo submission. After all, you were on suspension so there’s really no need for you to hand it in.

    However, rumors that swirled around the boss were too terrifying. After receiving Shen Juan’s paper at the speed of light, the subject representative walked away just as quickly. He didn’t have the courage to stay half a minute longer in that place, let alone say another word.

    After the homework was collected, morning self-study had just concluded and the English teacher walked into the classroom carrying her lesson plan.

    The English teacher was a fairly pretty female teacher who looked very young. She energetically greeted her students, “Good morning everyone!”


    Only half of the class responded. The students of 2nd year Class 10 fully demonstrated their self-cultivation as poor students. After they finished copying the answers for their homework, they looked for the most comfortable sleeping position and settled themselves.

    Some even had their foreheads on the table as they took their phone out and began playing on it, starting a new battle with the new term.

    Some of the more studious students responded rather passionately and unaffected by the other students, the English teacher happily interacted with the studious students. After some time, she asked everyone to turn their books to the first chapter and started class.

    Lin Yujing secretly cast a glance at the side and found that Shen Juan hadn’t even flipped to the first chapter of the book, rather he was somewhere two-thirds from the back. He had his head lowered, pen in hand, scribbling something on a notebook, looking quite focused.

    In the next second, a clear ripping noise sounded. Shen Juan ripped off the page he was on and pushed it towards Lin Yujing.


    She took it and looked at the message. “Sign what name?”

    Though Lin Yujing felt that her own writing was pretty round, Shen Juan’s characters were nearly about to fly and rub shoulders with the sun, nevertheless, they were still pretty. The strokes were sharp and the structure was beautiful.

    And so, she took up her pen and wrote, “Do you delinquents also stay silent in class and communicate through paper?”

    Shen Juan had a cold, that was why his throat was very uncomfortable so he didn’t really want to speak.

    However, since his desk mate had already spoken.

    He pushed the slip of paper aside and turned his head to ask, “What do you want to be signed?”

    In the end, they were still in the middle of class. Lin Yujing carried the burden of keeping up the image of a good student. She cast a glance at the English teacher standing on the podium before leaning towards him.

    Shen Juan smelled the sweet floral and fruity scent again.

    He lowered his eyes, his gaze landing on the girl’s thin ears. He saw a small vague hole on her cartilage and traveling down further, there were two more holes on her white and tender earlobe.

    Shen Juan soundlessly shifted his gaze away.

    Lin Yujing didn’t notice it. She leaned forward and whispered to him. “The receipt for living on campus. I want to live on campus. Teacher Liu said applicants have to obtain the written consent of their guardians on the receipt, but my dad didn’t agree and wouldn’t sign for me. I also can’t sign his name.”

    Shen Juan was enlightened.

    His desk mate wanted to live on campus but her father didn’t approve, so she wanted to get a falsified receipt, asking for his help.

    “So?” Shen Juan looked at her with an ambiguous smile, his voice sounding slightly nasal and hoarse. “You want me to act as your dad for a while?”

    Lin Yujing: “….”


    The author has something to say:

    Shen Juan’s wishful thoughts: Little girl’s quite daring, she even wants to play with me.

    Boss Juan, can you please get a hold of yourself?

    TOC for advanced chapters – DAM

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