Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 6 Turn to your desk mate

To be honest, even though Eight High wasn’t the top school in City A, it was still among the very best.

Moreover, this school was very wealthy. The amount of books they had in their library was staggering and the dormitories were built like high class apartments. The canteen at the top floor even had Italian cuisine, though practically no one went there. Rather than the high class restaurant, everybody would much rather prefer to eat pan mee1Pan mee: A Hakka noodle soup dish or hot spicy soup2Hot Spicy Soup: more commonly known as malatang within Asia outside the school.

Though it was situated in the middle of the city, it covered an impressive amount of area. First High, who had the highest ascension rate, wasn’t even half the size of Eighth High.

Liu Fujiang certainly had the right to feel proud. Isn’t our school big! Our school is also rich!

And an influential person like Boss Shen would be famous in school. Lin Yujing had also already predicted this. After all, they were in such a restless adolescent period, and he was very handsome for a delinquent.


The problem was that, within so many high schools in A City, why did he have to be famous for being in Class 10 of Eighth High.

Lin Yujing felt that sometimes, one had to believe in heresy. She and Shen Juan certainly had fate. Just a week after arriving in this city, she had seen him thrice. It was two times more than the number of times she had seen her brother who she cohabitated with.

When she looked at him, Shen Juan also looked at her.

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Nkd Zwfkdt: “….”

Do I look very hypnotic or what?


She rolled her eyes and turned her head, deciding to ignore this miraculous fate.

Liu Fujiang was previously the teacher for the third years in the north building. He rarely ventured out every day and never cared about anything else aside from the lesson plans and classes, so he didn’t really know much about what youngsters did on campus.

He didn’t recognize Shen Juan and only saw a boy who wore his uniform neatly, speaking very calmly. He was even quite likable.

He also looked quite good, tall and slender. Though he looked a bit lazy standing there with his hands at his side, his back was as straight as a pole like a little man’s.

It was just that he didn’t carry a school bag.

Wait a second? Didn’t carry a school bag?

Liu Fujiang said. “Ahh, it’s just the first day of school so being late for two minutes isn’t a big deal. It’s alright.”

Shen Juan bowed. “Thank you, teacher.”

Liu Fujiang looked at him amicably. “What about your homework?”


Shen Juan stayed silent for two seconds before responding. “I forgot to bring it.”

Liu Fujiang: “….”


Everybody: “…..”

Lin Yujing: “….”

Bro, it’s hard to continue the conversation if you leave it like that.

You stayed up all night doing homework but forgot to bring it. Aren’t you too honest?

Lin Yujing didn’t know what kind of expression to put on. If it were the ill-tempered class teacher from her previous school, he would’ve been chased out of the room by now.

Fortunately, Liu Fujiang had the patience of Buddha. He was more than willing to believe him and didn’t say much, asking him to take his seat. Shen Juan walked into the classroom and stood in front of the podium, sweeping a glance at the room in search of an empty seat.

After second years were divided into arts and sciences, classes were re-divided. And so, there were students who knew each other and those who didn’t. Seats were also on a first come first serve basis with two people sharing one table. There were four rows and six columns, making for a total of 48 people.

Shen Juan had been the last to arrive and basically, all the seats by the window and the last row were all occupied. In front of the podium, sat students who were studious, so this left one seat that was next to the wall and the seat beside it that was next to the aisle.

Shen Juan picked out the seat next to the wall. He walked to his destination and lowered his head, looking at the boy sitting next to the aisle and with a calm voice, he politely asked. “Could you let me through, thank you.“

Ever since She Juan had stepped inside the room, the rowdy people of Class 10 looked like little chicks whose throats were caught, unable to make a single sound.

At this moment, everybody’s gazes followed up, quietly watching the bigshot take his seat. Even Liu Fujiang was affected by the atmosphere, unable to say a word.

Lin Yujing didn’t know what was there to look at, but since everybody was staring, she was gonna stare too.


After that, she saw the guy shakingly take out his bag and water bottle from the table drawer under everybody’s gaze and sat on the other aisle seat across from him.

Lin Yujing: ?

Lin Yujing revisited her memories. Shen Juan certainly did say “Excuse me.” and not “Get lost.”

What kind of legends did Shen Juan have in Eighth High to scare someone to this degree, not even having the courage to become desk mates with him.

Yet Shen Juan didn’t bat an eye and calmly went in, sitting on the first row’s seat next to the wall.

In the entire class, probably only Liu Fujiang thought it normal. He turned his head in glee and looked at Lin Yujing, finally realizing that she had been standing there for the past 10 minutes, as such, he said. “Alright. Then Lin Yujing, you should go back to your seat.”

Seeing Lin Yujing nod her head, Liu Fujiang continued to say, “You can go to the only empty seat first. If anyone in the back can’t see the blackboard, please come find me, I’ll help you change your seats. Truthfully, I don’t want to do that because there are several times in life where your choices are usually correct. The range of selection is very wide. Since you were young, including your choice of seat today, since you had already chosen that place, it means that you are fated with that seat. That seat’s magnetic field resounds with you, attracting you to it, which was why you chose that place…”


Lin Yujing expressionlessly carried her bag and went around the podium, walking towards the only remaining empty seat in the class, sitting down without a choice.

Shen Juan leaned against his desk and listlessly listened to Liu Fujiang go off into a new verbose speech. His new environment was quite good, the people were silent, the little chicks’ gazes landed on the back of his head from time to time, and the brother who had puree thrown into his chrysanthemum tea coincidentally sat behind Lin Yujing. Lin Yujing could hear him use a very low voice to tell his desk mate, “F*ck me. Shen Juan’s in the same class as us.”

His desk mate didn’t speak.

Chrysanthemum Tea continued. “Thinking about it, he deferred studies for a year so I thought he quit school.”


His desk mate remained quiet as a chick.

Chrysanthemum Tea: “Wasn’t the one who got into an accident that time his desk mate? This boss is so awesome. Aside from the new kid, who else would dare sit with him, he’s waay too f*cking scary.”

His desk mate’s will for survival must be very strong, she didn’t let out a fart at all.

Lin Yujing tilted her head to cast Shen Juan a glance.

The youth lazily leaned back against his chair, his hand supporting his face as the back of his head rested against the wall. His expression didn’t have any changes, appearing unruffled.

Chrysanthemum Tea finally reacted, using an even lower voice to ask. “Sigh. If we speak in this volume, can boss still hear us?”

It was silent for two seconds.

Boss Juan straightened up and turned his head around, wearing a calm face. His tone was indifferent but the nasality still remained heavy, seeming as if he had caught a cold. “I can.”

Chrysanthemum Tea: “….”

Chrysanthemum Tea’s face had gone pale as he stammered. “I-I-I’m sorry. I didn’t speak ill of you, I really didn’t.”

Boss didn’t speak and turned his head back, recovering his former posture.

Liu Fujiang was probably pleased by the very quiet environment, his words getting flamboyant. Upon nearing the end of his words, Liu Fujiang cleared his throat. “We are now a new class right? New class teacher, new classmates, it’s also a new beginning. From now on, we are all one entity, we are all Class 10. You children have your own individual personalities and in the later part of your school life, you might encounter friction or conflict but such a divide is intolerable here in my classroom.”

Liu Fujiang put away his smile and turned serious. “I know that some of you guys know each other, and some of you don’t, so now, as your class teacher, I’ll be giving you your first assignment. Everybody, turn around and face your desk mate, then look at them for one minute.”



For the first time since Shen Juan stepped into the room, the silent class finally broke into uproar. Everyone was stunned by this silly assignment, voicing out their vehement refusal.

“Teacher, I can’t do it!”

“That’s too much, teacher!”

“Brother Jiang! Don’t make us do this!”

“Song Zhiming you f*cker, don’t you dare f*cking look at me with heart eyes!”

Liu Fujiang looked on kindly at them, only hoping to foster a good relationship between students. In the face of surprising determination, in the end, everybody had no choice but to reluctantly turn to their desk mates.

Lin Yujing turned around speechlessly. Shen Juan was also looking at her. After facing the girl’s complicated gaze, he calmly raised a brow.

On the podium, Liu Fujiang started to count time. “Ready? Start!”

Lin Yujing looked expressionlessly at Shen Juan, trying her best to let her mind wander.

“10 seconds.” Liu Fujiang said.

Only 10 seconds have passed?

“20 seconds.”

Lin Yujing could feel herself starting to turn stiff.

“30 seconds.”

Lin Yujing started to frantically think about what to say to him.

If she didn’t speak now, her facial muscles were gonna start twitching.

Looking at Shen Juan, he still seemed to maintain the same languid attitude, calmly looking at his new desk mate.

Shen Juan was unable to distinguish those of the opposite sex. At times, Jiang Han and the others would argue about which girl looked pretty and would ask him what he thought, he would usually reply the same thing, they all look the same.

His new desk mate, however, was quite distinguishable.

A ponytail, pleated skirt, black leather shoes, over-the-knee stockings that wrapped around slender and pretty legs.

Her almond eyes turned upwards, her eyelids were thin, her skin was quite fair and due to the close distance, Shen Juan could even see the small hairs on the tip of her nose quite clearly.

Her lashes were really long.

He didn’t notice this before but idiot Jiang Han’s eye in women wasn’t bad.

“50 seconds!” Liu Fujiang didn’t forget to encourage them right near the end. “Keep it up! We’re almost there! Victory is right ahead!”

His new desk mate suddenly asked in a small voice. “Did you catch a cold?”

“Hm?” Shen Juan looked at her eyelashes, appearing a little dazed as he absent-mindedly hummed a response, “A bit.”

“That rice ball that you gave me.” His new desk mate said. “I forgot to eat it last night and it went bad the next day.”

“If it’s bad, throw it out.” Shen Juan didn’t really care whether she ate that rice ball or not.

“Alright! Time’s up!”

Just as Lin Yujing thought that her head was about to melt, Liu Fujiang’s grace-saving voice rang out from afar.

Lin Yujing’s shoulders slackened as she let out a sigh of relief and turned back to the front, feeling herself able to breathe again.

Liu Fujiang appeared very excited, probably feeling that he had taken his first step as a class teacher. He secretly cast a glance at the book laid on the podium ‘When you gaze at the rebellious youth, the rebellious youth also gazes at you’: [The second step: “Speak”. Once you have taken the first step: “Look” at this difficulty, you have already succeeded by half. After all, the first step is always the hardest, so now, you have to make them “speak” out their kindness. You have to remember, the people in front of you are a group of delinquents-]

As the latter part was in the next page, Liu Fujiang decided to act according to his understanding.

He pinched the chalk and turned his head, writing three big beautiful words on the blackboard—My Desk Mate.

Liu Fujiang clapped his hands and smilingly turned his head to say. “Now, I’ll be giving everyone 3 minutes. Think about what your first impression of your desk mate was when you turned to look at them. Once time is up, everyone will have to come out and tell everyone what your first impression of your new desk mate was, and what he looks like in your eyes.”



This wasn’t the end of it. Liu Fujiang’s hand pointed towards her desk. “Let’s start from this side. Lin Yujing. You go first.”

Lin Yujing: “….”

F*ck me.

The author has something to say:

Lin Yujing: What the heck do I say. What the f*cking hell do I say.

Student Shen Juan, what’s the matter with you? You’re asked to look at your desk mate. What are you looking at your desk mate’s stocking for?

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