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Chapter 46.3: Our girl calls the shots.

As Class Seven bid farewell to Wang Yiyang, their passion seemed to surge. Xu Jie, living up to his nickname[1], blew so much hot air he could almost fly up into the sky. “Hey, doesn’t your class have any substitutes? Would you like us to lend you one?”

“He really does look like a flying monkey,” Song Zhiming said as he ran past Shen Juan.

Shen Juan’s lips curved into a smile.

Wang Yiyang had been playing small forward, and Lin Yujing took his place. When the game picked up Ning Yuan got the ball, and he passed it to Xu Jie, Flying Monkey.

Xu Jie probably also noticed that the small forward was a f*cking girl and confidently rushed over, dribbling the ball toward her without fear.


Class Ten went back to defense, with two players stuck to Shen Juan, and one each to Yu Pengfei and Song Zhiming. Song Zhiming didn’t even look back. “Lao Gao!”

The flying monkey’s movements looked confident and elegant, bouncing around as he dribbled toward the basket. As he stepped into the restricted area, he even turned his head to the side to check out the beautiful forward from Class Ten.

The next second, as Lin Yujing brushed past his shoulder in a flash, she whispered, “Don’t watch me, watch the ball.”

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How had she put it?


The Class Seven center’s movements were slow and he looked stupid.

He turned around and ran over to find that the little sapling had already passed the center, and in front of her was Ning Yuan.

Song Zhiming’s heart grew tight. He shouted, “Sister Lin!”

Dribbling the ball, Lin Yujing licked her lips and shifted her center of gravity.

Ning Yuan stared at her intently.

She’s very fast, dribbles past opposing players with skill, and seems to know how to play.

But after all, she’s a girl. How skilled can she be?

If she is skilled, then could this be a feint?

If it isn’t a feint, and she isn’t that skilled, is she just coming this way?

Even if it is a feint, can she react in time?

Half a second wasn’t long enough for Ning Yuan to consider all of this carefully, and his body quickly leaned to the left.

The next second, Lin Yujing charged to the right with the ball.


It really was a feint!

Ning Yuan cursed, realizing the situation, then turned and sprinted back. Lin Yujing had already swiftly charged towards the basket. Ning Yuan no longer dared to take it lightly; he quickly closed the gap to see her turn and glance back toward Shen Juan’s position.

Everyone quickly understood Lin Yujing’s intention. She wanted to pass the ball to Shen Juan so he could shoot a three-pointer to boost everyone’s morale, like he did in the beginning. 

Shen Juan cooperated, quickly stepping out past the three-point line, and raised his hand. A large number 3 adorned his bright red jersey.

They had executed this play countless times with Wang Yiyang in the first half. Now it seemed like they could change players without the slightest problem.

No such sh*t!

The problem is that there is a considerable height difference between you and Wang Yiyan, big sister! 

Look at the behemoth center behind you!

That ball, when passed, won’t even fly three centimeters before it is easily and neatly intercepted.

The moment Lin Yujing’s eyes swept over, both Ning Yuan and the opposing center raised their hands simultaneously, cleanly cutting her off at the pass.

Song Zhiming was already desperate. He leaned to the side, waiting for the other team to get the ball so he could intercept it or return to defense. He glanced at the timer from the corner of his eye – a few seconds left until the end of the third quarter.

Even if the pass was intercepted, the other team wouldn’t have time to go on the offensive, and they wouldn’t score before the end of the quarter. 


Song Zhiming breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next second, Lin Yujing jumped. No one expected her to take a direct shot. Her hand pressed down in midair, and with a swift movement forward the ball was released at a tricky angle, dropping into the basket with a “clang.”

At the same time, the whistle of the referee sounded.

The entire basketball arena fell silent, then after a moment the atmosphere ignited once again.

Song Zhiming’s scalp tingled.

Honestly, Song Zhiming hadn’t expected much from Lin Yujing, and he’d resigned himself to the loss of this match. 

Her previous impressive steal and feint had already taken him happily by surprise. He had never even considered the possibility that a girl could play like this, let alone what followed.

The jump shot actually made it in.

A buzzer-beater!

Lin Yujing heard cheers and shouts that seemed even more enthusiastic than when Shen Juan had arrogantly sunk that three-pointer. 

Wen Zihui’s voice seemed like it would penetrate the universe, practically crying as she screamed something that Lin Yujing couldn’t quite hear.

Liu Fujiang’s voice, on the other hand, was unprecedentedly clear. Lin Yujing never knew that the gentle Teacher Liu, who spoke softly even during class, could erupt with such an astonishingly loud voice: “What an amazing kid!” Liu Fujiang exclaimed, “Did you see that! Teacher Wang! That’s our Lin Yujing! That’s Lin Yujing from our class!”


She turned around, her ponytail brushing Ning Yuan’s chin.

Ning Yuan turned his head to the side.

Lin Yujing looked at him with a playful smile. “Let’s make a bet.”

On the other side, Song Zhiming and the others excitedly rushed towards her. Yu Pengfei shouted all the way, “Sister Lin! Your Majesty the Queen!!”

Ning Yuan: “What’s the bet?”

“If you win, it’s up to you. If you lose, you’ll have to run around the basketball court naked ten times and then slap yourself twice in front of everyone. Oh, and one more thing,” Lin Yujing paused and raised her chin towards Wang Yiyang, “Our great, injured and limping small forward… you just call him ‘Daddy’ and then serve him until he’s up and kicking.”

Ning Yuan remained silent for a few seconds, then suddenly chuckled and looked sideways at Shen Juan. “What’s going on with your Class Ten, huh? There are a bunch of men standing here, but none of you step up, and instead let a girl make a bet with me?”

Shen Juan raised his chin slightly, looked at him indifferently, and smirked. “Our girl calls the shots. We follow the Queen of the Court.”

The author has something to say: 

Lin Yujing: It’s been a while since I’ve shown off, I’m feeling a bit rusty.

[1] Editor’s note: Specifically the nickname is “Flying Monkey.” It’s been so long I’d forgotten that it was coined in the previous chapter, but I spent an hour and a half looking into it only to realize this two paragraphs later, so now you all have to hear about it anyway. 

The character Xu Jie (许杰) seems like he could be a reference to the actual basketball player Xu Jie (徐杰), who is just under 6’ tall and has a playful sense of humor. In 2018, at around 18 years old, he started playing for the Guangdong Southern Tigers (one of the major league teams in China). He sounds like a pretty interesting guy.

It may also be a coincidence, as there’s also a former PRC politician Xu Jie (许杰) who was dismissed from his position and expelled from the party for abuse of power, soliciting and accepting large bribes, and committing adultery. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2015.

You’re welcome.

It’s good to be back.

TLN: Please give a warm welcome back to ceres!!!! So excited that everything is getting better :DD

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