Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 4 Did you think you were cool

Originally, when Jiang Han was making a ruckus about wanting to pick up some girls, Shen Juan agreed to accompany him on a whim.

That girl was clearly just looking around so he didn’t know what the idiot was getting so excited about. He even struck a bet with him as to when the fairy would come back and what she was going to get tattooed.

In the end, he didn’t expect that before they could even reach their destination, they met her again that night.

Moreover, he didn’t know if it was because this lady was gutsy or if it was because she had planned to live out a ‘whatever happens, happens’ attitude until the very end, she clearly knew something was about to happen, but even when she saw a group of guys that clearly looked like trouble intimidatingly walk over, she still remained squatting in place, eating her food as though she was invisible and unbudgeable. She even looked as if she was there to watch a show.

When Chen Zihao turned to look at her, she even looked the man right in the eyes with great interest.


What the heck.

Shen Juan knew what kind of trash Chen Zihao was. He studied at a vocational school but didn’t attend class. The lady coming out of the single room he rented in a small motel was different every single time. He lived his life without direction, squandering away the remaining vitality of his youth.

Shen Jue felt that even though he himself wasn’t any good and righteous youth, in any case, it seemed that he shared a bit of fate with this young girl and as such, had to take care of her.

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It was so cold that it penetrated the bones and transmitted a gloomy and sinister feel.


After that incident, it was said that whoever provoked Shen Juan would almost be turned into a vegetable. Because his family had money, these matters were easily settled. A lot of people doubted it but Chen Zihao felt that it was true for the most part.

Today’s matter originally didn’t involve him. It was just that, a newly appointed brother of his and Shen Juan’s had a conflict. He didn’t have knowledge of it before nor did he expect that Shen Juan would actually come. If he had known of his arrival prior to this, Chen Zihao probably wouldn’t have lent a hand in this quest for vengeance.

Chen Zihao looked at him with a cigarette in his mouth and chuckled, “What’s wrong? Boss Juan seems very idle today, coming out on behalf of your brothers.”

His tone was considered quite polite.

He indeed didn’t want to provoke him.

As a boss, you naturally had to consider a lot of things. The ruthless big brother Chen Zihao’s thoughts were a whirlwind. From thinking ‘What do I do, do we really have to do this?’ and ‘I really don’t want to provoke him but how do I get my crew to withdraw’, he quickly weighed out his options with anxious thoughts but was unable to come to a decision in time as Shen Juan responded.

Shen Juan pointed to the doors of 7-11 and calmly said, “Nah, I just came to buy a bottle of water.”


Chen Zihao was at a loss for a period of time, confused as to why this legendary boss now seemed so docile.

Clearly, he was not the only one stunned. After silence took over for a few seconds, Shen Juan turned around and Mophead 2 Wang Yiyang let out an anguished howl. “Papa! What happened to you!!”

Lin Yujing chewed on her fish steak, unable to help herself from chuckling as she raised her eyes, wanting to see Mophead 2’s expression as he said those words.

In the end, she was unable to see anything. Shen Juan was very tall and because he stood quite close to her, he blocked off half of her view. Moreover, she was currently in a squat whereas he was standing. From her perspective, his legs looked much longer and his butt also…


Lin Yujing appreciated the delinquent brother’s perky rump for a while before finishing her fish steak. She stirred her bamboo chopsticks in the cup to pick up more food but only came up empty-handed.

Lowering her head to take a look, she realized she had finished everything. The only thing remaining was a bit of soup.

Unfazed, she placed the paper cup on the side of the steps and took out the rice balls, peeling the packaging.

The transparent plastic bag produced crackling sounds upon being ripped and it rang out very aggressively under the tense and hostile atmosphere.

Shen Juan turned his head and lowered his eyes to cast her a look.

Lin Yujing didn’t realize anything and lowered her head, earnestly struggling to take the wrapper off. The packaging of this was sealed quite tightly, making it difficult to tear open.

After finally taking the plastic off, she heard Shen Juan say, “I’m a bit tired.”

The youth’s voice was insipid, carrying a smidge of nasality, sounding languid. “That’s why let’s get this over with a little quicker. If you want to throw blows, do it altogether. The sooner we can finish this, the sooner I can go back and go to sleep. I still have school the day after tomorrow so I need to finish my homework.”

Chen Zihao: “…..”

Lin Yujing: “…..”

Everyone: “…..”

Strange silence washed over the surroundings.


This tone and words sounded as if he needed some sense to be beaten into him.

Lin Yujing couldn’t see what expression the other people had on. In any case, she was so shocked her hand trembled, and the rice ball she was holding dropped down to the ground.

What in the world was this delinquent?

He was too f*cking cool.

And he was still in school?

He had to hand in homework?

His class teacher must be so grateful. In the midst of a busy scuffle, he actually still remembered to use the last two days of his summer vacation to do his homework.

Contrary to her, the ruthless big brother was silent and calm. However, the people behind him couldn’t contain their anger any longer. Lin Yujing also felt that Shen Juan certainly deserved to be beaten up. He completely didn’t even give them any face, his tone practically saying ‘you guys are just idiots wasting this daddy’s1老子: daddy/I, your father. Used to refer to oneself in a haughty or arrogant tone. Kind of equivalent to the phrase ‘Who’s your daddy?’ to express dominance. sleeping time’, his attitude towards this situation extremely inappropriate.

One person walked over, taller than Shen Juan by half a head, looking very strong. He wore a black sleeveless undershirt and sports shorts, revealing his robust muscles, his gaze fierce.

“You’re so awesome.” Muscle bro’s aura was threatening, “Brother Hao only called you out of politeness and you really think yourself as boss? Boss Juan? Did you really f*cking think you’re cool–”

Shen Juan took a step forward and landed a punch on his stomach.

He dealt a blow so heavily that Lin Yujing could hear the dull sound of flesh being struck.


Muscle bro hadn’t even finished his words when he took this blow. He made a dry retch and bent down, but before he could even react, Shen Juan grabbed his head and pulled it down while sending a knee up, making sure that his face shared an ardent kiss with his knee before striking him once again in the gut.

Muscle bro hadn’t even made a peep when Shen Juan dragged his head up. Forced to look up, his face was revealed to have nosebleed trickling down and he glared at Shen Juan with red eyes.

His mouth parted as though he wanted to say something.

Shen Juan let go of his head and kicked Muscle Bro’s knee, causing him to stagger. After barely managing to stand, Muscle Bro’s legs turned limp and he kneeled on the ground with a ‘thunk’.

Not a single person uttered a word. Even Lin Yujing was unable to react.

Muscle bro’s muscles seemed to have been made of butter. He kneeled on the ground with one hand supporting him while the other covered his stomach as he retched. Bile surged up but he couldn’t spit anything out.

Shen Juan lowered his gaze and looked at him with an indifferent expression, a smile hanging on his lips. “Boss Juan is definitely f*cking cool.”

Muscle Bro was probably considered second-in-command of the group as after he was dealt with, the other group felt completely humiliated. Incensed, they all marched forward muttering all kinds of curses.

Mophead 2 stepped forward, making threatening gestures. His dreadlocks danced around at the tempo of rock n’ roll and he howled while brandishing his pretty left fist. “I’ll deal with my own matters. Motherf*ckers! Come on! Since you came here to beat me, beat me to death!!!”


Lin Yujing only felt that today’s delinquents sure are amusing.

Since the rice ball had fallen to the ground, she used the wrapper to pick it up, intending to throw it into the trash. In the end, upon a turn of her head, she caught sight of the counter staff behind the big windows of the convenience store frantically hanging up the phone. The few staff inside huddled together, watching them.

She paused for a moment, wavering between slipping away by herself or telling them. After contemplating for a few seconds, she raised her hand and gently pulled the sleeve of the youth standing in front of her.

Shen Juan was originally watching with gusto at the side. Even though his group had fewer people, Jiang Han and Wang Yiyang were good fighters. Another member of the opposing group was rendered incapacitated, lying on the floor and retching, so by the looks of it, there wasn’t going to be any problems.

Taking a look at his watch, it was already past 10pm.

He was about to secretly slip away and return to take a shower and sleep when he felt a slight pulling force on his sleeves from behind.

Shen Juan turned his head and looked down at his sleeve.

Two fingers had latched onto it, slender and fair. The nails were groomed round and clean with a bit of a white crescent moon painting the tip. Further in was a beautiful slender hand and an almost translucent wrist.

He lifted his eyelids, his gaze shifting to look at the lady who pulled on his sleeve. Raising a brow, he then expressed his inquiry.

Lin Yujing loosened her hold and pointed at the staff inside the convenience store, saying in a low voice, “I think I saw her call the police.”

Due to the fierce hand-to-hand combat ongoing at the side, their voices sonorous, Shen Juan was unable to hear her words clearly. Furrowing his brow, he bent down and leaned his head closer to her. “Hm?”

Lin Yujing also stuck her head out and neared his ears, repeating, “That sister seems to have called the police.”

A hint of sweet smell swept Shen Juan’s nostrils.

He tilted his head silently and pulled a bit of distance between them, straightening himself. “Then let’s go.”

Lin Yujing was taken aback and also imitated him, standing straight. “Huh?”

“Didn’t she call the police?” Shen Juan yawned and walked towards the convenience store.

Lin Yujing stayed silent for a while before she was unable to hold herself back from asking, “Why are you still sleepy?”

A ding dong sounded, signifying that the glass doors had been opened. Shen Juan glanced at her and pointed in the direction of the clock on the wall with his chin, “10:30 is the best time to sleep.”


You’re a good delinquent after all.

Lin Yujing rolled her eyes, watching Shen Juan walk towards the fridges under the staff’s frightened gazes. He grabbed a rice ball and in passing, a bottle of water—just as he said he was here for.

He then came back and grabbed a pack of wet tissues before paying the bill. Then, while the staff heated the rice ball in the microwave, he took out a wet tissue and leaned against the counter, wiping his hand unhurriedly.

Probably because he had just beaten up Muscle Bro.

The youth’s figure appeared slender, leaning languidly against the counter. He looked so quiet and focused without the slightest ruthlessness from moments earlier when he kneed a person on the face. His hand was very pretty, appearing white under the convenience store lights, the blue veins faintly visible.

He lowered his head, his nose bridge tall. His bangs naturally dropped, half-covering his black narrow eyes. His lashes weren’t considered long but they were very dense, and the tail of his eyes turned up, his eye shape seemingly cold yet sentimental.

Lin Yujing looked at the staff lady who was clearly a bit afraid but couldn’t stop sneaking looks at him and clicked her tongue on the inside.

With this face of his, not mentioning the past, it’d definitely cause a lot of grief to numerous ladies in the future.

The microwave let out a ‘ding’. Shen Juan stopped what he was doing and lifted his head, looking at the staff behind the counter.

The sister was still looking at him. After being stunned for 2 seconds, she immediately recovered her senses and looked away hurriedly with a red face. Opening the microwave, she took out the rice ball and wrapped it with tissue.

Shen Juan took it and gave thanks, throwing the wet tissue into the trash. He then turned around and exited the store.

Lin Yujing followed him out.

The night wind was cool. The two people went around the entrance, bypassing the scene of second year high schoolers leaving the crime scene in a hurry, and walked to a street. Lin Yujing came to a stop and turned her head for a look, faintly seeing the figures of the police.

As justice rains from above, delinquents scatter like birds.

She turned her head, “Are you really leaving your friends behind?”

Slipping away like this, do you still want to be seen as a reliable delinquent?

Shen Juan hummed and didn’t turn his head back. He handed the rice ball in his hand to her.

Seeing the youth’s pretty hand hold a rice ball towards her, Lin Yujing was taken aback, blinking. “Huh?”

“Didn’t the other one fall down?” Shen Juan said.


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