Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 33.1: Say Something Nice

When Lin Yujing asked to borrow the clothes, she didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

Could outsiders attend a school meeting? Yes, but a school uniform was required. Then could you lend me your school uniform?

Logically speaking, there was nothing wrong with that.

Despite this, Shen Juan’s response suddenly made her feel a little uncomfortable.

For some reason, Lin Yujing arbitrarily thought of a scene with a scumbag’s girlfriend accusing him tearfully: “You cheater! Have I treated you badly? I work hard every day to make money, and you actually used that money for other women? We’re breaking up!”


Lin Yujing was frightened by the scenario brought to mind. She opened her mouth to speak but remained silent for a long time.

Shen Juan didn’t seem inclined to let her go. He leaned in a little closer and looked her up and down. “Huh? Is that what you mean?”

He also came very early today, and self-study time hadn’t started yet. Only half the students were there, and most of them were at their desks scrambling to finish their homework.

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Before Lin Yujing could even speak, Shen Juan let out an unhappy “tsk.” He pressed his hand on the top of her head and turned her to look at him. “I didn’t refuse yet, why are you looking for others already?”


Lin Yujing was startled by him turning her head, and she blinked at him. “I thought you didn’t want to.”

Handsome guys have many problems, Lin Yujing could understand.

“I don’t really want to,” Shen Juan said lazily, “but if you beg me and say something nice, then I’ll give it to you?”

His statement lifted gently at the end, with the hint of a question left loosely hanging. His voice was low and provocative, causing the tips of her ears to burn.


Lin Yujing swallowed, and subconsciously leaned back a little. She felt that her heart rate seemed to be a little too fast, beating with “boom boom boom boom” that seemed much faster than usual.

She and Shen Juan were quite familiar now, as they had been getting along for two months. After all, they were next to each other at the same desk every day, and sometimes there was physical contact, but this clear feeling of abnormality between them was a first for her.

What was the reason?

Was it because last night she discovered that Shen Juan was actually very attractive?

She subconsciously raised her hand and touched her ear, which seemed to be a little hot, and found that it wasn’t her imagination.

No, where did her hot-guy immunity go?

She was a little annoyed, silently scolding herself for being worthless, and hastily covered her ears to hide any clues before Shen Juan noticed. Lin Yujing felt like a clueless, innocent girl being teased by a seasoned romantic.


In the end, Shen Juan lent her his school uniform.

No. 8 High School usually issued two sets of school uniforms, which were convenient for changing and laundry. Shen Juan took a year off from school and wore junior uniforms when he started, but later got two sets of sophomore uniforms, so now he had two extra sets.

On the day he brought the school uniform to Lin Yujing, Cheng Yi sent another text message to her: [Baby girl, Dad is going with his precious son Lu Jiaheng.]

One couldn’t say the relationship between Lin Yujing and Lu Jiaheng was bad, but a mountain doesn’t have room for two tigers. Lin Yujing had a character that would never give in no matter what gender the other party was. On the other hand, Lu Jiaheng didn’t care if you were a boy or a girl, or maybe in his mind Lin Yujing was not a girl, as he had always been very gentle with girls.

The two had been fighting for the throne of King for several years. No one knew why the relationship between them ended up becoming stronger after beating each other so much.

Cheng Yi was like the fence-sitter between the two of them, patching things up where it was needed, forming an unshakable iron triangle.

Lin Yujing replied ruthlessly with five words: [Tell him to get lost.]

After answering she turned to look at Shen Juan again, staring at him for a long time without moving.

Shen Juan had stood his chemistry book on the desk. He was lying down in front of it so listlessly that he looked like he would fall asleep any second, making people doubt he was actually reading it. He noticed Lin Yujing’s gaze and turned his head. 

“What’s wrong?” Shen Juan asked.

Lin Yujing kept staring, her fox-like eyes blinking. Her long eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes were soft.

Shen Juan knew from experience that normally when she showed this kind of expression she was trying to flatter him, so there was something on her mind. It would be the kind of thing that she thought would make him unhappy, so she felt the need to coax him first.


Sure enough, the next second——

“Your other junior school uniform, can you lend me that too?” Lin Yujing asked coquettishly, “I still have a friend…”


With a “pop”, the chemistry book on Shen Juan’s desk fell down.

He straightened up with an expressionless face and asked, “How many friends do you have?”

“No more,” Lin Yujing swore, “Only two friends.”

Shen Juan nodded calmly, his dark eyes impassive. 

When he didn’t speak, Lin Yujing leaned over and whispered, “And now there’s also you.”

Shen Juan finally reacted, his eyelashes fluttered slightly, and he raised his eyes.

For some reason, Lin Yujing felt from his look that he wasn’t very happy.

She herself had even felt touched. 

I take you as a brother!!


Me! Lin Yujing, who had been with Cheng Yi and Lu Jiaheng for two years before becoming friends with them! I’ve only known you for two months and I’m already so close with you!

How rapid was this progress?

If things went on like this, would they soon be buying a house with a good high school nearby? 

Hold on, alright, okay, stop, are you drooling over Classmate Shen’s beauty again?

Lin Yujing felt that her thoughts had strayed a little far, so she scolded herself a bit, then leaned forward and urged: “Classmate Shen? Is it okay?”

He stared at her for a long while.

“Okay.” Shen Juan finally agreed.

Cheng Yi said they were coming soon, and Lin Yujing was looking forward to it immensely.

Although she had been in City A for two months, she still had no sense of belonging. In this strange environment, old friends would bring a great sense of security and comfort.

Before she knew it, Thursday arrived. Liu Fujiang had met with Lin Yujing a few days in advance and asked her to be the one to hold the sign.

In every class taking part in the sports meet, a girl would hold their sign. There were fewer girls in Class 10 compared to boys. Science classes usually had more boys than girls, so when Liu Fujiang approached Lin Yujing, she initially refused.

She didn’t have much enthusiasm for standing at the front of the line garnering the attention of the whole school.

The sports meet usually started in the morning and the opening ceremony was early, even earlier than the usual class time.

Even so, campus life was usually monotonous, and the sports meet, which only lasted two days, made everyone excited. There were no classes or studying, only a few competitions and activities. The liveliness of these two days was enough to cause the students to resist the reluctance that came along with getting up early. Even the few overlords who were late for class every day and had to stand in the corridor as punishment were enthusiastic.

The sports committee said that at 6:30 everyone had to assemble on the field. Except for a few who were unable to get up that early, no one else had much objection.

Cheng Yi pulled Lu Jiaheng to the student union to find an acquaintance who could help them write their leave notes. After confirming the exact time with Lin Yujing again and again, he booked the plane tickets.

Cheng Yi said they would take the plane that morning and should arrive at noon. Afterward, they would go to her school and call her to pick them up at the school gate.

Lin Yujing went to the sports field Thursday morning and found the seats for their class.

[1] 柳下惠 Liuxia Hui: an ancient Chinese politician from the district/territory of Liuxia, known for being virtuous and resisting desire.

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