Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 32.1 Letting some other guy wear his clothes (1)

Lin Yujing wasn’t really a model kid. The first time she drank alcohol, she had looted it from her own home.

Lin Yujing remembered the time very clearly. That day, she had topped the class rankings and was praised by the whole school. She had taken her report card to Lin Zhi who merely called her a disturbance and had grabbed a globe on the table to throw to her.

Lin Yujing then learned that that day was Lin Zhi and Meng Weiguo’s wedding anniversary.

The globe that was thrown was very heavy, hitting her calves and causing it to bruise. Lin Yujing hid under her blanket and secretly cried.

Cheng Yi was also there at the time, and Lu Jiaheng took out three big draft beers from the kitchen. The three people locked the door and sat in a circle, opening the bottle of wine Lin Yujing brought.


It was a Domaine de la Romanee-Conti wine bottle which cost 40,000 RMB for one bottle and they poured it into draft beer bottles, guzzling down half of the contents clean.

Cheng Yi was the first to fall in a few moments, leaving Lin Yujing and Lu Jiaheng behind.

Lin Yujing rubbed the bruise on her legs, the little lady’s cheeks red, eyes wet and swollen from the crying.

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The room was very quiet, the lights dim. Before, it gave a warm atmosphere but now, it was ambiguous.


Lin Yujing held her head, her upper body pressing down on the table. Shen Juan leaned forward from his chair and looked at her, his voice low and hoarse, scorching the ears of anyone who heard him to the point it made them unconsciously shrink their neck.

The two people were very close, the tip of their nose just centimeters away from each other. Lin Yujing looked into Shen Juan’s dark eyes and saw a hazy reflection of herself.

She tilted her head down, her palm supporting her slightly hot face and she licked her lips as she asked in a low voice, “Then am I allowed to call that way when I’m drunk?”

The girl’s voice was soft, her lips full and wet and her fox eyes slightly raised, blinking as she stared at him.

The ignorant immature fox secretly ran down the hill, tempting men without realizing it.

Shen Juan straightened his back and took a deep breath, once again leaning back on his chair.

His actions came a bit too sudden, his chair rattling when he sat back.

His wrist rested on the edge of the chair, his gaze fixed onto her.

Lin Yujing smiled and straightened up as well, fingers tapping on the table, “Bring the alcohol back. I can probably drink 2 to 3 cans but any more than that and I’ll have to tap out.”

She knew the exact amount of alcohol she could take.

Shen Juan looked at her, his mood indiscernible, “I don’t think you’re sober right now.”

She suddenly stood up, looking down at him in an aloof and lofty manner, “Do you know why?”


“Why?” Shen Juan asked.

Lin Yujing took two steps forward and stepped around the coffee table, her footsteps stable, “Because I-” She hiccuped, “need to let some water out and sober up.”

Shen Juan was speechless.

Shen Juan had never heard a girl say she needed to let water out.

When he heard the sound of the bathroom door closing, he heaved a long sigh, his fingertips rubbing the rims of his eyes, feeling his head ache slightly.

Shen Juan thought that the usual Lin Yujing was hard to deal with. She was a depressed liar with a big temper who had her walls up high and rarely revealed her true feelings.

And in certain matters, she was very thoughtless.

For example, she was completely unaffected by her deskmate.

Shen Juan felt restless for several days, the air around him dropping down continuously and he completely didn’t have the will to speak.

10 minutes later, Lin Yujing came out of the toilet, her expression as usual, without the slightest ripple on her calm façade.

She had turned the bathroom light off and walked to the table, going around it to sit on the sofa. She pulled out the pillow from behind and laid down.


Shen Juan: “….”

Lin Yujing closed her eyes and probably because the pillow was a bit too low, she pulled another and adjusted the position, allowing herself to lie more comfortably.

“Classmate Shen, let’s go to sleep. Once we do, tomorrow will be a new beginning and whatever happened will have passed.” Lin Yujing said with shut eyes.

Shen Juan didn’t know if she was genuinely sober or not.

He got up and walked to the sofa, “Get up.”

Lin Yujing pretended as if she hadn’t heard anything and remained motionless.

“Lin Yujing.” Shen Juan called out in a warning tone.

Lin Yujing slowly and unwillingly opened her eyes which were a bit red. When she looked at him, it inexplicably made people feel a bit aggrieved for her.

“Are you going to ask me to leave?” She asked in a small voice.

Shen Juan’s head started to hurt again, “No. There’s a bedroom inside. Sleep on the bed. I just changed the bedsheets today. If you’re sober, there’s disposable toiletries in the bathroom.

Lin Yujing slowly climbed up, “Aren’t you a boy?”

Shen Juan looked straight at her, “What do you think?”


“You are.” Lin Yujing sat up and said, “Can I just randomly sleep in a guy’s bed?”

Shen Juan raised a brow and leaned back, “What? Will a man’s bed hinder the speed of your sword?”

Lin Yujing shook her head, “If I slept on your bed, shouldn’t I take responsibility?”

For a moment, Shen Juan was rendered stupefied, nearly unable to react.

“I’ll have to wash your bed sheets.” Lin Yujing continued.

Shen Juan: “…..”

Lin Yujing entered the bathroom and took a bath. Even though Shen Juan’s work studio was in the old district, the area small, everything that was needed in a toilet was still there.

The bedroom had its own private bathroom, probably for Boss Shen’s personal use. The bathtub was by no means small and was distinctly separated from the rest, giving off a sophisticated feel. The dark gray walls were embedded with big pieces of glass so that one could see the sink and the toilet on the other side.

The water droplets on the glass pooled together before slowly falling down, leaving behind a fuzzy trail.

Lin Yujing raised her hand and used her finger to trail the mark.

Warm water flowed down, entering her eyes and stinging it, her consciousness clearing up a lot.

She certainly was using the excuse of alcohol to act overly excited and without restraint.

She didn’t want to go back and Shen Juan didn’t say anything, letting her stay here.

She babbled nonsense but Shen Juan didn’t get angry, allowing her to do as she wished.

It made her think for a moment that she was allowed to act willful and rash by his side.

For some reason, a word popped into Lin Yujing’s mind.


And she was taken aback by her own sudden thought.

This word didn’t seem compatible with the school tyrant. In fact, it was a complete and utter mismatch.

Lin Yujing didn’t have any clothes to change into so she wore the same clothes after washing up. Fortunately, her soft cotton jacket was very comfortable.

Shen Juan’s disposable toiletries were very comprehensive. A towel, toothbrush and other stuff were all available. Lin Yujing’s hair had been blown half-dry and when she came out with a new towel, she saw Shen Juan sitting on the sofa doing homework.

Lin Yujing’s eyes grew wide, assuming she must’ve seen wrongly.

Hearing some noise, Shen Juan lifted his head.

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