Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 31 Calling out so coyly

Wasn’t it supposed to be “Are you coming?” It wasn’t an interrogative question, but rather, “Come.”

The delinquent’s little delicate and tender nerve seemed to have recovered its signal and started working again.

For some reason, when she saw his reply, Lin Yujing felt as if a part of her had turned sour.

She could even imagine the tired and indifferent look on Shen Juan’s face as he said this.

Lin Yujing suddenly had the urge to talk to him.


Perhaps it didn’t come all of a sudden. She had been thinking this the moment she left her house. She just didn’t realize it.

The black steel doors weren’t locked as Shen Juan usually didn’t lock the doors. Lin Yujing pushed the door and stepped inside. A string of lights hung above the courtyard, and the verdant and lush greenery that looked overwhelming in autumn, now looked wrinkly and dry, the colors shifting yellow.

The lights in the corridor were lit. Lin Yujing walked to the entrance and knocked on the door.

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There was a comfortable-looking long chair on the inside and a young man sitting on top of it. He looked like he was in his early twenties, and he was tilting his head, looking at her.


The guy blinked. He was getting his arm tattooed, two thirds of it covered in Beijing opera mask art. He lifted his other hand and waved at her. “Hi.”

Lin Yujing also blinked and waved back at him. “Hi.”

Shen Juan raised his hand and used his finger to put his mask back up. He then put on a new pair of gloves, each finger snuggly worming into their respective slots.

He raised his head to give her a look and grabbed the round chair at the side to sit down, dropping his head to resume his work.

Shen Juan’s hands were very nice. Usually, when she looked at it, it didn’t leave much of an impression. Now that he was wearing a black one-time-use glove, his thin and slender joints poked out and the shape of his fingers was long, appearing particularly good-looking.

His eyes were lowered, his lashes covering them, and his dark pupils were completely covered. Because he had a mask on, it was hard to discern his expression.

He was indifferent and focused.

Lin Yujing suddenly felt her throat get a little parched.

She bit the soft flesh on the inside of her cheek and in just a few seconds, saliva began to secrete rapidly.

Lin Yujing gulped it down and her hold on the doorframe loosened. She no longer watched him and returned to the sofa to sit down.

She herself was pretty attractive, and her childhood friends were also handsome and good at fighting so Lin Yujing had always thought that her resistance to beautiful things was quite strong.

At least when she looked at a boy, a man or a handsome guy of any age, she had never dr-drooled…


Such a reaction should only occur when she smelled fried chicken, barbecue, or hotpot.

Men were not as good as fried chicken.

Lin Yujing shook her head and pulled out a packet of snacks from the plastic bag she brought and then pulled a can of beer out, guzzling it down.

The door to his working room wasn’t shut. Lin Yujing sat on the sofa and leaned forward, looking at him from afar while taking small sips of beer.

Shen Juan would also make the same little movements when he held the tattooing pen.

The belly of his finger would press the tip of his finger slightly and from time to time, his finger would lift up.

Lin Yujing held her head, her gaze sweeping down from the youth’s shoulder to his thin waist and then his long legs.

She leaned back slightly, closer to the sofa and she raised her legs, circling it twice to compare, scrunching her brows.

For the first time, she felt a sense of dissatisfaction towards herself.

Though Shen Juan said it would take 20 minutes, he only actually finished up in a couple of minutes. Once he was finished, his client sat up and cast a glance to the outside, asking, “Girlfriend?”

Shen Juan put down the pen and raised a hand to press the back of his neck, “No.”


His voice sounded a little hoarse.

For half an arm, the tattoo he had done wasn’t small. He had used two days or more than 20 hours to draw it on and hadn’t had a single drop of water since the afternoon up until now.

“Oh,” The man laughed, “Friend that’s a girl?”

Shen Juan didn’t speak and took his time taking off his gloves before pulling down his mask.

This client of his had gone to him several times before and was good friends with Jiang Han and the others so he was also considered an acquaintance who had very good foresight.

He immediately rushed him out and the two people came out of the room, finding Lin Yujing sitting on the sofa watching some videos while drinking beer, even gnawing on some picked chicken feet.

Seeing them come out, she raised her head and upon seeing a fresh film covering the man’s body, she whistled, “You look hot, brother.”

The man gave her a splitting smile, “Thanks little sis, you’re also very pretty.”

Shen Juan stood at the doorway, having already opened the door for him. He patted the doorframe twice impatiently and frowned at him.

“Fine,” The man put his palms together and gave Shen Juan a bow before leaving, “I’m leaving, Boss Shen.”

Shen Juan shut the door and turned his head, his gaze falling on the table.

One, two, three, four.


In just twenty minutes, four cans of beer were emptied.

Lin Yujing didn’t look different than usual, sitting on the sofa with crossed legs and watching her entertainment with relish.

She was even eating quite a lot.

Shen Juan walked over and looked down at her, “How can you call him brother so easily?”

“Hm?” Lin Yujing raised her head, her eyes bright and clean as she drank beer. She was quiet for a while before it finally hit her.

“Ah, that’s cause I didn’t know what else to call him.” Lin Yujing turned the video off and thought for a moment, “If I call him handsome, wouldn’t it sound a little frivolous?”

The tip of Shen Juan’s tongue pressed against his molars, “So brother isn’t as frivolous?”

“Yeah,” Lin Yujing said, “It makes me look good and polite.”

Shen Juan scoffed, “Then why don’t you show the same attitude to me?”

Lin Yujing didn’t speak, drinking the last bit of alcohol in her hand clean then laying it neatly on the table, allowing it to become the fifth member of the army of cans. She then took out another can from the plastic bag at the side.

Shen Juan called out to her: “Lin Yujing.”

Shen Juan’s voice sounded very oppressed when he spoke but Lin Yujing was completely unafraid of him and didn’t even glance at him. As though she hadn’t heard anything, she pulled out the sixth can from the bag and pulled the clip up, producing a ‘click’ sound.

Lin Yujing raised her head and looked up at him, lifting her hand to hand him a beer, “Have one, brother.”

The moment the word came out of her mouth, it was as if someone had pressed pause on Shen Juan.

The girl’s frame was thin and she wore a very homey cotton jacket. Her hair was loosely tied up like someone who had just run away from home, her fair and slender nape exposed.

Shen Juan lowered his eyes and looked at her.

Lin Yujing raised her head, shaking the beer in hand. Under the warm orange lights, she looked at him with a smile and deliberately said, “Don’t you want it? Brother.”

Her voice was originally soft, a complete contrast to her hedgehog personality. She would usually speak to him in a very edgy tone, occasionally deliberately softening her voice to sound coquettish which was very dangerous.

Just like when she uttered “deskmate”.

Or “I beg you”.

And “brother” right now.

Shen Juan’s Adam’s apple bobbed.

He lifted a hand to take the beer and the girl’s fingers swept across the web of his hand, her fingertips ice cold.

Shen Juan put down the beer and walked to the kitchen to grab a kettle and an empty cup, pouring her some warm water, “Drink this.”

Lin Yujing tilted her head, “Your voice sounds very hoarse.”

Shen Juan was silent.

“It wasn’t that hoarse a while ago. What did you secretly do? Brother?” Lin Yujing asked.

Shen Juan turned numb from her voice and gnashed his teeth, calling her name in a warning tone, “Lin Yujing.”

The lady only appeared very sober, her black eyes clear like glass beads, any signs of intoxication nowhere to be found, as though downing 5 cans of beer had no effect on her.

However, Shen Juan didn’t think she would call him in such a tone if she were truly sober.

Lin Yujing opened her beer and cast him a glance, “What’s up?”

Shen Juan pulled a chair at the side over, sat down, reached out a hand and tapped on the can. “Put it down.”

Lin Yujing obediently did as she was told.

Shen Juan took it and stepped on the pedal of the trash can, pouring the contents of the alcohol down

Guzzle, guzzle, the wheaty scent of beer spread forth in the air.

Shen Juan poured the bottle empty then took a glass cup from the side and poured boiling water into the empty can, placing it in front of Lin Yujing on the table, “Drink.”

Lin Yujing didn’t move during the whole process, holding her head as she expressionlessly looked at him, “Do you think I’m a fool?”

Shen Juan leaned back into his chair and raised a brow, “Are you sure you’re not drunk?”

Lin Yujing rolled her eyes at him and pointed to herself, “I, Lin Yujing who doesn’t get drunk with a thousand cups, had come to invite you out for a drink.”

Shen Juan narrowed his eyes, “You wanted to invite me out for a drink?”

Lin Yujing nodded.

Shen Juan said in a low voice, “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to find a man alone to drink with?

Lin Yujing looked at him and calmly asked, “Are you a man?”

Shen Juan: “…..”

After she finished, she then nodded to herself, “En, right, you are…”

Shen Juan couldn’t even express his anger, looking at her as she spoke while turning over the contents of her plastic bag, “I even bought a lot of snacks to go with the alcohol. Do you eat chips, the crispy kind,” She said while grumbling, “Oh, you don’t like them, you much prefer these…”

She took out a packet and presented it to him as though it was a treasure.

Shen Juan glanced at it.

–it was a packet of unshelled drunken peanuts.

Not sure if he had gotten intoxicated due to the room smelling of alcohol, Shen Juan actually broke into a chuckle.

“Fuck.” He dropped his head, smiling as he licked the corner of his lips. “This daddy’s life’s worth of patience has been used up all on you.”

His voice was so low that Lin Yujing couldn’t hear him clearly. She merely watched him stand up and take away all the alcohol on the table and then put her bag of snacks onto the table.

In such a serious manner too.

Shen Juan spread the bag open and sat back down, his legs extending front, “Eat, I’ll eat them with you.”

Lin Yujing looked at him and asked hesitantly, “Just eating it dry like this? Aren’t we drinking?”

The arm propping up Shen Juan’s head went down and he leaned forward, holding a pot of water and pouring her a cup of boiled water, “Drink some plain boiled water.”

Lin Yujing: “….”

Lin Yujing’s alcohol tolerance was fine, and this was not at all a joke, but to drink six cans continuously and rapidly at that was now slightly getting to her.

She wasn’t drunk, her consciousness extremely clear, so clear that she could clearly sense herself starting to grow excited.

Even the natural immunity she had to hot guys was starting to lose effect.

Lin Yujing’s two hands cupped her face, her upper body pressed down on the table as she watched Shen Juan unblinkingly.

She watched him take out a pack of cigarettes, and pull out a stick.

Noticing Lin Yujing’s gaze, he paused and put it back, placing the pack on the table and leaning back.

Lin Yujing looked at him and suddenly said with no rhyme or reason, “Did somebody ever tell you that you look cool while you’re tattooing? Brother.”

Shen Juan paused and lifted his eyes to look at her.

Lin Yujing didn’t avoid her, welcoming his gaze undaunted.

The two people looked at each other for several seconds.

Shen Juan slowly hunched over, nearing her as he spoke in a low voice, “Has anyone ever told you not to call people so coyly when you’re not drunk?”


The author has something to say:

Boss Shen, calm down. This is a fresh school campus story 🙂

Minors shouldn’t drink alcohol.

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