Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 30.2  Men will only slow down my sword (2)

The two people hadn’t noticed it but Shen Juan’s ears twitched a little despite remaining completely still.

“Probably not,” Li Lin honestly said, “Big Boss’s appeal is in another league.”

Lin Yujing gnawed on her lollipop as she played her game, indifferently saying, “Then why would my heart flutter? My heart doesn’t even flutter to my heartthrob of a desk mate.”

Her character in the game was that of a female swordsman, brandishing a big blue sword which was currently accumulating energy to release an ultimate move. After saying this, her energy bar had just reached max and the female swordsman released an ultimate move, the sword swiftly dancing around before a light emerged and left nothing on the opposite side, appearing very ruthless.

Lin Yujing raised her head in satisfaction, “Men will only slow down my sword.”


When she said these words, she said it calmly yet arrogantly, akin to a queen who looked down on all living creatures.

Li Lin: “….”

Li Lin felt that Liu Fujiang could probably let go of his worries.

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Lin Yujing caught it subconsciously; it was ice-cold and heavy. She took a look at it and saw an orange.


She stared at it dumbfounded for a while before raising her head and looking back at him but Fu Mingxiu had already turned his head back, leaving behind the view of half of his head just past the sofa.

Guan Xiangmei and Meng Weiguo were present this weekend night so this was the first time the four of them sat down together to have a meal. Guan Xiangmei was very enthusiastic, acting as if Lin Yujing was her own biological child instead of Fu Mingxiu.

“I heard that Little Yu scored second place in the exam.” Guan Xiangmei looked at her with a smile.

Lin Yujing held her chopsticks and paused for a moment before giving a low acknowledgement.

“In the whole year? What about in class? You must be first in class. I originally wanted to enter you in a good class but your father didn’t let me,” Guan Xiangmei glared at Meng Weiguo, “In my opinion, entering a good class is beneficial. The influence your classmates can have on you is especially big. If Little Yu had entered Class 1 and studied together with them, her grades would’ve improved. You men don’t understand anything.”

Lin Yujing poked the rice in her bowl and said in a low voice, “I’m also second in my class.”

Guan Xiangmei was stunned, “What?”

Lin Yujing lifted her head, vegetables in chopsticks as she slowly said, “The top student is also in my class. He’s first and I’m second. You don’t need to worry too much. To tell the truth, every class is the same. Class 1 doesn’t have any students who have higher marks than I do so I won’t be able to learn anything from them.”

Silence overcame the table and Fu Mingxiu lifted his head to give her a look.

Guan Xiangmei’s complexion looked a bit ugly, only managing to put on a smile after a long time, “Ah, is that so? Then the students in your class must be amazing. I originally thought you would definitely have the best grades.”

Lin Yujing didn’t speak so Meng Weiguo frowned, “What kind of attitude is this? Your Aunt Guan is just concerned for you. She even asked me to put you in a good class. What? Do you think lowly of her? Is she not enough for you, oh great deity?”

Lin Yujing raised her head, “Then, the fact that Class 1 students couldn’t score higher marks than our class isn’t my fault,” She blinked, appearing innocent and wronged, her voice soft without the slightest aggression, “I also didn’t think that the students of the best class in this school could score such low marks…”


Meng Weiguo appeared to choke and glared at her for a while. Just as he was about to speak, Fu Mingxiu pushed the table and stood up, “I’m full.”

Lin Yujing also quickly stood up, “I’m also full.”

The two people headed up the stairs one after another and Lin Yujing could faintly hear Guan Xiangmei’s voice, “….It seemed that I was lacking. I didn’t think that Little Yu’s grades were that good. It’s all my fault for thinking that Eighth High’s education would be better than her previous school’s…”

Lin Yujing’s footsteps came to a pause.

Meng Weiguo especially hated hearing people mention this. He was afraid of hearing people say that he was not the same as he was before, as though he was nothing without Lin Zhi.

He was definitely going to get mad.

Lin Yujing looked at the large oil painting hanging on the wall and rolled her eyes.

This stepmother of hers was completely different to Lin Zhi in terms of personalities and Lin Yujing hated dealing with her type the most as she was the type to mask any enmity and put on a kindly face.

Meng Weiguo didn’t fail Lin Yujing’s expectations and ended up scolding her a lot that night.

He was different from Lin Zhi in the sense that Lin Zhi was so cold that even her reprimands were done coldly. As long as you lowered your head and listened, that would be the end of it. She didn’t want to waste time and after saying her own piece, she would ignore you and turn around to leave.

Meng Weiguo was the opposite. He wanted you to interact with him. When he scolded you, you would have to respond and you can’t press his buttons, nor act too exaggerated. If you were too subservient, he would question whether you were being stubborn.


To deal with him required great acting skills.

Lin Yujing apathetically stood in place, too lazy to even argue with him and listened to him babble on for 10 minutes, hoping he would just end his piece and leave.

Perhaps due to Guan Xiangmei being home today, he seemed a lot more in control of his emotions than before. Just when Lin Yujing thought she was about to lose it and grab the vase on top of the cabinet to throw onto his face, he finally shut up and left her room.

Lin Yujing stood for such a long time her legs turned numb. She shut the door to her room and stood for a while before letting out a long exhale. Leaning against the door, she slid down and down until she ended up crouching in front of it.

Her phone vibrated in her pocket. Lin Yujing took it out and saw a message directed to everyone in the class group chat. The sports committee member had sent two very enthusiastic stickers. [The sports meet is next week. Participating students from our class should train and don’t forget to bring something to eat on the day itself!!]

Lin Yujing let out a sound of realization, recalling the matter of the sports meet.

She rubbed her numbing ankles and stood up, taking the keys from the table and heading outside. There was no one in the living room but the hallway lights were on. So, she left.

By the time, she recovered her senses, she was standing in the entrance of the old alley, the inside pitch dark.

The street lights glowed with a dim light, the sound of buzzing ringing, moths flying about.

The sky was a hazy dark purple, appearing like a thick blanket, the messy black wires cut into pieces.

Lin Yujing opened her mouth.

She originally wanted to go somewhere.


She was going to 7-11 to buy some snacks.

To tell the truth, she wasn’t in a hurry to buy the snacks. She just didn’t want to stay in her room for the time being.

Lin Yujing returned to the 7-11 and bought a bag of snacks and a can of beer. She sat at the table in front of the window, resting her head in hand and watching the people and cars pass by while taking little sips of her drink.

After downing one can of beer, Lin Yujing stood up and threw the empty can into a rubbish bin before leaving the store, returning to the old alley.

The alley was completely different from the brightly lit villa district, the area filled with historic air. Walking into the alley, one could even smell the faint scent of mold growing on wood from the buildings.

Lin Yujing arrived in front of the iron doors of Shen Juan’s tattoo studio and stood there blankly for a while.

She then walked over and leaned her back against the doors, taking out her phone to shoot Shen Juan a message, [Hai, Classmate Shen. What time does your studio close?]

Lin Yujing wasn’t an extrovert and rarely sent him messages. The last time they had exchanged words was when Shen Juan took her to the shooting club and she asked if he wanted to spray some medicine on his forehead.

After she sent the message, she leaned against the iron doors in wait for 3 minutes. The autumn night wind was so cold Lin Yujing could feel her fingertips turn to ice until Shen Juan finally replied, [It’s not fixed.]

Lin Yujing glanced at the time, [Then are you closed right now?]

Shen Juan: [Not closed.]

Lin Yujing took a deep breath and was about to push the door open and step in when her phone rang again.

Her footsteps came to a pause and she unlocked the screen for a look.

Shen Juan sent another message, repeating his words: [It’s not closed, come on over.]


The author has something to say:

Our baby Shen wuuuuu. Mama Shen loves you

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