Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 26.2 I can let you take a look at the marks first (2)

Behind them, Li Lin’s jaw was about to fall off.

He sat behind Lin Yujing so he was able to see their every interaction and hear their every word clearly. Lin Lin felt that in the past month, his understanding of the school tyrant Shen Juan as a desk mate was constantly being renewed every day.

In reality, the students of Class 10 have more or less discovered that this bloodthirsty tyrant was usually quiet and would even say thank you to people. He wouldn’t complain if he was being scolded by the teacher during class and had even handed in the one thousand copies of Ohm’s Law that Dinosaur Wang had handed to him as punishment. The tyrant had copied them diligently and laboriously, working hard without complaint.

His image was completely different from that of the rumors.

However, the people who sat behind Shen Juan felt this fact especially deep. Shen Juan was not just different from how he was said to be in the rumors, he was much more than the rumors.


He treated his new desk mate with unforeseen patience and warmth, never once getting angry. Many times, when Li Lin thought Lin Yujign was going to be pressed to the wall by the school tyrant and get hit, the school tyrant only quietly looked at her and then heaved a deep sigh.

He and Ye Zi’ang exchanged a glance and the two people started communicating through their eyes.

What was going on? What the fuck was going on?

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The class monitor took on the leadership role in the moment of crisis and went around Liu Fujiag’s office, bringing back confirmed news, “Maths rankings seem to have been concluded. However, they haven’t announced the marks. They’re still in the middle of doing it for science, and language grading is probably the slowest.”


The papers were usually calculated in order of their exam venues. Once they finished the exam, they all had to go back to their classrooms. Once the class monitor had said his piece, he then shook his head and added, “However, it looks like there was a cheater in the last exam venue. Some idiot copied and got high marks, not even knowing he copied two answers wrong,” The class monitor smacked the table and mocked expressionlessly, “Sigh, such an idiot move. They wouldn’t be from our class right. Almost half of our class was allocated in the last exam venue.”

The class monitor ran to the front of the classroom to look at the list of people in the exam room and broadcasted in a loud voice, “Let me recite the names of the people in Year 2 Class 10 who were allocated to the last exam room—Sigh, let me start from the bottom, Lin Yujing, Shen–”

Class Monitor’s voice came to a sudden stop, his neck shrinking down and his throat getting caught.

Class monitor turned his head over and said, “Classmate Shen Juan, sorry….”

Shen Juan laid on the desk and yawned, “Don’t mind me, continue.”


Here came the tyrant’s intimidation.

The class monitor stood in place helplessly and in a fluster, trying to fathom what his words meant and what he could do to be forgiven.

Ever since Li Lin played games together with Shen Juan, he was occasionally able to talk to him and it no longer went as far as to hold in his fart whenever Shen Juan was present. He tapped on Lin Yujing’s shoulder to get her attention, “Hey, the one with the highest marks has gotta be you.”

Lin Yujing usually kept a low-profile in class and the little quizzes they had during class wouldn’t be made public. Only Li Lin would also copy homework from her everyday and knew that she was good at studying.

Lin Yujing also turned her head over, “Ah, probably, I don’t know.”

“No worries. Our school corrects papers fast, “Li Lin said, “Look. Maths is already out. The latest the results would all come out is just before school ends. By tomorrow, the year rankings will be out.”


Lin Yujing let out a sound of acknowldgement, wanting to say that back when she was in her subsidiary school, the year ranks had already been out by the afternoon.

Lin Yujing underestimated the efficiency of Eighth High teachers. By the third class in the afternoon, Liu Fujing entered the classroom and called her out.

Even calling Shen Juan to come out as well.

When Liu Fujiang came in, Shen Juan was laying on his desk, twirling his pen. It was rare for him to be reading a book, it was just that he didn’t look focused, making it hard to believe he was actually reading.

The two people walked into the biology department office one after another and after they entered, the teacher in charge of teaching for the second year turned to look at them.

Liu Fujiang’s face turned thoroughly red, as though he was trying to stifle back his anger as he looked at them.

Lin Yujing tried to recall what she had done to provoke the teacher’s ire. Was there any? It didn’t seem like it.

Could she have been discovered climbing over a wall? Eighth High seemed to have a lot of surveillance.

She lowered her eyes, and quickly pondering over an appropriate reply as well as how to pretend to be pitiful but before she could brew the right feelings, Liu Fujiang suddenly howled, “My good children!!”

Lin Yujing was taken aback, nearly jumping from surprise.

She raised her head and saw Liu Fujiang looking at them with an incredibly touched expression, the smile on his face nearly uncontainable. Bit by bit, his smile started to split, appearing like it could go past his ears.


Lin Yujing then realized that he wasn’t stifling back his anger but stifling back a smile.

Liu Fujiang appeared as if he was going to start laughing at the skies. “I knew you were worried about the results of your monthly exam. After all, at this level, missing just one or two points would still create a big gap.

Lin Yujing was a bit perplexed, not knowing whether Liu Fujiang was trying to provoke her or whether it meant anything else.

Could it be that she filled in the answer sheet wrongly?

“However, grade rankings are still being calculated. The results will only be out tomorrow. I can let you take a look at the marks first. Generally speaking, I shouldn’t let you guys see it but I really can’t keep it to myself.” Liu Fujiang nearly couldn’t keep his mouth closed, glancing at the other teachers and saying in a low voice, “Let’s talk a little quieter. I’ll give you a sneak peek.”

Liu Fujiang bent his waist and lowered his head while speaking, his eyes nearing the envelope. Just when Lin Yujing thought he was going to shove his head in, he took out a piece of report from inside.

Liu Fuijang waved his hands at them, beckoning them to lean closer.

Lin Yujing and Shen Juan leaned closer.

And so, the three people stealthily gathered their heads together, like a couple of kids having planned to steal landmines in the middle of the night. Lin Yujing saw Liu Fujing carefully cover half of the paper to reveal the results to them.

But just this half a page was already enough.

Lin Yujing fell backwards upon seeing the first two lines clearly.

Second place: Lin Yujing: 701 points


First place: Shen Juan: 703 points

Lin Yujing: What the fuck???


The author has something to say:

Shen Juan: It’s alright. My knowledge isn’t particularly good. It’s all thanks to Miss Lin’s teaching.

T/N: Sorry for being MIA! Family visited at the end of December til January and work got busy so I only had time to post once the Chinese New Year holidays came. Gong Hey Fat Choy to everyone and hope you all have a wonderful year ahead!

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