Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 26.1 I can let you take a look at the marks first (1)

“Can you go a little higher?”

“Sigh, five centimeters to the left.”

“……Five centimeters will affect your success?”

“Not really,” Lin Yujign put her hands on the wall, stepping on Shen Juan’s arm with one foot while the other hooked into the groove of a wall, “I’m having a bit of difficulty with the height of this wall.”

“….” Shen Juan snorted, saying in a low voice, “What do we do? Will you be able to reach it if you were to ride on my shoulders?”


“That should work,” Lin Yujing asked in delight, “Can I?”

Shen Juan took a deep breath, and said through gnashed teeth, “Lin Yujing…”

“Sigh,” Lin Yujing placed her left leg on the wall, her arms holding onto the top of the wall as though it were a bar. Her other leg then lightly stepped onto the wall and mounted over.

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Eighth High’s location was quite favorable. The commercial area was right in front after some walking. Shen Juan walked for a couple of minutes and flagged down a taxi upon reaching the mall.


By the time he reached his studio, it was already past 10pm. Shen Juan ran his hand through his hair and walked into the bathroom. Just as he had removed his top, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

He leaned on the bathroom counter and took out his phone to scroll through, while his other hand took his belt off.

A certain Little Lin who’s sending warmth but refuses to reveal her name: [You should probably spray your forehead with some Yunnan Baiyao.(1)]
(1) Yunnan Baiyao is proprietary traditional Chinese medicine marketed and used as a hemostatic product in both human and veterinary alternative medicine. They have them in capsules, powder, plasters, etc.

This was the first time Miss Lin had sent him a message since sending the physics materials last time so Shen Juan nearly wondered who this was.

He took off his leather belt, the corner of his lips turning up silently and he pulled his bangs up to take a look at his forehead.

The swelling had certainly gone down a lot, the bump looking only a bit purple.

Shen Juan raised his hand and slightly pressed on the bump with his fingertip, feeling a numb pain sweep in.

Tsk, what a ruthless woman.

He put down his phone and turned the tap on, cupping some cool water to splash onto his face. Shen Juan then shut his eyes and the image of the girl’s red eyes appeared in his head.

He paused.

The girl’s eyes were watery, stubbornly trying not to cry, appearing like she was very wronged. When her pretty red fox-like eyes looked at him, Shen Juan felt like a piece of him broke down.

He was originally going to finish his design midway before going out to buy a pack of smoke and didn’t expect to bump into Lin Yujing.


Shen Juan certainly felt that he had been a bit too much. The inexplicable anger he had been suppressing in the afternoon hadn’t been vented at all since noon. Lin Yujing had also seen him through and though she wasn’t in the dorms for some reason, appearing where they met, he even suffered a beating from her.

And then, he made the girl cry.

Shen Juan lifted his head and opened his eyes. He rested his palms on the bathroom counter and leaned forward.

Water dripped down his face, traveling from his forehead into his eyes, stinging them.

“Shen Juan,” He narrowed his eyes, looking at the person in the mirror and said in a low voice, “You sure are amazing, to be able to make a girl cry.” His reflection in the mirror expressionlessly stared back at him, unresponsive.

The bathroom was quiet, the sound of running water the only thing audible.

Shen Juan’s shoulders slumped down, his head drooping before he raised it and let the water hit his face and he dejectedly sighed, “This daddy didn’t mean to bully the little lady…”

The monthly exams were concluded in one day and normal classes resumed the next day. Now that the exams were over, everybody felt at ease as the next big exams would be the mid-term exams.

Lin Yujing got back to her dorm yesterday at 10pm. She laid on the bed after taking a shower, evidently appearing so tired she couldn’t even open her eyes. Yet she twisted and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep. In the end, she laid in bed until 3.30am, sporting a pair of dark panda eyes. She took out her English textbook, memorizing compositions for half an hour before finally feeling the embrace of the God of Slumber.

In the end, she had overslept the next day and by the time she opened her eyes, morning self-revision period had already gone by.

Lin Yujing instantly sobered up and got up to brush her teeth and wash her face. When she reached the classroom, she was still 5 minutes late.


To top it off, it was Dinosaur Wang’s class.

Despair seeped into Lin Yujing’s heart.

She felt that she must’ve been struck with bad luck, unable to escape the punishment of having to copy Ohm’s Law 500 times no matter what.

Upon reaching the classroom, Shen Juan was already there, holding his head and looking at her with droopy eyes. Lin Yujing quietly shot him a glance before honestly turning her head back, dropping her head. “Teacher Wang, I’m sorry for arriving late.”

With some twist in her luck, Dinosaur Wang was in a good mood. Standing below the podium, he was about the same height as her. He held a transparent model of an electric circuit in hand and waved it as he boomed to her, “Go take your seat! You overslept? Even your deskmate is already here. Look! He’s not even sleeping!”

Lin Yujing took her seat and Dinosaur Wang resumed his lecture. She took out her physics book and due to having just awoken a few minutes ago, she was still in a daze, flipping her book to a random page.

She went into a daze for a while but saw Shen Juan’s hand reach over from the corner of her eyes, pinching the page of her physics book and turning over a few pages.

Lin Yujing snapped back to her senses and turned her head.

Dinosaur Wang was talking very zealously on the podium so Lin Yujing leaned over, tilting her head and looking at him without blinking.

Shen Juan raised his eyes and moved.

“Don’t move.” Lin Yujing said in a low voice.

Shen Juan blinked.


“It looks like it turned a bit blue,” Lin Yujing looked at his forehead and frowned, “I didn’t use that much strength…”

Shen Juan: “How much strength did you plan to use?”

“I thought you’d be able to avoid it,” Lin Yujing whispered, “Didn’t we agree to fight? As a result, who would’ve known you wouldn’t dodge, even welcoming me head on. I thought it was a new style you delinquents fight in.”

Shen Juan thought to himself. Not only did I welcome you, I even did it with open arms, alright?

This daddy thought you were going to hug me. Who would have expected you were going to beat me up?

Shen Juan felt a little complicated. Usually, when girls were about to cry, they would still act a bit rational. Who could’ve expected his desk mate to be the exact opposite?

Just as he lifted his head, he saw Lin Yujing reach a hand over

He subconsciously tilted his head and raised a brow, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Lin Yujing’s fingers stopped in front of his eyes, “I’m pushing your bangs to this side.” Her fingertips brushed his bangs, and after sweeping them here and there, she then withdrew her hands in satisfaction. “Alright, this way, it’ll cover the bump. Otherwise, it’d affect your image as a scary delinquent.”

Shen Juan sighed, “My desk mate sure is….”

Lin Yujing looked at him expressionlessly, “Sure is what. You’ve got something you want to say to me?”

“No,” Shen Juan replied, “Nothing at all.”

Just as his words fell, Dinosaur Wang’s chalk came flying over, “Shen Juan! Will you stop talking to your desk mate! It’s already difficult enough to get you to come to school on time and stay awake at that, did you just come to school to chatter? Stand up and listen to class!”

Shen Juan “….”

Lin Yujing resisted the urge to laugh and buried her head on the table.

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