Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 20 Just kill and win

Eighth High’s monthly exams were held after National Day which lasted 7 days. As such, the first day back in school was the day of their exams. With that, the classes to be held this week were going to be consecutive rest days.

The moment Liu Fujiang announced this, everybody let out cheers of exclaim.

Once the cheering had died down, they then started to fret.

Li Lin held his collar and let out a big sigh. “I don’t think I can hold on for much longer. I’m about to be suffocated attending 5-day classes. 5 days is already the highest limit I can withstand.”

On the other hand, Lin Yujing didn’t really react. Compared to going back on the weekends, she’d rather stay on campus. In fact, she even started to ponder if she could just stay on campus during the Golden Week with the excuse that she was preparing for her monthly exam.


During afternoon self-revision period, once Lin Yujing had completed memorizing a  list of English vocabulary, she received a warm invitation from Song Zhiming. Song Zhiming had sent her a dancing husky emoji and a flying kiss, asking, “Little sister, want to play with us?”

Lin Yujing felt that this person was quite courageous. She had played so poorly in the morning yet he actually dared invite her to play again.

She looked at the papers that clearly hadn’t been completed. Though there were a few pages left to fill, she put down her pen, and sent back an ‘Ok’.

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Nkd Zwfkdt oyp pvkzz qllzkdt y ckv yttaklhle.

How could this person be such a perfectionist?


She was already this outstanding so what if she was bad at games?

She sighed. “If you’re going to find some random person to fill your group, I won’t play. I’m too noob. It’s better to find a classmate so that if I dig us a hole, at least we won’t get cursed at by a random stranger.”

Li Lin waved his hand. “It’s fine. If someone curses at you, we’ll help you curse them back. We’re 3 against 1, what are you afraid of? He’ll be the one we’ll throw into a pit.”

Lin Yujing still wanted to say something when Shen Juan suddenly interrupted with a question. “What game?”

Li Lin became quiet, his neck seemingly like a puppet on a string. He turned his head mechanically and responded, “It’s uh- a sniping game.”

Lin Yujing thought it was funny. She could almost feel Li Lin’s nervousness.

It’s already been quite some time since the start of school and despite being such close deskmates for so long, this seemed to be the first time Shen Juan had spoken to them.

Shen Juan nodded and continued, “Are you missing one person?”

Li Lin answered mechanically, “Ah….yes.”

“Let me do it.” Shen Juan said.

Lin Yujing raised a brow.

Li Lin’s chin was almost about to be dislocated from his jaw.


In the end, every time Li Lin recalled this, he couldn’t help but lament about the most unforgettable battle he ever had in his life.

School tyrant Shen Juan was Eighth High’s boss, possessing countless legendary stories as well as solid proof that he had nearly pummeled his desk mate to death. A boss who lived in the shadows every day and whose figure still made him unable to speak, and now, he was asking him if he could join their group and play games with them during self-study period.

Lin Yujing hadn’t played this game before and Shen Juan hadn’t as well. The two people turned around and connected to Li Lin’s unlimited hotspot. After downloading the game, they opened a group together. Lin Yujing took a look at Shen Juan’s ID [JYZJBD].

Then, further down, she saw that after downloading the game, he had already given himself a signature –A low-key god shooter.

Lin Yujing: “….”

It was at this moment that Lin Yujing could feel the idiocy that a sophomore would have in Shen Juan and she couldn’t help but lament that he had hidden it very deeply.

Li Lin explained the dynamics of the game to the two. Lin Yujing already had the experience of playing it once during morning self-revision period. She knew how to shoot and how to walk, it was just that her gun skills were a bit weak, her sight was also a little lacking, unable to find the location of the person who had shot her. Shen Juan, on the other hand, was a total newbie so Li Lin appeared as though he was giving him one-on-one guidance.

“What’s this?” Shen Juan asked.

“I-I-I-I-t’s for changing guns.” Li Lin stammered “Beside it is to reload bullets.”

Shen Juan raised a brow and looked at him, “What are you quivering for?”

Li Lin howled inside. ‘It’s because this daddy is fucking afraid of you!!! What if you play too fucking badly and you hit me out of anger!!!’

“It’s not…” Li Lin said in a small voice, “I’m just a little cold.”


Lin Yujing couldn’t hold back a giggle at the side and leaned over him to whisper, “Desk mate, your expression’s too cool, it’s a little intimidating.”

Shen Juan cast her a glance and leaned down to ask her in a low voice, “Do I scare him?”

Lin Yujing nodded.

Shen Juan raised a brow. “Then why aren’t you afraid of me? Not to mention, you even dared to be my desk mate.”

“Of course, I’m afraid of you,” Lin Yujing said, “But there wouldn’t be any use being afraid. Someone’s always gotta stand up and sacrifice themselves. If I don’t enter hell, who’s going to take my place? I’m the lucky person who got abused by fate.”


Shen Juan let out a dull response of acknowledgement and straightened up. He wore a cold face, his expression indiscernible.

Li Lin quivered and subconsciously shuffled back.

Shen Juan looked at Lin Yujing. “Did I mistreat you?”

Lin Yujing shook her head. “No.”

“Was I ever mean to you?” Shen Juan asked.

“Fine,” Lin Yujing said sincerely, “You treat me very warmly like the spring wind. Nobody has ever treated me as second-best as you do.”


Li Lin: “….”

Shen Juan: “….”

He can’t deal with her anymore.

This girl’s words were too infuriating.

Just look at her innocent and harmless faces staring at you and those foxy eyes blinking. Her words really made one’s anger bubble.

But did she say anything wrong? Did she scold you?


She was praising you for being as warm as the spring wind.

And so, unable to vent his anger, Shen Juan felt helpless but also amused.

He threw his phone onto the table and narrowed his eyes, looking at Lin Yujing.

Li Lin shut his eyes, waiting for the school tyrant’s anger to rain on him.

Ten seconds later, the air was still tranquil.

Li Lin opened his eyes and saw the school tyrant let out a helpless sigh.

The school tyrant helplessly sighed.

The school tyrant had actually only sighed. He then picked up his phone once again as though nothing had happened and asked him, “Are the accessories in the game automatically applied?”

Li Lin hadn’t even fully recovered his wits, “Huh?”

“Ah—yeah but you can change your accessories.”

After exploring the game for 5 minutes, Shen Juan managed to gain his first kill.

Lin Yujing stood beside him and couldn’t even see where the target was. Li Lin told Shen Juan, “The backlash of your gun is strong, Let me teach you how to suppress–” He then saw him pick the gun up again and ‘bang,’ blasted open another head.

This shot was a good opener as following this shot was a series of firecrackers. After several shots in a row, the battle had concluded, character [JYZJBD] had already taken two people out.

In the end, they managed to obtain first place. Lin Yujing hadn’t even used her gun the whole way and won without even lifting a finger.

After the game ended, Song Zhiming jumped up from his seat on the other side of the classroom. He sat on the second row from the back near the window, at opposite ends from his groupmates so he couldn’t see what had happened on their end.

“Damn, Big Li! This guy you recruited is strong! He’s probably a king-level boss,” Song Zhiming yelled to Li Lin across the classroom, “Quickly add him as a friend so we can invite him for future plays! But what does his ID mean? Is he saying he’s the coolest? Is that it? Fine, I’ll accept his bluff. He’s pretty damn awesome.”

Li Lin: “….”

Li Lin wore a complicated face, not knowing how to explain it to him. Said guy was just downloading the game 20 minutes ago.

He silently cast Shen Juan a look.

The big boss was sitting there, looking at his phone with an indifferent face. Li Lin seemed to see the words ‘Just kill and win’, ‘This is such a stupid game’, ’How boring’, ’How is this game fun’ written all over his face.

But despite appearing like that, he didn’t seem to show any signs of impatience.

Li Lin then thought of what happened a while ago when the school tyrant helplessly heaved a sigh.

He looked down and sent Song Zhiming a message. “Don’t you think that Shen Juan isn’t as scary as the rumors say he is. Instead, he’s actually quite nice?”

On the other end of the classroom, Song Zhiming’s constant requests to add the cool guy for future support ceased and he sent a reply back. “Who are you calling nice?? Have you finally lost a screw in your head?”

Shen Juan’s patience certainly only lasted enough to play this round. After the game was over, he immediately deleted the app. Lin Yujing also didn’t want to play anymore. She didn’t feel the slightest interest in the shooting world, only a slow feeling of humiliation as though she were a blind person.

She didn’t want to touch this game any longer.

The two people deleted the app but just before Shen Juan deleted his, Lin Yujing saw that Shen Juan had changed his signature to ‘Just kill and win.’

Lin Yujing couldn’t resist rolling her eyes.

She hadn’t seen a more arrogant person in her life.

Self-revision period was about to end. She turned her head and looked at Shen Juan.

Shen Juan noticed her line of sight and turned his head to her, lowering it. “What is it?”

“Just admit it. This definitely isn’t your first time playing.” Lin Yujing expressionlessly said.

She didn’t expect him to candidly agree. “It’s not my first time playing shooting games.”

Lin Yujing originally wanted to say ‘I knew it! Just admit it!’

After taking it in for a few seconds, she realized something amiss, letting out a confused ‘huh?’.

“Do you like playing these kinds of games?” Shen Juan indifferently said, “If you do, someday I can take you out to play the real version.”’

Oh shit.

Two big words appeared in Lin Yujing’s head.

She immediately felt as if the things she had done in her second year in her most rebellious period was pretty childish. The most serious thing she had done was just touching sticks.

Now, Shen Juan was actually upgrading cold weapons to firearms. Our delinquent brother was truly different!!!

Shen Juan’s ‘someday’ could probably stretch to about 800 years later. And so, Lin Yujing had completely forgotten about this matter the next day, focused on the monthly exam coming right after the holidays.

Lin Yujijng originally thought that even if the people of this class didn’t like studying, at the very least, there would still be last minute actions being taken, but after a few days of observation, she found that people who were studying, seemed to be the same few people who were in the middle of the echelon such as Li Lin. Compared to before, he seemed to be a little bit more serious in doing his homework.

There was no teacher willing to lead Class 10 which was why Liu Fujiang had been pulled in to become class teacher for the first time. Even though other classes weren’t divided based on grades, apart from competitive classes and experimental classes, it was unknown whether it was fate that 1/3 of the weakest students in the entire grade was placed in Class 10, the last science class.

And so, when Liu Fujiang got the list of names for the exam venue seating plan, Lin Yujing found that half of the people in their class were allocated to the last three exam venues.

Because of that, everybody was quite happy. Since the exam venues were all filled with their own people, they could feel at ease trying to attempt this and that.

Though in Lin Yujing’s perspective, even if they were to copy each other, the results would stray very far. After all, the level of the people in one exam venue didn’t differ greatly.

Li Lin was arranged to be in the third exam venue from the last. When he saw the list, he was pretty delighted. “Fuck. Did I get a good mark in last semester’s final exam? I knew I always did better in crucial exams. I am the big game-type player Li Lin.”

Lin Yujing: “….”

Lin Yujing, who had always ranked first in her previous experimental classes back to back, could not understand his joy.

She silently turned her head and came face to face with Shen Juan.

Shen Juan dropped his eyes and silently looked at her.

Lin Yujing looked at the seating plan. The monthly exams were arranged according to the grades of the final exam in the last semester. Since Lin Yujing didn’t have a record and Shen Juan had just returned from suspension, hence not having a record, as such, the two of them were placed in the last venue. The seatings were allocated in an S shape and the two people were arranged to sit at the last row, seated side by side.

Lin Yujing felt that she could see a hint of something in his eyes.

“Classmate Shen,” Lin Yujing deliberated how to make her words sound more tactful and after pondering for some time, slowly said, “Exams actually aren’t that important. It’s only a way for us to find out what we’re lacking to remedy them.”

Shen Juan didn’t speak, looking at her expression with disbelief as though he were looking at a fool.

“With Little Lin’s help, I feel like you can get at least 40 marks in physics,” Lin Yujing encouraged him. “Add oil.”


The author has something to say:

Shen Juan: You really want my results to do all the talking, don’t you?

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