Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 19 One step closer to achieving 30 points

This Miss Lin had sent him two compiled review materials. A text file and a 30+ page PowerPoint.

The number of pictures and words on it were lush. The points the teacher emphasized during class, and the knowledge tips in books were all made simple and easy to understand. There were even practice questions listed out at the back targeting them, with 2 to 3 questions for every question type. Attached at the back were the correct answers to these questions.

Shen Juan used 10 minutes to look through the contents of the two attached files and was left a bit speechless.

To send such a thing at 2:30am in the morning along with an ambiguous message…

He didn’t know if she had stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to compile these materials or not.


Shen Juan was pretty amazed. It was as if an emulator had been opened in his head. His originally flat-paper like impression of Lin Yujing seemed to grow richer.

She quickly took form and became infused with color. The flat plane structure turning into 3D; life breathing into her.

2 weeks ago, he thought she was someone he would never meet again

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Having been friends with He Songnan and the others for too long, his standard for what was humorous dropped to the point it couldn’t be rescued anymore.


Shen Juan felt that he really might not be right in the head anymore.

Lin Yujing did indeed compile the materials until 2:30 in the morning. After sending it, she was so tired she couldn’t open her eyes. She got up, her body smacking against the table corners, and shut the physics book. Upon feeling certain that she had managed to mask her identity, she walked to her bed and fell into slumber in satisfaction.

She felt that since she had decided to do this, she should be careful. She had always had such a personality. Even if it was just revision materials, the queen Lin Yujing only made revision materials that were considered the best in the revision material world.

Moreover, with her outstanding desk mate’s IQ of not being able to remember what Ohm’s Law was after copying it a thousand times and outstanding memory of what physics pi was, Lin Yujing felt that if she didn’t write in a bit more detail, her desk mate wouldn’t be able to understand the materials.

As such, she took out the same level of detail Liu Fujiang did when he taught, even racking her brains to think about what delinquent youths who didn’t like to study was most interested in at this age, and after a moment of brainstorming, Lin Yujing sent Cheng Yi a message. “Cheng Yi, what kind of message will make you read it seriously?”

Deep into the night when the people were already asleep, Chen Yi quickly replied. “An exciting erotic advertisement with a HD gif of a girl coming out of a bath.”

Lin Yujing’s thoughts aligned with his.

If she were to write “Second Year Physics Elective Electrical Engineering Points to Know + Mock Questions and Answers”, Shen Juan may not even spare it a glance.

Adolescence was a time when the body’s raging hormones could only be absolved at night, so it was pretty understandable.

Lin Yujing passed her weekend very peacefully. Ever since Fu Mingxiu drove her to school, the two had never exchanged any words nor did they bump into each other.

Lin Yujing also didn’t know what had happened during their last exchange. She didn’t even hide anything at that time and her tone wasn’t cute.


Yet, Fu Mingxiu’s reaction made one surprised and one strange thing was that, his words leaned to a compromising tone, making Lin Yujing have the misconception that ‘she might be able to get along with this person’.

However, this misconception was fleeting. He probably shared the same thoughts as Lin Yujing. Since everyone didn’t get along, if you don’t see me and if I don’t see you, then out of sight, out of mind.

At present, Fu Mingxiu was a second year student. After school started, he went to live in the dorms. He hadn’t come back at all last weekend and it looked like he wasn’t planning to come back this weekend as well.

She reckoned that his university life must be pretty rich and full of colors for him not to return.

Monday morning, Lin Yujing pulled a 16-inch luggage and stuffed it into the back of the car. Old Li wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, he kept the words to himself and merely sighed.

Last week, she stayed in the school dorms and only came back during the weekend. When Lin Yujing first moved into this city, she practically didn’t bring anything, only carrying with her a small luggage that contained clothes or pajamas to change into every week.

Ever since Meng Weiguo’s unhappy call from last time, he no longer made a peep again and still had yet to return today. Lin Yujing sincerely wished that he would never come back as the matter of her living on campus was still unknown to him. The servants of the house also hadn’t told him, so on his return, there would definitely be a rain of blood and she would inevitably get into a fight with him.

When she arrived at school, Lin Yujing first went to the dorms to put her luggage down. Everybody was quite energetic on a Monday morning without studies or mock tests to hammer their spirits down. Li Lin had even finished his assignments, unprecedentedly not copying homework during morning self-study period but rather, playing games on his mobile phone with three other guys.

Among the guys surrounding him, Lin Yujing recognized Song Zhiming. He was usually very lively, so lively that he was often found in the director’s office writing a self-reflection essay.

Lin Yujing’s first impression of him was during the first day of school when Liu Fujiang had asked them to look at their desk mate for 1 minute. This Song Zhiming was the most passionate one to comply, turning straight to look at his desk mate full of tender feelings. After a minute had passed, he had even sent his desk mate a flying kiss and in the end, had suffered a punch from them.

All in all, he was a very gay person.

Every Monday morning self-revision period, the director would pull every teacher for a small meeting. As such, the teachers usually won’t come by and check on them. Because of this, the classroom was in an uproar with everyone doing all sorts of things, free from the worry that Old Jiang would suddenly come to check on them.


Three guys surrounded Li Lin’s seat with Song Zhiming sitting in Lin Yujing’s seat. Seeing her come in, he raised his head and energetically told her. “Classmate Lin, please wait for a while. I’ll return your seat after we finish this game.”

He said while standing up from Lin Yujing’s seat and continuing to play while standing beside the table.

Lin Yujing: “….”

Though he uttered such words, his body still acted rather honest.

Lin Yujing put down her bag and sat. Feeling a little curious, she asked. “What games are you guys playing?”

“It’s a new sniping-type game.” Song Zhiming didn’t even lift his head, only taking off one side of his earphones, “Do you play?”

Lin Yujing blinked. “I’ve never played it before.”

“No worries. I’ll teach you.” Song Zhiming was very magnanimous, stuffing his phone into Lin Yujing’s hand without question and bent down to point at the screen and explain, “It’s not that hard. It’s much simpler on mobile than on desktop. Look. This, here, is to shoot and if you click this, you can walk–”

Shen Juan arrived 10 minutes before the morning self-revision period ended.

Upon arrival, he saw that the corridor leading to his seat was filled with people, his desk mate turning to the back with phone in hand and several guys were rather heated up playing a mobile game.

Beside her was a boy who seemed to be teaching her how to play. He had one hand propped on top of her table, his back hunched and his head lowered. The two people were quite close to each other, the boy’s arm occasionally sweeping her ear to point at the screen in her hands. “Hey, there’s someone here. Do you see? Put on the lens and aim at their heads.”

Lin Yujing did as she told, and pressed the red button in the middle to shoot rapid-fire bullets. That person stood there completely unharmed as not a single bullet had hit him.


The guy let out a sigh of regret, naturally placing a hand on her shoulders. “No problem, first timers usually end up that way. You need to aim your gun lower when you want to shoot his head–” He said while lowering his head and streaking his finger across the screen to demonstrate.

Shen Juan stood by the doorway and watched the two people’s heads grow closer and closer, and closer, and closer. (T/N: yes, it’s intended to be repeated)

Shen Juan walked over and stood beside Lin Yujing. He then raised a hand, lightly tapping his fingertips on the table.

The moment he walked over, the atmosphere immediately dampened. Song Zhiming’s hand quivered, sliding to the side and causing the gun to go askew. The person who was being targeted heard this gunshot and immediately took his own gun, shooting Lin Yujing’s head off.

Lin Yujing let out a displeased noise and unhappily scrunched up her nose. She stood up to let Shen Juan into his seat, returning Song Zhimin’s phone to him and thanking him.

“No worries, you’ll get better the more you play this game,” Song Zhiming smiled. “Can I add you as a friend? We’ll let you know if we start another game.”

“Sure.” Lin Yujing replied.

After the two happily added each other, Lin Yujing sat back down on her seat and turned to the front, adding a note on Song Zhiming’s contact details.

When she lifted her head, she saw Shen Juan turned in her direction, expressionlessly flipping through his book.

“Morning, desk mate. Have you had breakfast yet?” Lin Yujing greeted him in a good mood.

Shen Juan ignored her.

Lin Yujing was now very familiar with Shen Juan. It felt like ever since she had hotpot at his studio, the two people’s relationship slowly grew better, at times, even having a conversation.

However, this boss still had his own quirky temper. He might have gotten up too early today which put him in a bad mood but Lin Yujing didn’t mind, flipping to the 1st chapter of the book they were going to use.

After about 5-6 minutes, Shen Juan suddenly shut the book close and looked at her. “You seem to quite like playing games.”

“Huh?” Lin Yujing raised her head, “No. I don’t play them that much.”

“Then don’t play them in the future,” Shen Juan’s tone didn’t sound happy at all. “With your skill, you’ll only anger the video game publishers into bankruptcy.”


Lin Yujing could see that this little boss didn’t seem to be in a good mood today. Could it be that he didn’t manage to make any progress in physics at all during the weekend and was stumped by electrical engineering?

She recalled the practice questions she had given him and thought they shouldn’t be difficult at all. They were even quite basic.

The heroic genius Lin Yujing can’t be perfect in everything. Lin Yujing was very calm. Besides, should a kind person like me leave a road way out for other people?

“Oh yeah, did you study during the weekend?” Lin Yujing asked.

Shen Juan. “Nope.”

Lin Yujing didn’t give up. She had, after all, compiled those materials until 2am in the morning. “What about physics?”

“Nope.” Shen Juan replied expressionlessly. “Didn’t I tell you before? We delinquent bros never study.”


In truth, Lin Yujing was annoyed by his cold façade. She didn’t care what had put him in a bad mood but it had nothing to do with her.

This person always played a dynamic of ‘if you’re cold with me, I’ll be colder with you’. If it were someone else replacing her, he wouldn’t even pay them any mind and would let them act cold by themself.

She tried her best to take out her last bit of patience but also put on an expressionless face. “Who knows if you’ve said it or not? I’ve never committed irrelevant things to memory.”

Shen Juan paused and cast her a glance.

The little lady’s gaze was cold, her tone already starting to flare as though she was about to explode.

If he didn’t stroke her feathers, she would probably end up ignoring him for the whole day.

He sighed. “I saw it. My desk mate had sent me revision materials at 2:30am in the morning and I really studied it for the whole weekend.”

Lin Yujing cast him a glance and corrected him. “You mean Miss Lin who’s sending warmth but refuses to reveal her name

Shen Juan: “….”


Shen Juan controlled his temper. “This Miss Lin who refuses to reveal her name even sent an erotic advertisement. I almost deleted it.”

Lin Yujing chuckled and laid on the desk looking at him. “Aren’t you being a hypocrite, Classmate Shen. I feel that there needs to be some degree of truth between people. If it wasn’t because of that erotic-like ad, would you have taken a look at it? Don’t you guys like this type of thing?”

Shen Juan raised a brow. “Where did you hear that we guys like this kind of stuff?”

Lin Yujing: “Does it need to be said? Didn’t you end up honestly opening the message and even looked at it for the whole weekend? If I were to send you a message that said ‘Second Year Physics Electrical Engineering Points to know + Practice Questions and Answers’, would you have clicked it open?”

“You should thank me, Classmate Shen.” Lin Yujing sighed. “Thank your desk mate for staying up until 2:30 in the morning squeezing out ideas from their brain to successfully make you remember Ohm’s Law and improve your physics score closer to achieving 30 points.

Shen Juan became quiet for a few seconds and didn’t say anything, his lips hooking up slowly. “A certain Little Lin who’s sending warmth but refuses to reveal her name? Hm?”

Lin Yujing: “…..”

The more she went on, the more she got sucked into his pace even though this was already a well-known sockpuppet between everybody.

But it was a genuine sockpuppet!

Lin Yujing sighed. “Classmate Shen, you’re making things difficult for me,” She pressed down her voice and said, “Whenever I do something good, I never leave my name.”

Once she finished speaking, it was quiet for 2 seconds until Shen Juan chuckled.

His voice was lower than his peers and would even get lower when he chuckled, losing some of his youthful feeling and boosting his magnetic sexiness.

Shen Juan lowered his eyes and licked his lips before straightening himself. He put his hand on her head and gently ruffled. He then leaned down and spoke lowly in her ear. “Teacher Lin sure worked hard.”


The author has something to say:

“Why is my wife so f*cking cute every day”

Shen Juan really is helpless. He would throw a tantrum if his wife played games with another boy and in the end, even though she’s still not familiar with you, she still turned to coax you. Don’t you think you have too many demands?

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