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  • Daydreaming About Me

    Chapter 18 Little Lin will teach you physics

    In the end, Shen Juan had been punished to copy Ohm’s Law a thousand times.

    Lin Yujing’s homework this week had been faultless and she was attentive during class. She constantly got full scores for any subject tests and she loved studying. She was usually quiet and polite, her voice ringing at an appropriate volume whenever she spoke and so, Dinosaur Wang nearly found no lie in her words.

    How could such a good child skip class!

    It was impossible.

    The only possibility was that her desk mate had gotten her involved.


    On the opposite hand, towards Shen Juan, who either slept in class or didn’t attend at all, Dinosaur Wang didn’t even have to think and was completely confident that he was the main ringleader.

    Lin Yujing blinked and lowered her head. Her voice was soft and she wore a pitiful look, even almost willingly admitting her mistake. “But I certainly also went against the school rules and was late. Teacher Wang, after I finish copying, I hope your anger is abated.”

    Liu Fujiang had coincidentally just come out of the teacher’s office and spotted them from the entrance, catching their words. He felt so touched tears were about to pool in his eyes.

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    Fbld Kwyd bye ds osaep zlqv vs pyu.


    In the afternoon, Liu Fujing looked for Lin Yujing and gave her an update about the dorm situation.

    Contrary to a rich and imposing school like Eighth High, while other high schools would stuff as many students as they can fit in one room, Eighth High was different. There were several floors in one building and because there were many local students, the number of people who lived on campus didn’t amount to much. As such, the dorms were limited to two people per room and several rooms were left vacant.

    Lin Yujing had transferred in late and the number of girls in the classroom who lived in the dorms was coincidentally an even number. Under such circumstances, she could only live by herself. She took a look at the room in between lessons and found that despite the small space, the room was very clean. There were two beds, one desk and an independent toilet.

    By the time she returned to class, Shen Juan was currently copying Ohm’s Law. The whole sheet was densely packed with I=U/R, U=IR, R=U/I. He glanced at her when he saw her enter but his hand didn’t cease writing.

    Shen Juan’s writing in English also looked good. It was graceful but not uninhibited. As a tattoo artist, there must’ve been a lot of people who wanted to get English words tattooed on so his handwriting probably shouldn’t look less than desired.

    Lin Yujing actually felt a bit guilty towards him and also a bit embarrassed.

    She sat down and cleared her throat, taking out a lollipop from the drawer of her desk and carefully placing it on top of Shen Juan’s book.

    Lin Yujing couldn’t help but feel even more glad that she had bought a pile of these back when she tried to cheer Xu Ruyi up.

    Shen Juan’s pen stopped moving and he looked down at the orange-colored wrapped candy. This time, it was orange flavored.

    He turned his head and saw the young lady place both hands atop her legs and anxiously looked at him with a currying expression.

    Shen Juan put down his pen and slowly peeled off the candy wrapper before stuffing the sweet into his mouth then continued writing.

    Lin Yujing heaved a breath of relief.


    The young man sat there indifferently, scribbling formulas, his mouth holding onto a thin white stick.

    The way he held his pen was a little unstable. His thumb covered his index finger, his joints protruding slightly, appearing a little pale. Every time he finished writing a line, a finger would lift, raising the pen.

    In the bright afternoon, as noises sounded in the classroom during class, a boy sucked on a lollipop while lazily scribbling.

    Lin Yujing blinked. This was the first time she saw a hint of youthfulness in Shen Juan.

    When she recovered her wits, she cleared her throat and neared him. “Classmate Shen, if you ate my candy, that means you’ve forgiven me. Are we on good terms now?”

    Shen Juan looked at her. “This small thing.” He bit on the candy, his voice muffled. “Do you think that one lollipop would be enough to compensate for having to copy 500 times for you?”

    Lin Yujing was very tactful, swiftly raising her hand. “Breakfast for three days.”

    Shen Juan didn’t speak and continued to write. The orange candy in his mouth had been shattered into pieces, sounds of crackling coming from his mouth.

    Lin Yujing: “Five days!”

    Shen Juan took out the clean stick from his mouth and threw it away, the white stick flew across Wang Yiyang’s head and landed inside the rubbish bin standing beside the podium. “Fine.”

    In truth, Lin Yujing didn’t mind at all since no matter how many days she promised to buy him breakfast, Shen Juan wouldn’t attend during the morning at all.


    In the end, not only did Shen Juan actually appear in the morning, he appeared for the entire week as well.

    Just for the sake of having this breakfast, wind or rain couldn’t stop Boss Juan from appearing at the class entrance every 7:30pm on the dot. Oftentimes, when Li Lin was already halfway through copying homework, he had already walked over and was looming over him. When Li Lin raised his eyes, he would see the school tyrant’s expressionless face.

    Just like this, Friday quickly arrived. Li Lin’s heart was almost about to go into failure but seeing the big boss sit on his seat leaning on the wall, drinking sweet soymilk with two steaming hot custard buns on his desk, he felt it miraculous.

    That Friday, Dinosaur Wang also recalled the matter of having punished Shen Juan to copy Ohm’s Law one thousand times and what prompted him to recall was the sight of Student Shen Juan sleeping in class.

    Shen Juan usually slept very deeply in class, his face turned in the direction of the wall as he lay on the desk and slept silently. No matter how many times the teacher on the podium called out to him, they couldn’t wake him up, so he ended up sleeping until the afternoon like this.

    He’d then have lunch, pass through his afternoon classes as though he were journeying in a dream, then finished school. His days passed by comfortably.

    Since the start of school, all the teachers had been used to his habits since at the very least, he didn’t disrupt the class’s tempo. The teachers usually didn’t care that he slept, with the exception of Liu Fuijiang who continued to persist in his efforts.

    Teacher Liu had been teaching for a decade and acting as the class teacher for the first time, he firmly believed that he could nurture a class of Tsinghua and Peking University students, unwilling to give up on any student. When Shen Juan was asleep, he stood in front of his desk with hands behind him and with an amicable soft voice, as if in fear of scaring him, he called out. “Shen Juan.”

    “Student Shen Juan.”

    “Shen Juan ah.”

    “Shen Juan ah. Get up and stop sleeping.”

    “Shen Juan?”


    –And this would only end when he arose.

    Aside from him, Dinosaur Wong was the only other challenger.

    Dinosaur Wang and Liu Fujiang were simply complete opposites. The two people complemented each other. Dinosaur Wang spoke quickly and had a bad temper, it was hard to tell whether he was going to blow up the next second.

    “By the way, I’ve taken a look at your homework yesterday.” Midway, Dinosaur Wang turned his head while holding a chalk in his hand, “I won’t say anything about the electric circuit that looks like a turd but exams are fast approaching. If you guys draw it in the same way you did in your assignments, I’m going to deduct marks from you guys. Do you have rulers? Bring them tomorrow and draw it again. If you don’t have one, I’ll buy it for you. Now, where was I? Pa-parallel circuit is to make the current flow through more than one independent path–”

    Dinosaur Wang paused, his line of sight falling on a black head near the wall on the first row and he immediately took a chalk from the blackboard groove and threw it.

    The chalk hit the youth’s sleeve, letting out a light ‘pa’ sound. Five seconds later, Shen Juan still remained motionless.

    The classroom was taken over by silence, everyone’s gaze turning towards the new main focus.

    Dinosaur Wang held a chalk in his hand and broke it into four or five sections. He narrowed his eyes, and like a giant bird, swung his arm. He was quite short, probably not even reaching 1.7m and he looked like a mother hen flapping its wings when he threw it. The mother hen flung its arms and sent all four pieces of chalks into Shen Juan’s direction.

    His exaggerated movements weren’t for nothing and his aim was quite good. After taking four hits, Shen Juan finally lifted his head up slowly. “Hm?”

    “Hm? What are you hm-ing about?” Dinosaur Wang glared at him from the podium. “Shen Juan, I realized you have quite the character. Was your desk mate humming a lullaby that made you sleep as if you were in your own bed? Do you not remember being punished to copy Ohm’s Law a thousand times? Tell me, what does I equal to?!”

    Lin Yujing quietly took out the papers where he copied the formulas on from his stack of materials and silently placed them on his desk.

    However, delinquent brother was too confident. He didn’t even take a look at it and furrowed his brows, appearing as if he hadn’t completely woken up. Lin Yujing even felt that he hadn’t heard Dinosaur Wang’s question clearly.

    Shen Juan slowly straightened his back then leaned on his chair and with a husky voice that still carried sleepiness, he replied. “3.1415926?”

    Dinosaur Wang: “….”

    The entire class: “….”

    Lin Yujing: “….”

    Lin Yujing put down her pen and sincerely wanted to applaud her excellent desk mate.

    He even knows what pi is!!!

    What else could anyone ask for!!!

    My desk mate is so outstanding!

    In the end, Shen Juan was punished to copy Ohm’s Law another thousand times. Just before class ended, Dinosaur Wang even sternly reminded them that the monthly exams were approaching and with their current performance, they might not even get 30 marks.

    While saying these words, he even specially cast Shen Juan a glance, his expression very worried.

    Shen Juan was completely ignorant about this, lazily hunching his back to copy Ohm’s Law.

    Lin Yujing was also worried. When the bell signaling the end of class rang, she leaned over and with sincere curiosity, asked. “You still don’t remember what Ohm’s Law is after copying it a thousand times?

    Shen Juan yawned. “I didn’t catch what he said clearly.”

    Lin Yujing said to herself. ‘Bro, you sure can lie. If you didn’t hear it clearly, can you still recite pi? Where did 3.1415926 exist in physics?’

    “Fine.” She said dryly. “Then will you be ok? The monthly exam is happening in a week.”

    Shen Juan’s pen didn’t stop, his expression calm. His every action emitted a calm confidence. “My physics isn’t bad.”

    Lin Yujing: “….”

    You said that about English in the beginning too.

    Lin Yujing still owed him the debt of signing her receipt and after thinking for a moment, she knocked on his desk and suddenly said. “Give me your number or maybe add me on QQ or Wechat.”

    Shen Juan’s pen stopped moving and he looked up at her. Without saying anything, he took out his phone and gave it to her.

    His phone wasn’t locked and it didn’t have a password. When she swiped the screen, the desktop was clean. Lin Yujing added him as a friend and returned his phone to him. Shen Juan didn’t even look at it.

    Once the afternoon classes were over, self-study period was left. Lin Yujing used this time to do her math and physics assignment. Once she had finished the last set of questions, it was the end of school.

    The last bell that rang on Friday was the most exciting sound students heard. When she had finished sorting out her papers and almost everyone in the class had left, she found that Shen Juan didn’t even stay for self-study period and had left early on.

    Lin Yujing looked at the open physics book on his desk and flipped through it. Aside from the first page where his name was signed, the book was completely clean without a single character written on it.

    The earlier one returned a gratitude, the earlier they can reincarnate. The longer you delayed it, the more troublesome it was going to be.

    Shen Juan skipped self-study period and went back to his studio. After agreeing with the client, who wanted a full back tattoo, on the design, and confirming the appointment time, it was already past 7pm. He was too lazy to eat dinner so he merely went straight to sleep.

    These days, he had only been sleeping for a little more than 3 hours. Luo Qinghe’s tattoo studio had been open for many years and was actually a little known in the field. Now that this place was passed onto Shen Juan, he couldn’t let Luo Qinghe’s whole blood and sweat go down the drain.

    It had gone from being Luo Qinghe’s belief to now becoming Shen Juan’s responsibility.

    After getting a good sleep, by the time he opened his eyes, it was dark outside. His phone vibrated on the table twice before once again regaining peace.

    Shen Juan dazed around for a while before taking his phone out. Having long adjusted to the dark night made his eyes hurt upon staring at his phone screen. He narrowed his eyes and upon getting used to the light, saw the words on the screen clearly.

    A message was sent at 2:30am. Just a minute ago.

    Shen Juan glanced at it and nearly thought someone had given him a dirty advertisement–

    On a two-day weekend

    Spending a night alone might be lonely and unbearable

    More excitement can be found in

    Little Lin teaching you physics.

    At the end were two attachments, one text document, one PPT file.


    –From a certain Little Lin who’s sending warmth but refuses to reveal her name

    Shen Juan: “…”


    The author has something to say:

    Lin Yujing: I’m a low-key person. I never leave my name when I’m doing good deeds

    Let’s give a round of applause to Teacher Lin!! Clapclapclap

    TOC for advanced chapters – DAM

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