Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 10.1 I’m your adoptive dad (1)

Lin Yuxiang wanted to press Shen Juan’s head against the wall and teach him who the real daddy1In China, to call someone dad is to admit that they are superior to you. Likewise, calling someone son is calling them inferior to you so this is always a running joke among students about calling them dad or son. between them was.

However, upon careful consideration, what he said wasn’t wrong. He merely went off on another tangent. Moreover, it was the hoarseness and languidness of his voice that poked at her annoyance.

He definitely didn’t deliberately say it like that.

Didn’t my arse.

Lin Yujing looked at him and was silent for a bit before saying. “Classmate Shen, we still have two more years down the road.”


Classmate Shen raised a brow. “Are you threatening this delinquent?”


Are you finished?

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She was originally in a very bad mood. When the anger really got into her head, she would even ignore her own biological father. What more a classmate who she only knew for a few days and wasn’t really familiar with?


If society couldn’t coax you, you think I can?

Lin Yujing withdrew her arm and head from Shen Juan’s desk and no longer gave him attention.

This continued for the rest of the morning.

Lin Yujing had transferred over from another school, crossing over almost half of the entire country. Though there were minor differences in the things she had studied, she still needed to learn how to adapt. And so, she spent the entire morning listening attentively in class and did not think much of it.

There was still a bit of credibility to the claim of Eighth High’s high ascension rate. Even though half of her classmates weren’t paying attention in class, the level of the teacher’s classes was indeed very high, the important points were accurately pointed out and one class even elapsed at a fast pace.

Shen Juan also wasn’t a talkative person. Ever since English class had concluded, he had been sleeping all this time. He laid his head on his desk, facing the wall, sleeping to no end. In the middle, the ill-tempered physics teacher even threw two sticks of chalks under the entire class’s wary and horrified gazes but was still unable to wake him up.

When the bell signaling the end of morning classes had finally sounded, Shen Juan slowly straightened up.

He appeared a little dazed from sleeping the entire morning, sitting in his seat for a while before turning his head.

There was nobody beside him, his desk mate having already left. When he looked at the time, it was already 12pm; it was time to have lunch.

Shen Juan recalled this morning’s events when the girl glared at him for a while then very surreptitiously gnashed her teeth.

Shen Juan licked his lips and couldn’t help but chuckle again.

At this time, everyone had gone out for lunch so with the exception of him, there was no one left behind in the classroom. He opened the windows and the faint sounds of banter traveled in.


The youth’s low, hoarse chuckle reverberated in the empty room, sounding a little abrupt.

At that time, he was certainly taken aback, unable to react for a period of time. Breaking into a fever from a cold burnt his head clean of any thoughts for a while, his reaction delayed.

When he finally recovered his senses, just before he could form a response in his head.

He heard the little kitty gnash her teeth.

Her temper sure was short.

Shen Juan leaned against the wall and yawned. When his gaze landed on the two papers atop Lin Yujing’s table, he paused.

A dense number of characters were scribbled all over them, the same three characters of a person’s name repeating over and over, big and small and with no clear direction. Some were neat and orderly, others were bold and flamboyant, but the only common point they shared was that they all looked ugly and unpleasant to the eyes.

He squinted his eyes, trying to recognize the words on the paper. He then straightened up and slowly ripped off a sheet of paper from his notebook. Taking up a pen, he leaned back in.

Just as he put down his pen, he heard an anguished wail echo in the hallway. “Baby Juan! Are you there, Baby Juan!”

He Songnan popped his head into the doorway, “I’ve been waiting for you downstairs for 10 minutes. You weren’t even picking up your phone so I had to climb four flights of stairs to come find you. I’m tired as hell. It’s lunch time, what the heck are you doing?”

Shen Juan hummed in acknowledgement but didn’t raise his head. He picked up the pen and started writing again. “Wait a moment, I’ll be almost done.”

The moment he spoke up, He Songnan was surprised. “What happened to your voice?”


“It’s a cold.”

“Oh, too much internal heat?” He Songnan leaned against the doorframe and looked down at him, smiling very perversely. “Did you get internal heat from looking at your desk mate’s long beautiful legs every day?”

Shen Juan cast him a glance and didn’t respond.

“You did.” He Songnan continued to tease. “If you like her, go after her. Don’t put your good looks to waste. While you’re still in the peak of your youth, pursue a romantic love story. Don’t wait until we start reminiscing about our high school lives and mention we thought you were really fucking frigid.“

Shen Juan didn’t look at him, giving a cold shoulder to his passionate performance. He had his head lowered, focused on writing. After a period of talking to himself, He Songnan eventually shut up. Following the words Shen Juan was writing out of curiosity, He Songnan recited it out loud, “Agree to let student Lin Yujing live on campus……Guardian….”

Before he could even finish, Shen Juan had already finished writing and put the pen down. He folded the paper in his hand and pulled out the first book in Lin Yujing’s desk, placing the paper inside.

He Songnan was dumbfounded when he watched this. “Who’s Lin Yujing?”

Shen Juan was too lazy to reply to him. He put the book back and stood up. His jacket was draped around him when he was sleeping. When he stood up, he put it on.

He Songnan cast a glance at the book. “Your desk mate?”


He Songnan looked at him with a perplexed expression. “Boss Juan, what are you doing? It’s only been two days, how did you become this little lady’s dad? Is this your kink?”

“Fuck off.” Shen Juan scolded him with a smile. “Do you think I’m you?”


“You’re not me. You’re frigid.” He Songnan said. The meaning of the words on the paper then finally dawned on him. He was pretending to be her desk mate’s guardian and writing the acknowledgement letter of allowing her to live in the dorms. Adding on to the fact that he had caused him to trip on his butt the last time, He Songnan felt a little incredulous. “What’s going on, Boss Juan. Are you telling me you really fancy her?”

Shen Juan put on his school jacket and walked out of the classroom while pulling up his zipper, his voice calm as he replied, “Fancy my ass.”

“Fancy your ass? Then why are you acting as her dad?” He Songnan went down the stairs with him. “Also, last time, I merely looked at her legs and you became unhappy, you even kicked me! You kicked your own brother!! And you’re telling me you don’t like her?”

“That doesn’t have anything to do with this.” Shen Juan raised his neck slightly, pressing on his throat. “Don’t you think you look like a pervert, staring intently at a lady’s legs?”

“Nope,” He Songnan replied straightforwardly without feeling the least bit of shame. “Don’t you understand what it’s like to appreciate beautiful things? Didn’t you get internal heat from staring at your new desk mate to the point that your throat’s gone sore? What do you have to say about that?”

Shen Juan kicked him.

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