Rough Dad Destroys Daughter’s Honeypot (High H)

Chapter 7

When Jiang Xue returned home, she found that her father hadn’t come back yet. Standing at the bathroom door, she started undressing to prepare for a shower. Apart from the sweat she had during class making her feel sticky all over, the wetness between her legs also made her extremely uncomfortable.

These past few days, she didn’t know what was happening to her. Every morning, she woke up with wetness between her legs. Not to mention, her v@gina had become unusually sensitive, causing her to easily get wet during class. Her panties were often soaked, and she had to go to the bathroom to change a pad to feel better. Plus, her erotic dreams were becoming more frequent.

Almost every night, she dreamt of someone licking her bre@sts, eating her v@gina, and she desperately wanted that person to penetrate her directly, but he refused. Instead, he used his fingers to keep her climaxing continuously. Her v@gin@ kept getting wet, almost like she was peeing uncontrollably. Despite this, the man only cleaned her v@gin@ with his tongue, his hot breath spraying on her thighs distinctly, but he refused to penetrate her.

Jiang Xue casually tossed her panties onto the washing machine nearby, planning to wash them after her shower. Today, she wore a pair of light yellow lace panties, so the wet spot in the middle was very noticeable, making her look even more wanton and lascivious.

God knows, she considered herself a morally upright youth, never engaging in promiscuous activities. She didn’t understand why fate was punishing her like this.


As Jiang Xue stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower, the warm water flowed slowly down her body. She stood naked under the shower, caressing her body, her slender fingers fondling her bre@sts freely. However, her bre@sts were too big; she couldn’t hold them with both hands. So when her creamy bre@sts overflowed from her fingertips, it looked even more erotic.

Jiang An had just returned home and was about to wash his face when he saw Jiang Xue showering through the frosted glass door. She was smearing foam on her firm bre@sts and kneading them boldly, tilting her head back to squeeze and knead her bre@sts, shaping her chest into various lascivious forms.

Perhaps they had never paid attention before, but this frosted glass door allowed visibility from outside to inside, but not the other way around. This was also why he bought this door, for some excitement.

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At that moment, Jiang Xue suddenly leaned over, reached out, and grabbed his wrist. Her soft bre@sts pressed against his strong arm as she coquettishly rubbed against him. Her n!!pples were almost exposed, but she didn’t notice, just kept talking to him. Jiang An didn’t register anything she was saying; all he could think about was the slight hardness when her n!!pples touched his arm.


Finally finishing cooking, the father and daughter sat down to eat. At first sight, Jiang An saw Jiang Xue’s exposed n!!pples. Did this sl*t not realize? Her n!!pples were visible to her own father; what more did she want to show him? With that thought, Jiang An poured himself a glass of white wine and gulped it down to ease his inner restlessness.

“Dad, slow down on the drinking!” Jiang Xue said as her large bre@sts pressed against the table, appearing even more lascivious.

“Um…” Jiang An poured himself another glass, then got her a cup, saying, “We made so many delicious dishes today; you should have a sip with dad…”

Jiang Xue was about to refuse but saw her father looking expectantly at her. Well, since it was drinking with her dad at home, what could go wrong? At worst, she would be caught masturbating again by her dad… Maybe he had even forgotten about it…

So she took the glass from Jiang An and clinked it with his before drinking. Unsurprisingly, it was strong; her whole body warmed up after drinking it, making her feel hot. After a few rounds of drinking and eating, she was already feeling woozy. Her eyes were heavy, and she could barely keep them open. 

Jiang Xue usually drank beer, getting drunk after three or five bottles. White wine was unfamiliar to her, so she didn’t know its strong aftereffects. Before finishing a few bites of food, her head started spinning, and she began babbling incoherently. She couldn’t see the other person clearly, just feeling extremely hot all over. In the next moment, she felt herself being lifted up, and then she lost consciousness.

Clearly, Jiang An hadn’t expected it to be this easy, but seeing Jiang Xue, who couldn’t even see clearly, he knew she was drunk. He walked over and called her name, but she didn’t respond; apparently, she couldn’t hear him anymore. He then picked her up from the chair, carried her upstairs, and into her room.

Gently laying her down on the bed, she was completely asleep by then.

A slight smile appeared on Jiang An’s lips; he was excited and ready to do whatever he wanted now.

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