Can We Be More Honest

Chapter 6: Then Let’s Try [Xu Xu]

After rejecting Lu Teng, Xu Xu’s life returned to its prior serene state.

Today, her best friend and lawyer Song Yuanyuan invited her to the sauna.

Xu Xu wasn’t in great health and wouldn’t do well with high heat, so the two found a low temperature sauna room and chatted as they laid on the stone sauna bench over a low divider between them.

Song Yuanyuan brought up the girl that came and damaged Xu Xu’s studio. “She hasn’t even graduated from college, so once she heard you were going to sue her, she was so frightened her legs went soft. Her parents brought her over to apologize and make amends. Weren’t you in Europe back then? So I didn’t trouble you with this.”

If she hadn’t mentioned it, Xu Xu would’ve forgotten about it. She thought and said, “No need to make a big deal out of it, but compensation is a must. I spent $20000 buying a new vase afterward.”


Song Yuanyuan rolled her eyes. “I’m telling you, you got scammed. Such a little white vase isn’t worth much more than your poor flower arrangements.”

Xu Xu humphed. “I know.”

Then, she laughed first. “Actually, I just took a liking to that man.”

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The girl laughed as she apologized, “Haha, sorry, I just think you guys are so interesting, I couldn’t help myself.”

Xu Xu greatly resisted the urge to run out the door. She tugged the corner of her lips, “It’s okay.”

There was the sound of shifting stones as the girl flipped over. She asked, “Then what do you plan to do next?”

What next?

Xu Xu didn’t know either. A small evil part of her wanted to see how Lu Teng would smooth things over.

Or was he too lazy to care and moved on to fool someone else?

Xu Xu sighed. In the end, the feelings of a girl were poetic.

Originally, Xu Xu thought Lu Teng was a proud person and probably had great pride. She had rejected him so straightforwardly, he might not appear again for quite a while.

She had even prepared to take one month from her countdown to marriage to wait for him.

Unexpectedly, during today’s yoga class, as she was holding a girl’s shoulder in the correct position, she turned her head and saw Lu Teng standing at the back of the classroom.

He was wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans, a baseball cap on his head, and leaning against the wall watching her with his head tilted.


Xu Xu stilled, her hand unconsciously exerted some strength. The girl cried out, “Teacher, my waist, my waist! My waist is about to break!”

Xu Xu: “…Sorry.”

Faint laughter came from the back of the classroom.


For the next forty minutes, Xu Xu did her best to control herself and not look back. However, there were mirrors everywhere in the yoga classroom. As long as she looked up, she would meet his deep calm gaze without fail.

Xu Xu was falling apart a little.

The dismissal bell rang. She let out a long exhale and held back Qiuqiu who was walking forward minding her own business. “Mr. Lu is waiting for you in the back.”

“Ah?” Qiuqiu was confused. Seeing that Mr. Lu was not that Mr. Lu, she waved her hand. “No no, he’s not here for me.”

Then she ran out with her bag.

Xu Xu’s heart jumped, he was really here for her?

Her first thought was, fortunately today was yoga, it wasn’t as bad as having him see her drenched in sweat.

With her head lowered as she put away the speaker, she put away any expressions and made her way to the back.


Lu Teng straightened up and took two steps forward. “You’re finished with work?”

Xu Xu: “Are you looking for me for something?”

“En, if you don’t have anything planned, let’s have dinner?”

Xu Xu hesitated. She felt that if she kept refusing, she was going to cry. Thus, she nodded. “I’ll go take a shower first, you can wait a moment for me downstairs.”

“Okay.” He watched her back as she went. Suddenly, he thought of something and laughed. “No need to rush, remember to dry your hair.”

Xu Xu turned around and glanced at him, answered, and subconsciously slowed her steps.

She suddenly felt that this atmosphere with him wasn’t quite right.

Lu Teng took her to Haidilao (a hotpot chain). He didn’t eat spicy food, so they ordered a yuanyang1A yuanyang hotpot has a clear divider down the middle of the pot with mild soup on one side and spicy on the other. pot. A half for each person, clearly separated.

Xu Xu absent-mindedly waved the meat in the soup. She couldn’t resist raising her eyes to look at him.

The man was looking down, seriously putting raw fish slices into the pot.

He seemed to have a bit of OCD. Every slice had to be taken off intact, then one piece to the left and one to the right.


Xu Xu ate quickly. The fish slices dropped into the spicy side didn’t remain there for long before she fished them out of the soup, thus Lu Teng added more to her side, struggling to maintain the symmetry between left and right.

Xu Xu secretly smiled. It was a little cute.

She ate until she was satisfied and then she spoke, “Why don’t you eat?”

Lu Teng: “This is not my main purpose for today.”

Xu Xu asked, “Then what is your purpose today?”

“To apologize to you.”

Lu Teng set the ladle down and used chopsticks to give her some crab roe dumplings. “Last time, my advisor was unreliable, I’ve already fired him.”

He lowered his voice a bit, the deep sound quite seductive. “The corny ex-girlfriend story aside, everything else is the truth. Give me another chance?”

Xu Xu summoned her courage and met his eyes. In his eyes, she saw herself slowly raising the corners of her mouth.

“If I say okay, will I appear very easily swayed?”

Lu Teng smiled, “I’m very happy that you’re easily swayed when facing me.”


[1] A yuanyang hotpot has a clear divider down the middle of the pot with mild soup on one side and spicy on the other.

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