Can We Be More Honest

Chapter 5: Tricks are Fleeting [Lu Teng]

Dinner was set at Ye Yun Xiang. Lu Teng purposely got off work early and bought a small gift at the mall.

Not long after he arrived at the private room, Xu Xu also arrived.

She wore a long ladylike lace dress today, her hair draped over her shoulders in loose waves.

Lu Teng pulled out her seat for her in a gentlemanly manner. Xu Xu turned her head and smiled at him. Lu Teng’s heart skipped a beat.

While they were waiting for the food, the two ordered a pot of floral tea and started on today’s purpose.


Lu Teng was chasing her, he naturally didn’t have conditions that would restrict her. Because of this, the power all rested in Xu Xu’s hands.

Xu Xu was extremely familiar with this process, she easily brought out the most important point.

“Because of some reasons pertaining to my family, I need to get married within three months.”

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Lu Teng laughed. “I seem to understand a little why your blind dates always fail. Except for these, don’t you have some good points?”


This attitude was like she was hoping she wouldn’t be able to marry.

Lu Teng was even more certain that she was anxious to get married because of pressure from her family.

“I simply want to avoid unnecessarily wasting time.” Xu Xu unnaturally tucked some stray hair. “I can cook, Chinese food and desserts are okay. I’m not very clingy, you don’t have to worry I will check on you all the time. Also…”

Xu Xu’s face became blank as if she couldn’t think of anything else, then she silently stopped talking.

The atmosphere instantly became awkward.

Lu Teng didn’t mind. He took out a long box from the pocket of his suit and handed it over.

Xu Xu hesitated for a bit then took it. The box felt like it was of good quality, heavy. When she opened it, she found it was a file rolled up and tied with a bow.

Xu Xu untied the bow. Inside, his basic information, family members, work unit, the assets under his name, etc. were listed. 

Xu Xu raised her head to look at him. “What do you mean by this?”

Lu Teng: “My sincerity. I treat this blind date very seriously, so you have no need to regard this meal as dispensable formality.”

So bluntly exposed, Xu Xu’s ears turned red. She unnaturally lifted her teacup and took a big gulp.

The smile in Lu Teng’s eyes deepened.


At this time, the food arrived. Xu Xu pursed her lips. She asked the last question of the day, “If I may boldly ask, why haven’t you looked for a girlfriend?”

With his external conditions, he shouldn’t have to be reduced to being forced to marry. This matter was even more puzzling after seeing his personal assets.

Lu Teng lowered his eyes, his eyelids subconsciously shook.

It came.

Last night, to prevent the possibility of his cousin from killing the conversation, Lu Shan Chuan absorbed the knowledge like his life depended on it and imparted on him the answers to the questions girls were most interested in.

Rule #8 of Lu Shan Chuan’s Manual to Getting Girls: A man with a story is the most charming.

“You must have an unattainable agonizing first love of deep feelings. Girls are most easily attracted to this kind of man. She will unconsciously probe your past, feel for you, pity you, then fall in love with you!”

Lu Teng looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. “Are you sick? You’re telling me to tell her I’m still thinking of some other woman?”

Lu Shan Chuan persuaded him, “Everyone has a past! A man’s past is a symbol of maturity! If you say ‘my dating history is blank’, will she believe it? A rich dating history means you know how to love a woman! Brooding over your first love means you are dedicated! Let me tell you, all women have a dream to be the one that changes a player’s ways, okay?

“Or are you going to tell them, ‘sorry, I am naturally unemotional, I haven’t felt much of the instinct to appreciate girls in all these years, so I’ve been single from birth until now. I can’t guarantee whether I’ll discover that I’m actually gay after marriage and decide to pursue my wayward happiness’ ?”

Lu Teng smacked him on the head.

Lu Shan Chuan hugged his head. “Anyway, you can’t go wrong if you do what I tell you. When it comes to getting girls, you have to call me dad!”


Then Lu Teng beat him until Lu Shan Chuan called him grandpa.

Despite this, Lu Teng still believed his evil in the end.


So now, Lu Teng slightly lowered his eyes, revealing some loneliness. “I had a girlfriend in high school. Because of some disagreements, she went abroad in anger. Before, I’ve been waiting for her. Now…pressure from my family is great and I also want to settle down.”

After he said it, he felt his teeth ache.

Bah, what kind of Jinjiang novels does Lu Shan Chuan usually read?

“Ah…” Xu Xu was a little surprised, she didn’t expect him to be so infatuated.

She thought about it, then patted his shoulder and dryly comforted him. “We should look forward.”


Lu Teng was quite surprised. Xu Xu actually fell for this.

Afterward, the atmosphere was extraordinarily harmonious. It might be that Lu Teng’s story had moved her, Xu Xu was obviously more open. The two chatted as they ate, talking even more than before when it was purely a blind date.

Lu Teng was very happy. When he paid the bill, he sent a big red packet to Lu Shan Chuan while he was at it.


After the dinner, Lu Teng sent Xu Xu home.

When she got out of the car, Xu Xu stood outside the window, slightly bending down to thank him. “Thanks for sending me back, I really enjoyed this meal. Even though we aren’t suitable, we can still be friends.”

Lu Teng’s smile froze, he was entirely taken aback. “What?”

Xu Xu said, “Though I am in a hurry to marry, I don’t want to carelessly find someone to get the certificate with. I have to take responsibility for my marriage.”

Lu Teng thought in his heart: Am I not willing to take responsibility for your marriage?!

Xu Xu continued, “I very much respect your feelings for your ex-girlfriend and I also sympathize. However, facts have proven that feelings like these that haven’t ended cleanly and have remained entangled for many years will always come back in the future. I am not willing to start my marriage carrying the shadow of another person, I don’t want to wake up every day wondering if my husband has rekindled the flame with his ex-girlfriend. So, I’m very sorry.”

Lu Teng: “…”

His first thought was, which ex-boyfriend of hers is she sympathizing with him to reignite old feelings over?

His second thought…

F*cking Lu Shan Chuan, Laozi really believed in your evil!

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