Can We Be More Honest

Chapter 3: Why Not Consider Me [Xu Xu]

While the studio was under repair, Xu Xu resolutely took a long vacation and backpacked across half of Europe.

When she came back, appointments had been made all the way to February of next year.

Xu Xu: “…”

Another instructor was practically moved to tears when they saw her. “Xu ah! I can’t take it anymore! Hurry and take your classes away!”

Xu Xu: “…”


This afternoon was jazz class. Most of the class members were girls who were in college. They laughed and talked, and the air was filled with the taste of youth.

Xu Xu greeted them and began the class.

An hour passed. Everyone was so tired that their faces were red, lying paralyzed on the ground.

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Xu Xu felt a little strange. “En. What is it?”


“It’s like this, do you have time this afternoon? I have something to discuss with you, it has to do with Qiu Yu.”

Qiu Yu?

Xu Xu looked up and around the dance studio, stopping on a girl in the middle wearing a princess braid. She was a very cute girl. Currently, she was messaging on her phone, her face full of smiles.

Xu Xu suddenly understood. It turns out she was his girlfriend. No wonder he knew her occupation.

The two made an appointment to meet at the coffee shop downstairs after class.

Once the class ended, Qiuqiu instantly went to the bathroom. Xu Xu couldn’t help laughing as she tidied the clothing lying on the ground in the studio.

She had some difficulty imagining what it was like for that Mr. Porcelain to be together with the energetic Qiu Yu.

When she finished cleaning up, it was already twenty minutes after. She rushed to the coffee shop, and when she pushed open the door, she saw the man sitting facing her. He wore a shirt with suit pants, sitting upright and calm.

She sat down, asking, “Where’s Qiu Yu?”

Lu Teng’s eyes scanned her face first. Probably because she came in a hurry, her hair had not been blown dry and was draped behind her, carrying slight moisture. His nose was filled with fresh floral fragrance.

“She has classes at school and went back first.”

Xu Xu opened her mouth to speak and suddenly realized that she still didn’t know his name. Really embarrassing. 


Lu Teng smiled and put his hand out. “I’m Lu Teng. Lu as in lu di (陆地: dry land) and Teng as in teng fei (腾飞: fly up/rapid advancement).”

Xu Xu repeated it in her heart for a bit and shook his hand. “Xu Xu (许胥).”

After exchanging names, their interaction became much smoother.

Qiu Yu was going to participate in the city’s dance competition next month. In order to guarantee her spot, she wanted to arrange one-on-one lessons in the days leading up.

Xu Xu gave it some thought and said, “I have to take a look at all the instructors’ schedules first. There are many classes recently, training sessions may have to take place in the evening.”

Lu Teng nodded. “That’s okay, someone will send Qiu Yu.”

Xu Xu only noticed then. Lu Teng seemed to have addressed Qiu Yu by her full name the entire time. Because Qiu Yu’s name was often mispronounced, she had always liked for others to call her Qiuqiu.

She hesitated for a moment before she asked, “Mr. Lu is Qiuqiu’s…?”

“She’s my cousin’s girlfriend.” Lu Teng filled her teacup, and calmly spoke, “My cousin’s gotten into some difficulties recently, so he’s grounded. He entrusted me to help him with this matter.”

Xu Xu understood.

They sat for another two minutes. Just as Xu Xu was about to stand up and bid goodbye, Lu Teng stopped her.

“To be honest, aside from Qiu Yu’s matter, there’s another reason I looked for you today. It has to do with myself.”


Xu Xu was puzzled.

Lu Teng drank a cup of water to moisten his throat. He softly spoke, “I heard that Miss Xu has been going on blind dates lately, and the results haven’t been very satisfactory.”

Hearing this, Xu Xu frowned.

“Please don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean to pry into your private life. It’s just…”

Lu Teng straightened up and leaned against the back of his chair. His dark eyes landed on her face unblinkingly. “Coincidentally, I’m also being urged to marry. How about Miss Xu consider me?”


Leaving the coffee shop, Xu Xu still hadn’t figured it out.

This suddenly turned into a blind date in the blink of an eye?

Even though her answer in the end was “let me think about it,” Xu Xu knew. She would agree.

Speaking of which, the two of them had only met twice, but Xu Xu’s impression of Lu Teng was very good.

His personality was tepid and gentle, his upbringing and mannerisms exceptional, and he treats his family and pets very well. In the coffee shop, the server continuously hovered by the table, but he wasn’t distracted at all. He shouldn’t be a womanizer either.

The most important thing was, he had a flawless face.


Xu Xu laid on the bed hugging a Peppa Pig plush, staring at the ceiling.

Suddenly, the phone next to her hand vibrated.

It was a message from Lu Teng.

The content wasn’t very substantial, it was only a sticker showing obedience.

The accompanying words: “Increasing my sense of existence.”

Xu Xu seemed to be able to imagine the other party holding his phone with a light smile on his face.

That person seems to like smiling a lot. He is super gentle when he smiles.

Xu Xu picked up her phone and typed: “Are you free this weekend? I want to treat you to a meal.”

A reply came very quickly.

“Blind date meal?”

Xu Xu paused, then replied, “En.”

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