Chasing Summer

Chapter 8 Part 1

The boys’ dormitory consisted of eight people per dorm, with upper and lower bunks.

The treatment was worse than that of the girls’. There were two extra beds, very crowded.

In the same dark dormitory, the boys’ side was obviously noisier.

Chi Yao took an upper bunk, he had just showered and was half sitting there, wearing his own clothes.

To form a team and play games, the boys also added each other as friends, “I play top lane, Yao-ge, let’s friend each other.”


Chi Yao reported a series of numbers on the upper bunk.

That boy, “Alrighty.”

After he entered search, he was stunned when he saw the contact’s profile picture pop up, “Your profile picture… is pretty cute.”

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“R nyd’v nbydtl kv.”

Ubk Zys eked’v yexkv dsa eldu, cwv pyke, “Fbl kpd’v hlau alypsdyczl. Lsv sdzu oswze pbl xyjl vaswczl cwv yzps naklp lypkzu.”

Mbl svbla pkel.

Mydt Fbwmwyd pvyale yv vbl osaep “Zsw yal dsv y qaklde sq vbl svbla ryavu” yde vbl ale lmnzyxyvksd xyaj vbyv pweeldzu yrrlyale, pbl oyp kd pkzldnl: …

Mydt Fbwmwyd: Wydvypvkn.
Mydt Fbwmwyd: Tl elzlvle xl.

Lin Zhexia didn’t know how to comfort her, so she could only type and say, “He is indeed such a person. Do you know what nickname I set him as?”


Tang Shuxuan: What?

Lin Zhexia: Chi Dog.

Tang Shuxuan: Very fitting.
Tang Shuxuan: Before me, there was already someone in the forum who tried to persuade me
Tang Shuxuan: She was the girl who tried to give water to Chi Yao. She suggested for everyone not to give Chi Yao water, so he can die from thirst

For some reason, even though it was Chi Yao who rejected the other, Lin Zhexia felt inexplicably guilty. A while later, she sends over: Don’t be sad

Tang Shuxuan was unexpectedly strong and soon recovered: I’m not sad. There are thousands of men in the world. Why should I gnaw on the hard bone? There’s a senior in second year that’s also quite good looking, I’ll try him next time.

Lin Zhexia: …

The intensity increased a lot for the next few days of training, they already had to stand for an hour everyday just the military posture alone.

Who knows if it is because it’s more likely to occur If they are afraid of something to happen. The instructor for Lin Zhexia’s class was very fierce and demanding. If there was anything he wasn’t satisfied with, they would all be punished to stand.

Today, their class wasn’t in good shape. When other classes went to have lunch at noon, their class was kept by the instructor.

The midday sun made even their military training caps burn hot.

Tang Shuxuan secretly complained to Lin Zhexia, “Although I always complained about how the food tasted bad in the canteen, having food is still better than having none.”


After asking for contact information last time, she and Tang Shuxuan unexpectedly got closer and became friends.

Lin Zhexia, “I’m about to starve to death.”

Tang Shuxuan, “My stomach just growled, hopefully nobody heard it, right?”

After a while.

Chen Lin said from the back row, “I heard it.”

Lin Zhexia comforted herself and comforted them along the way, “I think he won’t really forbid us from eating…”

When the instructor heard their voices, he glanced at them and asked sternly, “Who was talking? Step forward.”

Nobody moved.

Lin Zhexia boldly took a step forward, “Me.”

Instructor, “What were you talking about? Let us hear it.”

Lin Zhexia, “I made some small objections.”

Instructor, “Let me hear it.”


She had already stepped out after all, Lin Zhexia might as well tighten her scalp and say, “The body is the capital of revolution, so eating is very important.”

However, she underestimated the degree of the instructor’s ruthlessness. Her words didn’t work, and their class still missed their meal.

They stayed hungry until nighttime. Not long after eating dinner, they felt hungry again.

This hunger not only came from skipping today’s lunch, but also as if it was a point of an outbreak. After all, they haven’t eaten well for several days. This kind of “hunger” was especially intense this evening.

That night, the content of their nighttime dorm chat became reporting the name of the food dishes.

“I want to eat hot pot, I want to eat barbecue…”

“Actually, in our situation right now, instant noodles are the most suitable. There’s a place for hot water just outside the corridor, did anyone bring instant noodles?”

There was a moment of silence.

“Great, it’s better to go to sleep, there’s everything in dreamland.”

Although they said to sleep, no one could sleep.

The more they couldn’t sleep, the more hungry they became.

Near 10 o’clock, Lin Zhexia entered Chi Yao’s chat and tapped his profile picture under the blanket.


The chat interface immediately displayed a “tickle” prompt.

She thought that Chi Yao must have already gone to sleep at this hour. Unexpectedly, a “?” came back from the opposite side, very quickly at that.

-You’re actually not sleeping, what are you doing if you’re not sleeping so late at night!

The opposite side replied instantly.

-Playing games.

Lin Zhexia: Oh, keep playing then.

Chi Dog: You’re not sleeping?

Lin Zhexia: I can’t sleep.
Lin Zhexia typed feebly: Too hungry to sleep.

After saying this, she couldn’t help but complain about the instructor: He’s just a sadist, he wouldn’t let us eat lunch. I told him that the body is the capital of revolution, and after that, he got even angrier.

Chi Yao didn’t reply again.

Lin Zhexia thought that his game probably started, so she didn’t bother him anymore.

At the same time, in the boys’ dormitory building.

“F$%k, you used your ultimate too slow.”

“We traded flash, chase him.”

“Yao-ge, save me,” A boy shouted, “Why are you stuck in the jungle not moving? Disconnected?”

Chi Yao, “Replying to messages.”

“You can even cut out to reply to messages? Is that the confidence of the strong?” They were in the middle of a game, and it was the most crucial moment. That boy continued, “At times like this, even if someone brought a blade to cut me up, I would still stay in place to finish the game before running.”

Another boy said, “That’s too much, people should be a little rational. If it was me, I would run while I play.”

After these two finished speaking, the next second, they received a prompt that their friend had quit the game.

Some movements came from the upper bunk.

Chi Yao propped up the side of the bed with his backhand. He didn’t step down the ladder beside the bed, his legs were long enough that he could get down from the top bunk directly, “I’m heading out.”

“You’re going out? At this hour?”

“Why? Besides, the door of the military training base is closed, I don’t think they’re letting us go out.”

Chi Yao pushed open the dorm door and left.

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