Chasing Summer

Chapter 7 Part 2

The activities in the morning were very boring, standing under the sun and listening to speeches of the school leaders and the military training base’s chief instructor.

“…The purpose of this military training is to cultivate the students’ hardworking spirit. Our No. 2 High School of Cheng’an was never only about grades, but also about the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetic sense, and labor skills.”

Lin Zhexia stood in the first row.

She felt bored so she stole a glance at the other end in the far distance.

But with this glance, she couldn’t see Class 1 at all.


Just as she was going to retract her eyes, she vaguely saw a person coming out from the other end.

One whose figure was very familiar.

The tall and slim figure suddenly walked out of the line alone and walked closer to where she was.

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This improvement in spirit originated from the mentality that she was watching the show of an acquaintance on stage.


Chen Lin whispered behind her, “Wow, the new student representative is Chi Yao, he’s so amazing.”

Lin Zhexia also whispered, “He seems to be in a bad mood. Maybe he didn’t want to go on stage and was forced by the teacher.”

Chen Lin could see nothing from Chi Yao’s face except the two words ‘good-looking’, she asked, “How can you tell that he’s in a bad mood?”

“…” Lin Zhexia found this question very difficult to answer, “Just, I can just tell with a glance.”

Chen Lin just wanted to say, no way, but very soon, she saw the person on the stage simply adjust the microphone and said a very impatient opening statement, “I’ll just say a few words, not gonna waste everyone’s time, I’ll try to finish in three minutes.”

After listening to so many long speeches, three minutes seemed like hope had suddenly come to earth.

The applause was much more enthusiastic than before.

Of course, out of all the reasons why the applause was so enthusiastic.

The bigger factor is that this person is Chi Yao.

It was the same Chi Yao who had been secretly discussed on the forum at the beginning of school.

Lin Zhexia originally wanted to watch the show, but in these short three minutes, she heard whispers coming around.

“It’s Chi Yao yo.”


“I could only look at him secretly before.”

“It’s the first time that I’m able to look at him so openly for three minutes.”

“Although it’s very hot, I don’t mind standing here longer.”

“If the speaker is him, I have no problem with him talking for 30 more minutes.”

Lin Zhexia’s mood of watching the show suddenly became somewhat complicated.

The military training content in the afternoon was relatively simple. The instructor ran around the dormitories and they folded blankets for the whole afternoon.

In the evening, after the six people in their dormitory went to the bathroom to wash, they lay in bed, ready to sleep.

In theory, phones aren’t allowed in military training, but basically everyone sneaked them into their bags.

After Lin Zhexia turned on her phone, she first reported safety to Lin He, then she tapped on Chi Yao’s chat.

-Did you sleep yet
-[Probes head]

The opposite side replied quickly.



Lin Zhexia huddled inside the blanket, she typed: Then what are you doing

-Chatting with a certain shorty who had to stand in the first row

-Who, are, you, calling, short.

-Shall I state your ID number?

Lin Zhexia did not hesitate to send him her new collection of beating emotes.

While she was chatting with Chi Yao, Chen Lin and the others were also chatting.

The majority of the six in their dorm were students who live at home, so they felt new about dorming.

So when the lights were turned off at night, Tang Shuxuan said, “Let’s chat.”

At first, the content of the chat was still about military training during the day. Then Tang Shuxuan mentioned the speech, followed by the representative of new students.

“Lin Zhexia,” Tang Shuxuan called her name, “I heard you know Chi Yao.”

For some reason, she felt that Tang Shuxuan had shown her a deliberate closeness since this morning.

It could be because there were several times when Chen Lin was talking to Tang Shuxuan, Tang Shuxuan would somehow always shift the topic away from Chen Lin and turn it to someone she isn’t very familiar with, namely Lin Zhexia.


Lin Zhexia didn’t plan to say much, she only let out an, “Mn”.

Tang Shuxuan, “How long have you known each other?”

Lin Zhexia thought for a moment, “Probably about… nine years.”

Tang Shuxuan, “That long? Then you must’ve known each other since very young.”

The bedroom was dark after the lights went out, and the sound of their voices amplified.

Lin Zhexia didn’t keep this topic going.

However, Tang Shuxuan started again, “Um…”

“It might be a bit presumptuous to say this, but you give me his contact information?”

She showed a little embarrassment in her words, “I didn’t find it on the forum, and the people from Class 1 also said that he doesn’t add friends.”

Lin Zhexia found the reason why Tang Shuxuan deliberately approached her.

But she can’t give Chi Yao’s contact information to her on her own initiative.

So she said, “Let me ask him.”

Asking for the other’s contact information like this was already embarrassing enough, now asking for said person’s opinion on top of that? Tang Shuxuan subconsciously stopped her, “Can you not ask him, let’s add each other as friends first, and then you can just forward me his WeChat.”

After Tang Shuxuan finished speaking, the others all started to egg her on.

Lin Zhexia couldn’t refuse and could only forward her the contact card.

Tang Shuxuan thanked her repeatedly. After a moment, she located the contact person and couldn’t help saying, “His profile picture is so cute.”

Chen Lin was also curious, “What profile picture?”

Tang Shuxuan, “Kitty cat.”

Chen Lin couldn’t help recalling that face of Chi Yao’s, “Is this the legendary moe gap…”

Lin Zhexia, who was currently chatting with Chi Yao, also took a look at his profile picture.

Chi Yao’s profile picture is of a cat hiding in a cardboard box.

She was the one who changed this profile picture for him.

It was probably two or three years ago. In fact, the reason for changing his profile picture was very childish, she just didn’t think it was cute enough.

Since she always chats with Chi Yao, she hoped that he can change into a cuter profile picture, and carefully collected a bunch of cute pictures on the Internet for him to choose from.

She still remembers Chi Yao asking disdainfully at that time, “Why should I change it?”

She replied, “It’ll help my physical and mental development.”

When Lin Zhexia thought of this, she noticed that, after forwarding Chi Yao’s contact information, she was a little unhappy.

It was difficult for her to describe her feelings at the moment, because she has no reason to be unhappy.

She lay in bed thinking for a long time.

Finally, she felt that this feeling was a little similar to when the person who had been with her for a long time, her good friend…

Might, also get acquainted with others.

It’s a strange feeling as if your private territory has been invaded.

In the end, she tapped on her phone screen and told herself not to be so stingy.

After she finished her psychological construction.

She didn’t know what to say but tried to make conversation as she wrote a few words to Chi Yao:

-Chi Yao.
-Did you buy sunscreen.
-Don’t tan. As your good friend, I sincerely hope you can maintain your appearance at the ordinary level.

Chi Dog: I also hope you can regain your sight soon.

At the same time, Tang Shuxuan also sent her a message.

Tang Shuxuan: I should’ve listened to the advice of those people on the forum
Tang Shuxuan: I shouldn’t have asked for his contact information
Tang Shuxuan: Earlier, you should have, stopped me [breakdown]

Lin Zhexia: ?

The chatter from the others in the dorm died down, someone had most likely fallen asleep.

She and Tang Shuxuan could only chat on their phones.

Tang Shuxuan didn’t say much and sent her a chat screenshot.

In the screenshot, Tang Shuxuan sent a friendly “Hai~” after her friend request was accepted.

Chi Yao responded: Who are you

Tang Shuxuan: Hello, Student Chi. I’m Tang Shuxuan from Year One Class 7. Can we get to know each other?

The “cute” kitty cat profile picture replied with 6 words: I don’t want to know you.

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