Chasing Summer

Chapter 7 Part 1

Lin Zhexia was doubting whether something had gone wrong with her ears.

Otherwise, how could she have heard such a phrase?

A phrase so inhumane.

Allergic to, the water, given by strangers.

The two girls were obviously also stunned.


They stood in place and didn’t go any further.

At this time, the guy who was playing with him earlier also brought over water and shouted at him, “Yao-ge, wanna drink mine? I bought a lot.”

The dude was wearing glasses, they seemed to have a pretty good relationship.

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Lin Zhexia emphasized her hard work during PE class, “The sun was so bright, yet I still sat under the sun and held water for you for the entire period.”


Chi Yao, “Why didn’t you find a spot under the shade then?”

Lin Zhexia almost choked, “…If you don’t know how to chat, you can choose to be quiet.”

There were many pedestrians on the way to the bus stop, most of whom were students.

There is an alley outside Cheng’an No. 2 High School, the long street had been built into a marketplace.

The moment Lin Zhexia walked out of school, her eyes fell on the bubble tea shop in the alley opposite them. Seeing as the two were getting closer and closer to the shop, she finally said her ultimate goal, “Anyway, if a certain person can treat me to a cup of milk tea, I won’t bother him about being burned under the sun for an entire period anymore. The milk tea needs to be half sugar…”

While talking, the two just happened to arrive at the milk tea shop’s entrance.

Before she could finish speaking, Chi Yao already helped her finish the second half of her sentence to the store clerk:

“Half sugar, no ice, and extra tapioca.”

The store clerk took the order according to what he said, looked up, and asked, “Just one? To go or drinking now?”

Lin Zhexia stood behind Chi Yao. Since she was short, she tried hard to tiptoe behind him to show herself. She shouted in a brittle voice, “Just one, he’s not having one. To go please, thank you jiejie1older sis.”

The clerk wasn’t actually that young.

She got called jiejie unexpectedly and couldn’t help but smile, “Sure, I’ll give you the extra tapioca for free, no need to pay more.”


Lin Zhexia’s temper went away quickly.

Having milk tea to drink, she stopped bothering him.

The entire way back, she happily held her milk tea as she chatted with Chi Yao.

Lin Zhexia, “Oh right, guess what I got on the test on the first day of school. Guess higher, guess boldly.”

Chi Yao, “Two digits.”

Lin Zhexia felt offended and said, “Who are you looking down on, you’re the two digits.”

Chi Yao, “I got full marks.”

Lin Zhexia thought to herself, let the chat end here, she didn’t want to speak even another word to Chi Yao.

However, when they got to the bus stop, she could not help asking while they were waiting for the bus, “Earlier in class, I had a question I wanted to ask you. Why are you not allergic to my water?”

Chi Yao stood on the edge of the bus stop. Hearing this, he turned his head slightly and glanced at her, “Your water?”

“If I remember correctly, I paid for that bottle of water.”

Forget it, let the chat end here.


Lin Zhexia took a sip of milk tea in silence. Her scar healed very soon and she forgot the pain. She wanted to ask whether Chi Yao had finished his homework. However, when the words came to her mouth, she remembered that there weren’t any classes tomorrow, they had military training.

“I don’t want to military train,” Lin Zhexia complained. “Military training is so tiring, plus, the instructors are all very strict.”

She paused.

Then said the part she viewed as the most important, “Most importantly, the food at the military training base tastes too awful, can I not participate somehow?”

Chi Yao suddenly said, “There is a way.”

Lin Zhexia looks at him, “?”

“Ask for a day off to go to the hospital, and donate your eyes.”

Lin Zhexia almost bit off the straw in her mouth.

Last time she only said that he’s ordinary looking.

But this man remembered it till now.

How can, this man, be so stingy?

While talking, the bus arrived. Before getting on the bus, Lin Zhexia gnashed her teeth and said, “I’ll also give you a suggestion. Go back and buy more sunscreen. Since you’re not very good looking in the first place, you can avoid getting tanned and turning even uglier.”


There is a specific military training base for their military training, which is a 20-kilometers distance from school.

Before leaving, Lin He prepared some daily necessities for her, which filled her entire schoolbag and another handbag, “For five days, these things should be enough. Changes of clothes and the small tubes of toiletries are in the handbag.”

“Do you want to bring some homework books as well?” Lin He asked.

“No need,” Lin Zhexia hurriedly picked up the things and left, “I have to focus on my military training, studying comes after I get back.”

After arriving at school, there were several buses parked outside the school.

The bus took the first year students to the military training base. On the bus, the class monitor assigned them to their own dormitories, six people per dorm. Lin Zhexia and Chen Lin shared a room with four other girls of the same friend group, but they weren’t too familiar with them.

There wasn’t much content on the first day.

Teacher Xu used a loudspeaker on the bus and explained, “When you get off the bus, go get your military training uniform first. After that, go to your dorms to put your stuff down, then change clothes to attend the camp entry ceremony. In the afternoon, you will be following the instructor’s instructions, you will probably be taught how to fold blankets.”

The military training base was like a small school, the only difference was that there was an extremely large field surrounded by several buildings.

A banner welcoming them into camp was put up at the entrance.

The instructors stood in a row and each claimed the class they were responsible for.

After receiving the military training uniform, Lin Zhexia and Chen Lin went to their assigned dormitory together.

The girls’ dormitory was next to the boys’.

A 6-person dorm, one that doesn’t come with a washroom.

When they arrived, the other four girls in the dorm were changing their clothes.

One of the girls was quite energetic, she smiled and greeted, “You guys brought a belt, right? The waistband of these pants is quite big. If you don’t have a belt, I can lend it to you.”

The girl’s name is Tang Shuxuan, her bed was opposite Lin Zhexia’s.

Lin Zhexia wasn’t familiar with her, she said, “It’s alright, thank you.”.

However, Chen Lin, a social expert, responded enthusiastically, “I brought one, what else did you guys bring? I hid some snacks in my bag.”

Tang Shuxuan didn’t respond to Chen Lin’s words. Instead, she was very friendly toward Lin Zhexia. Seeing that Lin Zhexia had just finished changing clothes and was about to adjust the size of her cap, Tang Shuxuan said, “Let me help you.”

Lin Zhexia didn’t have the chance to refuse.

Tang Shuxuan has already walked behind her and helped her button her cap one button smaller.

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