Chasing Summer

Chapter 3 Part 2

After Chi Yao returned, Lin Zhexia’s homework was assured.

From the day after Chi Yao came back.

Lin Zhexia would always take her homework to Chi Yao’s house.

“Mom,” Lin Zhexia said energetically when she ran out today, “I’m going to Chi Yao’s house, might not come back for lunch, you don’t need to wait for me.”

Sometimes Lin He would have some complaints, “You’re a big girl now, don’t always go to other people’s homes like when you were still a kid.”


Lin Zhexia, “It’s all right. In Chi Yao’s eyes, I’m not a girl, it’s already good enough if I’m considered a mammal.”

It’s just that besides Lin He, another person has some complaints about her.

Lin Zhexia knocked on Chi Yao’s door with her homework. The moment Chi Yao saw her, he already wanted to close the door.

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Through that crack, half of Chi Yao’s face just happened to be visible.


Lin Zhexia saw his loose bangs hanging in front of his eyes, his sharp jawline, and then a sudden sneer.

His whole being gave people a distant feeling. Even when he smiled, his cool arrogance still lingered.


“I never do good,” Chi Yao said with a false smile, “because I’m worse than nothing.”

Lin Zhexia, “…”

Lin Zhexia suspected that he was simply taking advantage of the opportunity to take revenge.

That day, didn’t she only!

Casually! Say a few words!

Is this necessary!

A few seconds later.

She watched helplessly as the door of Chi Yao’s house closed before her eyes.

Lin Zhexia squatted at the door of Chi Yao’s home with her homework, refusing to leave.


While squatting, she took out her phone and sent a message to Chi Yao.

-Let me in orz
-It’s very windy outside
-I’m so cold

Half a minute later.

Chi Yao replied and reminded her:

-You’re inside a corridor.

-I’m talking about my heart, it’s leaking wind.


On the other side of the door.

Chi Yao leaned his back against the door, only separated from her by a door. Seeing this message, he quietly cursed, “Idiot.”

His finger paused on the screen for a bit, then he typed a few words: Open the door yourself and come in.

He hasn’t pressed send yet when…

He heard some new movements outside.


It was the sound of the next-door neighbor opening the door.

An old couple living opposite him. The old man probably just happened to be coming out to throw away some garbage. They have lived here for many years and are familiar with each other. When they saw Lin Zhexia, the old man greeted her, “Xiao Lin, you’re here to see Chi Yao again? Why are you squatting at the door?”

“Grandpa Wang.”

Lin Zhexia’s voice became louder, she deliberately said it so that the person on the other side of the door could hear, “I came to ask for homework help. I don’t dare to relax for a single moment this summer vacation. I insist on writing problem sets every day, and my heart is set on studying. The reason why I’m squatting here at the door is that— Chi Yao is too stingy. He is worried that I will become smarter than him and that my grades will surpass his, so he refused to teach me and turned me—” away.

But she wasn’t able to say the word “away”.

With a “click”.

The door opened.

Lin Zhexia felt a force behind her. That force pulled the back of her collar and directly dragged her in.

Chi Yao said as he dragged, “Get your ass and your homework in here.”

The cicadas in August of that year continued chirping from the beginning of the month to its end.

Lin Zhexia’s memories of this summer are the air-conditioning at Chi Yao’s house, the bubbling lemonade soda on the table, and the stacks of homework that were gradually getting thinner.

Chi Yao would act like a jerk and play games next to her when she was doing her homework.


While this person played games, he did not really put his all into it as usual. His fingers merely touched the screen interface casually, yet Lin Zhexia would still often catch the “Pentakill” prompt when she sneaked a glance over.

The desk at Chi Yao’s place was very spacious.

More often, he would be sleeping at the other end of the desk.

With his hand hanging off the edge of the table and his other hand behind his neck, he looked like a student sitting in the back of the classroom, not paying attention.

Like this, most of the summer vacation passed, and soon came the start of school.

One day, while they were eating.

Lin He mentioned the start of school, “School’s about to start soon, get yourself together and adjust your state of mind. High school is a very important stage, yeah?”

While listening to her, Lin Zhexia nodded and picked at the rice in her bowl.

“Oh right, Uncle Wei bought you some new notebooks.”

Lin Zhexia said hurriedly, “Thank you, Uncle Wei.”

Lin He added, “And a new school bag. After dinner, go see if you like it. It’s a new school year, a new mood.”

After dinner, Lin Zhexia sat on the sofa and opened her gifts.

Wei Ping also sat over.

During the times when Lin He wasn’t there, it would be somewhat awkward between her and Wei Ping.

Lin Zhexia broke the silence, “Thank you, Uncle. This school bag looks so pretty, I like it very much. Would you… like some water? I’ll go pour you some water.”

Wei Ping wears glasses, looking honest and elegant, “Oh, no, thank you. Um, as long as you like it.”

Wei Ping said, “Do you want to eat some fruit? I’ll slice you an orange.”

Lin Zhexia had just eaten dinner, so she refused, “I’m okay too. Thank you, Uncle, it’s alright.”

After a few pleasantries, the topic soon ended.

Lin Zhexia lowered her head and began playing on her phone. She habitually tap-opened Chi Yao’s chat.

To overcome her boredom, she sent over a few words:

-What are you doing
-School’s starting soon
-We’re going to the same school this time! We can! Go to school together!
-Will we be in the same class

Chi Yao did not respond.

She waited for a while, then withdrew from the chat.

On the side, Wei Ping let out a slight cough, finally finding a topic to talk about, “School’s about to start. Are you nervous about going to a new school?”

Lin Zhexia thought for a bit, then replied, “It’s alright. I’m not too nervous.”

She’s really not that nervous.

If she must say that she’s nervous, what she’s nervous about isn’t going to a new school, but that her grades are indeed a bit embarrassing.

Although she got into No. 2 High School, no matter what, it was because she out-performed and barely made the cutoff.

Lin Zhexia had always been a person of self-acknowledgment.

Although, emotionally, she didn’t want to write the extra homework assigned by Lin He, intellectually, she knew very well that she really needed it.

She knew that her grades were not good, so she should work harder.

So she finished 20 pages of homework every day, both quality and quantity guaranteed.

During this period, because Chi Yao was here— although this person’s teaching style wasn’t very friendly, often accompanied by sarcasm and personal attacks, it was true that because of him, she had mastered plenty of first year students’ knowledge in advance.

These days, under Chi Yao’s “tutoring”.

She gradually found that the little tension brought by the start of school had disappeared.

After speaking, her phone screen lit up.

[You received two new messages.]

Chi Dog: In terms of grades
Chi Dog: It’s very unlikely

After a while, the screen lit up again.

-It’s already your honor to be in the same school as me
-Don’t ask for too much

When she saw these messages, Lin Zhexia couldn’t help but reflect, does she have nothing better to do?

Otherwise, why did she decide to send a message to this person.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Chi, if you talk like this, you’ll very likely get beaten up [shakes head]

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