Chasing Summer

Chapter 12 Part 1

After military training, life after returning to school was the same as before.

Amid the busy lectures and examinations, half of the semester passed in a flash.

After the midterm exam, Lin Zhexia felt the mountain on her chest become lighter.

The midterm exam lasted for three days. Before the exam, she frequently visited Chi Yao’s house and asked him to help her pick out the important topics.

“You’re so accurate with the questions,” Lin Zhexia said with milk in her hand while waiting for the bus that morning. “You accurately guessed the last two big questions for math.”


Chi Yao leaned against the railings next to the side of the bus stop. He was wearing a school uniform, looking like he hadn’t slept enough.

Lin Zhexia, “It’s just that there were some changes in the question, so I still couldn’t solve the last question.”

Chi Yao raised his eyes and said, “It’s alright, at least you can tell that these two questions are of the same kind.”

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“Ls,” Ubk Zys pyke, “Myjl kv sa zlyhl kv.”

Lin Zhexia, “There is a very popular song recently, I want to listen to that.”


Chi Yao, “I don’t want to.”

Lin Zhexia, “Listen to it and see, maybe you’ll also like it.”

Chi Yao, “Give me back the earphone.”

Lin Zhexia, “…”

Early in the morning, the two very childishly quarreled about the topic of skipping the song.

He Yang, who sat in front of them, shook his head without surprise, then he continued to use the time to copy the homework that needed to be handed in when he got to school.

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After arriving at school, their daily lives were as usual. After half of the semester, Lin Zhexia became familiar with her class. She, Chen Lin, and Tang Shuxuan ended up as a small group of friends.

When chatting together during the break, the two boys sitting in the row behind them will also join in on their conversations.

The boy who sat behind her looked very gentle and usually doesn’t talk much.

Tang Shuxuan, “Just now in class, when Old Wu realized that he calculated wrong, I died laughing.”

Chen Lin didn’t speak. She was always busy on her phone between classes.


Tang Shuxuan, “Stop surfing the web. How can you be on your phone all day long?”

Chen Lin did not look up, but continued to surf the forum and write comments. Her fingers were flying as she typed and shared with them, “I’m busy, do you know the school next to ours?”

Lin Zhexia, “The school next to ours?”

Chen Lin, “The Experimental High School.”

This, she was a little familiar with.

It’s He Yang’s school.

Lin Zhexia, “The one that’s… three stops away from No. 2 High?”

“Yep,” Chen Lin said, “I’m quarreling with people from their school right now.”

Lin Zhexia, “…”

The Internet really shortens the distance between people.

When the conversation shifted to phones, the boy in the back seat suddenly said, “I realize that we haven’t added each other as friends yet.”

It’s nothing new for classmates in the same class to add each other’s contact information.


After adding Tang Shuxuan and Chen Lin, he turned to Lin Zhexia and said, “Um, Classmate Lin, can I add you as a friend?”

Lin Zhexia had no reason to refuse, so she reported her number.

At noon, Lin Zhexia and Chen Lin went to the canteen to have lunch.

No. 2 High School’s canteen had a good variety of food, and its taste wasn’t bad at all. Lin Zhexia looked for a seat holding her tray. She walked a full circle and caught a glimpse of two vacant seats at Chi Yao’s table.

“Nobody’s sitting here, right?” Lin Zhexia said, walking over with her tray. “If it’s vacant, I will allow you a chance to have lunch with this young master.”

Chi Yao was clearly shaken by this “younger master” and said, “It’s empty, but people with brain problems are not welcomed.”

Lin Zhexia, “This young master has an IQ of 280, I belong to the group of high IQ.”

Chi Yao looked at her slowly and said, “I think you look more like a 2501250 = idiot.”

The boy sitting opposite Chi Yao was the water boy from last time. He was entertained by this conversation of theirs and greeted Lin Zhexia, “Young Master Lin, what a coincidence that we met here.”

Lin Zhexia approved of his show of respect, “As expected, Student Xu walks the same road as me, unlike someone else.”

The water boy is named Xu Ting.

Since Lin Zhexia often went to Class One to find Chi Yao, and they often saw each other during physical education classes, he also came to somewhat know Lin Zheia.


Lin Zhexia made Chen Lin sit down as well, and then said, “I’m going to get soup.”

Chen Lin also got up and said, “I…”

Lin Zhexia, “You don’t need to go, I’ll get yours for you.”

Chen Lin actually wanted to go with her.

Because after Lin Zhexia left, she was left alone to face the two people beside her. Mainly having to face Chi Yao.

Chen Lin picked up her chopsticks and ate silently.

She didn’t really dare to talk to Chi Yao.

Although this person was someone she paid close attention to and gossiped about on the first day of school.

But after half a semester, she discovered that Chi Yao was a very difficult person to get along with.

At first, she introduced herself, “I-I’m Chen Lin, Xiaxia’s deskmate.”

Chi Yao only let out an “Mn”.

After that, they just looked at each other without conversing.

She saw Lin Zhexia and Chi Yao talking so naturally, she didn’t expect that when it came to her, she couldn’t find a single thing to say.

So in Chen Lin’s eyes, Chi Yao had a strong sense of distance, he’s indifferent, and isn’t easy to approach.

It seems that only her deskmate, the one surnamed Lin, can chat with him as if there was no one else around, or even quarrel with him childishly.

Lin Zhexia came back from getting soup and did not quiet down throughout the meal.

She conveniently picked out the cauliflower she didn’t like to eat and put it on Chi Yao’s plate, “You’re still growing, eat more.”

Chi Yao, “If you don’t want me to put this plate on your head, take it away.”

Lin Zhexia, “There are never reasons to take back things that I, Young Master Lin, have given out.”

“Oh, why thank you, Young Master Lin,” Chi Yao said as he put down his chopsticks. He leaned his head forward, “Young Master Lin, the chicken legs in your bowl look quite good, give them to me too.”

Lin Zhexia: “…This cannot be done.”

Chi Yao, “I didn’t expect Young Master Lin to be so stingy.”

Lin Zhexia, “…”

Halfway through the meal, the conversation shifted to the midterm exam results.

Xu Ting, “Our midterm exam this time was quite difficult.”

Lin Zhexia deeply agreed, “Indeed.”

Xu Ting pointed to Chi Yao opposite him and complained, “I asked him to point out the key points for me, but he wouldn’t—”

This, Lin Zhexia couldn’t agree with.

Xu Ting, “Why aren’t you saying anything, Young Master Lin? Don’t you think he’s ruthless?”

“Because he pointed them out for me,” Lin Zhexia said. “So I can’t really say anything.”

Xu Ting, “…”

The heck? Does this count as bullying him for not having a childhood sweetheart?

Lin Zhexia encouraged, “I think part of the results is out this afternoon. Don’t be afraid, we have to face even the worst results.”

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