Chasing Summer

Chapter 11 Part 2

After Chi Yao went home to drop his things off and take a shower, Lin Zhexia took him to her house.

Chi Yao, whose hair had not been dried, followed behind her and said, “Are you starving to death or what?”

Lin Zhexia did not look back, “I am indeed very hungry, so please walk faster.”

She tugged at the corner of Chi Yao’s clothes the entire way home, then pushed the door open and shouted, “Mom— I’ve brought him here, let’s eat.”

In comparison to Chi Yao’s cold and quiet home, the Lin family seems much more hustle and bustle.


Wei Ping sat on the sofa studying his new telescope. When he saw that Chi Yao had come, he pushed his glasses and said, “Chi Yao, come sit here and help Uncle see how to use this telescope.”

Lin He was busying away in the kitchen, she brought the soup out of the pot.

Although Lin Zhexia said, “Mom, I’ll help you.” Instead, she sneaked into the kitchen and stole a piece of cola chicken wing.

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Lin He smacked her on the head and snorted, “It’s already good enough for you that you have something to eat.”


In fact, Chi Yao often ate at their house.

As a “sickie”, Chi Yao’s food had to be very light. Every time he came to her house, she would have to eat that tasteless food with him.

After dinner, the sky was already dark.

Lin Zhexia took two popsicles from the refrigerator and gave one to Chi Yao. Then the two took a walk in the neighborhood to digest.

She randomly picked two when she took the popsicles, so she asked, “What’s the flavor of yours?”

Chi Yao, “See for yourself.”

For some reason, Lin Zhexia kept feeling that the one in his hand would taste better, “Let’s trade.”

Chi Yao didn’t give any objections.

Lin Zhexia thought for a while, and then put forward a new suggestion, “How about I eat both?”

Chi Yao reacted this time. He raised his hand and pinched the back of Lin Zhexia’s neck.

He just held a popsicle in his hand, his fingertips obviously carried some coldness. In fact, he pinched very lightly. The force that fell upon her was like that of feathers. Nonetheless, it made Lin Zhexia shrug because of the cold.

They walked side by side and coincidentally bumped into He Yang.


He Yang had also just finished his military training, and he turned tanned like a coal ball, “Damn, you two didn’t have military training?”

Lin Zhexia, “We did, a total of five days.”

He Yang pointed to Chi Yao, “He also went?”

“Why didn’t you guys get a tan?” He Yang pointed at himself. “I clearly put on sunscreen and still got tanned like this. What’s wrong with you two? Why is it so unfair?”

Lin Zhexia couldn’t bear to tell him that Chi Yao didn’t even put on sunscreen.

She patted He Yang on the shoulder. When she passed him, she broke the popsicle that was in Chi Yao’s hand into two and shared half with him, “Next time you should choose a different sunscreen, the sunscreen you bought probably didn’t work too well.”

He Yang looked at Chi Yao and said, “Really? The problem is the sunscreen? Which sunscreen did you use? Recommend it to me.”

Chi Yao took a look at him and said, “I recommend that you reincarnate.”

He Yang, “…”

So the three strolled together. As they strolled, they ended up strolling to Chi Yao’s house.

Lin Zhexia finished the popsicle, she zoned out on the sofa for a while, and suddenly hit He Yang.

He Yang was beaten for no reason, “What the heck?”


Lin Zhexia, “It’s nothing. I just suddenly remembered that you were quite despicable as a kid.”

He Yang, “??”

He Yang, “That’s years ago, why are you still remembering this?”

Lin Zhexia wanted to say it was because Chu Yao got admitted to the infirmary, but she didn’t. In the end, she only said, “I just remember. I’m a stingy person, I still want to beat you whenever I recall it.”

He Yang, “You’re crazy!”

In fact, how they became friends with He Yang wasn’t because of anything special.

As they grew up year after year, many childish childhood matters were silently reconciled with time.

Their parents are all acquainted with each other and are all neighbors.

Mother He is a very outgoing person and often asks He Yang to bring gifts over.

At first, He Yang gave them really reluctantly. After all, they fought before. If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t dare to disobey his mother, there’s no way he would come.

He often just dropped it at the door and ran away.

After many times, Lin Zhexia would occasionally talk to him, “Why are you acting like a thief?”


He Chubs blushed, “You’re the thief!”

Lin Zhexia, “Next time you come knocking, you should also knock at Chi Yao’s house.”

He Chubs, “…”

Lin Zhexia, “And then say, hello, this is for you.”

He Chubs, “Why should I?”

Lin Zhexia, “If not, then you are a thief.”

He Chubs, “I’m not!”

Lin Zhexia, “Then go say it!”

So from then on, there was one more person knocking on Chi Yao’s door other than Lin Zhexia.

When He Chubs first talked to Chi Yao, he held a basket of oranges in his hands, “H-hello, I’m not a thief. My mom told me to give you these oranges, we grew them ourselves back in our village. Y-You can eat it if you want.”

At that time, he thought that Chi Yao would not give him a good look.

But that sickie said “thank you”.

After Lin Zhexia mentioned the past, He Yang also started to remember some childhood memories, including the old Chi Yao.

He looked at the sofa. Chi Yao’s hair had grown a lot recently. He had one leg bent, holding the gaming device casually in his hands.

His Xia-ge huddled at the side, also wanting to play, but didn’t know anything.

Lin Zhexia, “What game is this?”

Chi Yao, “King of Fists.”

Lin Zhexia, “What does this key do? And that key? How can I punch? How come he can hit me wherever I go.”

Chi Yao, “Dodge, press this.”

Chi Yao pressed another button.

Lin Zhexia pressed it, and the person on the screen jumped up.

Lin Zhexia, “OK, I got it. Watch my combo boxing. He will die within three moves.”

He Yang looked at them and thought to himself that except for the pale skin, it was hard to associate Chi Yao with the sickie before.

Although the youth had a thin waist, through that thin layer of clothing, he can vaguely see a glimpse of an outline down below.

He Yang recalled that Chi Yao even had abs.

It’s hard to remember exactly when. A few years ago, he came to Chi Yao’s house to play games. The heavenly gate was not locked for some reason, so he unpreparedly pushed the door open and went in. Then, he saw Chi Yao doing push ups. His upper body was naked and sweat dripped down along his jawline.

At that time, Chi Yao wasn’t as tall as he is now, but he was already very outstanding. He Yang’s eyes swiped across the thin waist of the youth and finally fell on the outline of that layer of abs.

When Chi Yao saw that he was the one who came in, he mumbled “Shit” and then said, “Close the door.”

He Yang closed the door in a daze.

Did it start then?

He could somehow remember that something seemed to have happened before that day.

But it was too long ago, he can’t remember what.

The noise in the house soon dragged He Yang back from his thoughts.

His Xia-ge obviously didn’t beat the opponent in three moves. She found excuses for herself, “I purposely let him a few moves just now, I wanted to give him a chance.”

Chi Yao, “Oh.”

Lin Zhexia, “I mean it.”

Chi Yao, “Mn.”

Lin Zhexia, “You don’t believe me. You think I’m shit.”

Chi Yao, “It’s good that you know.”

He Yang, “…”

These two are still the same as ever.

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