Chasing Summer

Chapter 10 Part 2

That girl of the same age blocked Chi Yao behind her, then picked up the ball on the ground and threw it back at them without saying a word.

There were so many of them, her random throw should at least hit someone.

——He Yang was the unlucky guy.

He Yang covered his face and almost cried from being hit.

Considering his dignity as the boss, he tried to bear the burning pain at the bridge of his nose, “Who are you? Why did you hit me?”


Lin Zhexia pointed to the sickie behind her, “I’m, his big brother.”

“If you want to hit him,” Lin Zhexia said seriously with a cold face, “Pass through me first.”

He Yang was confused by this relationship of theirs, “Since when did he have a big brother?”

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She waited until Lin He’s voice calmed down. She felt that Lin He probably wasn’t watching her, so she secretly sat down on the steps.


While pounding her legs, she sighed that being a “big brother” was difficult.

As she was zoning out, suddenly, a beautiful looking hand and a bag of milk flavored biscuits appeared in her sight.

The milk biscuits are from her favorite brand.

With a cold face, the sickie still talked with arrogance. But this time, he looked away from her and purposely looked elsewhere, “Returning it.”

It seems that it was at this point in time when she and Chi Yao slowly got to know each other— to her, this was a very special node in her life.

As for the unfamiliarity brought by the move, it had begun decreasing a little from this point.

“Lin Zhexia,” She took that bag of biscuits and announced her name, “your big brother’s name.”

“Zhe as is in “folding”. Xia as in “summer”. What’s your name?”

The sickie endured the title of “big brother” and threw her two words expressionlessly, “Chi Yao.”

Lin Zhexia, “Have you considered changing your name?”

“You’re already poor in health, yet you’re still called “taking medicine”? It doesn’t seem very auspicious.”

From that day on, she began running to Chi Yao’s house frequently.


There was nobody at Chi Yao’s house, no adults nagging at them.

Even though Chi Yao had a bad temper and staying with him also made her angry sometimes.

After she moved to Nanxiang Street, she transferred to another school.

The children in the community basically all attended this school because it’s near.

Coincidentally or not, she and Chi Yao were in the same class, and the class next door was He Yang’s class.

As kids, she had a very bad relationship with He Yang.

Whenever she sees He Yang, she’ll scold him.

He Yang, with his group of followers, also hated her.

Before the name “Xia-ge” was born, He Chubs called her “Tigeress”.

Then she learned that Chi Yao sometimes didn’t even go to school and was often hospitalized. Some people in the class didn’t even remember there was such a person.

When Lin Zhexia was young, her grades were stable in the middle. Once, she even volunteered to tutor Chi Yao during his hospitalization.

“I got 80 points last week.” Lin Zhexia, a third grader in primary school, said raising her head, “It’s almost finals, I’m afraid you won’t catch up, guess I’ll teach you.”


Chi Yao was laying on the sickbed, infusing fluids. He put down the book in his hand.

Lin Zhexia did not see what the book was, if she took a look, she would’ve realized that it was a middle school textbook that she could not understand.

She took out her little book.

And the 80 point paper that she was quite satisfied with.

Noticing that Chi Yao’s eyes fell on 80 points, she said, “You don’t need to envy my score. As long as you work hard, you can also get 80 points.”

Her confidence was shattered after the final grades came out.

The teacher smiled on the stage and said, “The first in our class this time is still Chi Yao, he got full marks in every class.”

Full marks.

Full, marks.

Lin Zhexia held her 78 points test paper, which was 2 points less than before, and suddenly became silent.

Where did her confidence come from? She went to the hospital and tutored Chi Yao?

She, is a, big idiot.



She was getting closer to the infirmary.

Lin Zhexia gasped as she ran. She thought these memories would fade because they were from so long ago.

However, it didn’t.

She remembered everything, every scene from 9 years ago.

She also remembered that Chi Yao’s body got better without her realizing it. As he grew older, he stopped taking trips to the hospital. Slowly, he grew taller than people his age and also began to play basketball.

After that, his body became even healthier than those his age.

In flu prone seasons, when many people fell down with a cold, he didn’t.

That sickie Chi Yao never appeared again.

Fights after fights, she and Chi Yao also unknowingly became friends with He Yang.

Lin Zhexia pushed open the door of the infirmary and called out Chi Yao’s name, “Chi Yao—”

She pushed the door open and saw Chi Yao lying on the simple bed in the infirmary.

The boy had his eyes closed, but he was not the same as when he was a child. He was wearing a T-shirt that was tucked into loose military trousers. He didn’t seem sick, more like an unruly student who snuck away to take a nap in the infirmary.

Lin Zhexia’s eyes reddened, she said, “I’m sorry. If I knew this, I would’ve starved myself. I shouldn’t have let you run laps…”

“Nothing will happen to you,” Lin Zhexia’s hands and feet turned cold, “Medicine nowadays is so developed, no matter what disease it is, it can be treated, and you will be fine.”

The person on the bed moved.

To be specific, the boy raised his hand impatiently and covered his ear.

The next second.

Lin Zhexia heard Chi Yao say, “I only sprained my foot, it’s not exactly necessary for me to be buried tomorrow.”

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