Chasing Summer

Chapter 10 Part 1

Thinking back on it now, the young Lin Zhexia was also briefly dazed by this face.

But it did not exceed ten seconds.

Because ten seconds later, this person opened his mouth with a tone of wanting to fight.

“You,” he said, looking down, “are in the way.”

“Get out.”


Lin Zhexia instantly felt that this face wasn’t actually that good-looking anymore.

At that time, she was very different from her present personality, she was exceptionally spiky.

If this person actually spoke kindly, she would’ve felt bad sitting here because she had blocked the other’s way.

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“Then be careful, I bite when I go crazy.”


Her first meeting with Chi Yao wasn’t pleasant.

The two naively stared each other right in the eyes for more than ten minutes. Lin He noticed the situation here and asked out loud, “Xiaxia, what’s wrong? Come here, you can enter now.”

Lin Zhexia made a sound in response.

Then she felt that she cannot let this matter go so simply, so she said coldly before leaving, “Let’s fight.”

“I will be waiting for you here at 12 o’clock tomorrow noon,” Lin Zhexia said coldly, learning from the people on TV dramas with her childish voice, “Whoever doesn’t come is a dog.”

Half a day later, the weather suddenly changed and the typhoon passed.

Fortunately, although the strong wind came quickly, it also left quickly. It cleared up again the next morning.

Lin Zhexia waited very seriously until noon the next day.

She even ate an extra half of a bowl of rice before the scheduled time.

“Nice appetite,” Wei Ping said with a smile. “At first, Uncle was worried that you might not get used to it.”

Lin Zhexia pushed her bowl and said, “I’m full, I’m going out.”


“Going out to do what?” Lin He asked.

“…To bask in the sun.”

Lin Zhexia sat at the door of her own building, guarding the opposite building.


No one came in or out of the opposite building.


Still no one.


The door opened and an old man came out.

She waited until evening, but did not see that boy who she scheduled with.

Lin Zhexia didn’t expect that he actually didn’t want to be human.

He is, merely a, little dog!


In the evening, the old man came outside again to take out the garbage, and soon returned. Lin Zhexia seized the opportunity to go up and asked, “Grandpa, there’s a boy about my height with very pale skin living in your building. Is he at home today?”

At that time, Grandpa Wang was still very healthy. Towards a little girl, he of course had to answer, “Is it that handsome boy?”

In order to find the person, Lin Zhexia forced himself to nod, “I guess.”

“That’s Xiao Yao. He lives opposite me,” Grandpa Wang said, “He’s in the hospital right now.”

Lin Zhexia, “Ah?”

Why is he in the hospital before she even got to fight him?

The lord quickly explained, “Wasn’t there a typhoon yesterday? It seems that he caught a cold.”

Lin Zhexia can hardly imagine that scene.

Yesterday, the boy who acted so cool in front of her, as if he could 1v5 five boys, was blown by a bit of wind when he went out, and after one night, he fell ill?

Where did this sickie come from?

Lin Zhexia was about to laugh at him secretly.

But she saw Grandpa Wang shake his head and said with some sadness, “That child is quite pitiful. At such a young age, his parents are often not at home and have to live alone.”


“He’s also quite frail, always having to take a trip to the hospital every few days. I don’t know what his parents are thinking, how can they feel at ease… No matter how important work is, it’s never as important as their child…”

Hearing this, Lin Zhexia suddenly wanted to let him go.

The second time she saw Chi Yao, it was a week later. She was coming back from the supermarket with Lin He.

After a week, she still couldn’t adapt to life in her new home.

She was carrying a bag of snacks and saw a figure from afar that seemed a little familiar to her.

The boy looked thin from the back. Although it was already summer, he still wore a black windbreaker and was currently opening the unit’s door.

Lin He went back home first. After Lin Zhexia pondered for a bit, she ran to the opposite building.

She called out to stop him, “Hey.”

The boy’s hand that was opening the door halted, and there were clear needle marks on the back of his hand.

Lin Zhexia took out a bag of her favorite milk flavored biscuits from her bag of snacks and stuffed it into his hands, “For you.”

Her receiver very obviously looked like he wanted to say, “Take it away”.

Lin Zhexia said with a stern face, “I heard that you were sick. You better recover quickly, or else I can’t defeat you fairly.”

He didn’t expect that she would use this as her reason, so he was stunned for a second that he couldn’t even return the biscuits back to her right away.

The first month after moving into Nanxiang Street.

Lin Zhexia fought with someone.

The fight was so sensational that it directly made her famous in the community and received a scolding from Lin He. However, the opponent of her fight was not Chi Yao, but He Yang.

She was wandering around the community that day.

Lin He found a new job nearby and went to work early in the morning. As for Wei Ping, he had a rest day.

She didn’t want to stay with Wei Ping. After eating, she said, “Uncle Wei, I’m going out for a stroll.”

Wei Ping was also at a loss, he never had children before and did not know how to interact with children, nor how to gain Lin Zhexia’s favor, “Then you… have to pay attention to safety, don’t leave the community, it’s dangerous outside.”

Lin Zhexia nodded, “Mn, got it.”

There was a simple basketball court in the community. The older people often come here to play in the evening, either getting together after work or school.

During a time like the afternoon, there were mostly children of her age on the court.

At that time, He Yang was a little chubby kid with an insolent personality. He self-claimed to be “the boss of this community”.

Perhaps because it was childish and chuunibyou enough that he really had a group of kids who followed him as the boss.

“Boss, you shot the ball so high.”

“Boss, your shooting is very accurate.”

“Boss! Let’s go to the concession stand to buy popsicles!”

Lin Zhexia sat on the swing on the side and felt that these people were very childish.

After sitting there for a while, she felt that the sun was too hot and prepared to go home. However, she heard someone finally break away from the “boss” sentence pattern, they said, “Look— isn’t that Chi Yao?”

She looked over and saw a face she had seen not too long ago.

The pale sickie was carrying something and was passing by the road outside the court.

He Chubs was a naughty kid at that time. He made fun of people for amusement, “Call him here and let him play ball with us.”

Someone said, “He can’t hold up the ball.”

Another said, “He’s always sick and can’t play with us.”

A group of people laughed together.

He Yang held in his waist and shouted arrogantly, “I just want to see him make a fool of himself. He definitely doesn’t know how to play, I wanna see what he’ll do, call him here.”

Then they threw the ball over——

“Bang!” The ball accurately hit the sickie.

At that time, Chi Yao really did seem really “weak”.

Wearing a jacket in summer, plus those sickly eyebrows and eyes.

Although this man seemed to have a bad temper, it still didn’t prevent someone from trying to bully him because of his poor constitution.

He Yang, “The one that’s always sick over there, come play ball, do you know how?”

This bullying the “weak” scene was too much.

Lin Zhexia exploded at once.

As a kid, she had no gender awareness, did not know how to write the word “reserved”, did not know how to be afraid, and did everything by instinct.

After He Yang finished talking, Chi Yao did not take any action, but a girl who he had never seen before came out.

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