Casting Nets to Catch a Husband

Chapter 128: Keepsake

Liu Yu’s mind raced, and she finally found a legitimate reason to leave the tailoring room.

“By the way, do you remember Mrs. Lin?”

Lu Chengxiao, unsure why she was bringing up Mrs. Lin out of the blue, nodded and asked, “Why?”

“When we were handing over the shop, she gave me a complete set of skincare, moisturizing, and makeup products. I thought I shouldn’t just accept gifts without giving something in return. Could you bring a gift for her when you go to Yuanzhou?”

Lu Chengxiao didn’t realize Liu Yu was just making up an excuse to leave the room, so he treated it as a serious task. He nodded and asked, “Sure, what should I take?”


“Mrs. Lin and my aunt are about the same size. I’ll pick out a set of clothes for her from the shop.”

This return gift, which Liu Yu could have easily delivered herself after August 10th, was now used as an excuse to get Lu Chengxiao out of the cutting room.

Seeing Liu Yu heading to the shop, Lu Chengxiao quickly picked up the lamp and, this time, properly led the way.

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“Lu Chengxiao, my aunt bought a lot of clothes today,” she said softly, pausing slightly.


Lu Chengxiao felt a slight relief, thankful she wasn’t asking him to leave right away. He hadn’t responded yet when Liu Yu continued, “She also ordered our wedding clothes here.”

Lu Chengxiao was momentarily stunned, still processing her words as Liu Yu blushed and said, “I’m making your outfit too. I need to take your measurements.”

Without daring to look at him, Liu Yu quickly fetched paper and a pencil from behind the counter. The paper was ordinary, but the pencil was a newly bought graphite one, as ink pens often stained the fabric in the embroidery shop.

With everything ready, Liu Yu took the measuring tape and walked out from behind the counter. Lu Chengxiao wanted to turn and look at her, but she gently pressed his back, “Stand still.”

He immediately obeyed, standing straight and not daring to look back.

Liu Yu stood behind him, her fingers lightly touching his shoulders, moving quickly to his arms. Lu Chengxiao’s heart skipped a beat. He turned slightly to see her, but she had already moved in front of him.

“Raise your arms.”

Lu Chengxiao raised his arms as instructed. For a moment, he was almost embraced by Liu Yu, the fragrance of her hair clearly detectable. His heart pounded like a drum, but he dared not move.

He thought he was being restrained, but Liu Yu noticed his rolling Adam’s apple, his heaving chest, and his clenched fists as she measured his waist.

When Liu Yu finished measuring and stepped back to record the data, Lu Chengxiao finally exhaled, but it wasn’t a feeling of relief—it was an overwhelming sense of loss.

The increased heartbeat, the tension, and the heavy breathing caused by Liu Yu’s closeness were sweet tortures for him. When she stepped away, he felt a void.

Due to the incident in the cutting room earlier, he dared not act impulsively again, forcing himself to suppress his intense desire.


The atmosphere was charged with an undeniable tension. Despite having no more tasks to do in the shop after recording the measurements, the two stood just a couple of steps apart, neither mentioning leaving.

Liu Yu glanced discreetly at the lamp on the counter. This time, their shadows were cast on the innermost wall of the shop. Her heart skipped a beat as she tried to remain calm. After taking a couple of steadying breaths, she softly asked Lu Chengxiao, “Would you like a keepsake for your trip?”

Lu Chengxiao was pleasantly surprised and naturally wouldn’t refuse.

“Yes.” As he spoke, his eyes naturally fell on the pearl hairpin in Liu Yu’s hair, and joy filled his gaze.

Liu Yu smiled but did not reach for the hairpin. Instead, she stood on her tiptoes and leaned in to place a very light kiss on his cheek.

The gentle, soft kiss left Lu Chengxiao stunned for a moment before joy surged through him, lighting up his entire being.

Liu Yu had already stepped back, but Lu Chengxiao wasn’t satisfied with such a fleeting touch. He took her hand, no longer holding back, and his gaze settled on her lips.

His look was intensely possessive, making Liu Yu feel as if a predator was eyeing its prey, ready to devour her.

Soon she realized it was no mere illusion. Lu Chengxiao’s free hand cupped her cheek, his thumb pressing and gently rubbing against her lips, in sync with their increasingly rapid breaths.

“Yu’er,” his voice was hoarse, almost a whisper only the two of them could hear, “I want… a little more. Is that okay?”

Liu Yu couldn’t respond, and Lu Chengxiao didn’t need her to. The affection in their eyes had already given the answer.

He leaned in, cupping her face, approaching cautiously, their breaths mingling. The yearning in his bones and blood was soothed in that instant, yet it only fueled a deeper desire. He wanted to cherish her but also to possess her.


A novice in the taste of love, he moved from hesitant exploration to fervent possession. They only paused to catch their breath, holding each other even tighter, refusing to part.

Liu Yu, with all her skills learned at Liuxian Pavilion, found her mind completely blank. She couldn’t think of anything, feeling as if all her strength had been drained, leaving her feeling soft and weightless.

The repressed youth, having been restrained for so long, now faced a fierce backlash. He didn’t know the meaning of restraint until his body’s reaction forced them to reluctantly break off this so-called “keepsake” exchange.

Pressing their foreheads together, their breaths mingling, Liu Yu’s cheeks flushed crimson, her eyes misting over with a layer of moisture.

This seductive charm was something Lu Chengxiao had never seen before. He felt a tightness in his throat, an irresistible urge to draw closer. But Liu Yu quickly turned her face away, burying it in his shoulder, refusing to yield any further.

Staying longer would only lead to misunderstandings from Madam and the others, and… Lu Chengxiao would only feel worse.

Lu Chengxiao knew his situation well. If he continued to act recklessly, it wouldn’t be good for either of them. He held Liu Yu close, helping her steady her breath.

After about half an incense stick’s time, they both felt better. Lu Chengxiao looked at Liu Yu’s increasingly rosy lips, regretting not leaving earlier, now reluctant to leave at all. He wished they could stay together, never parting.

Reflecting now, their trip to Zhejiang, which lasted just over a month, seemed longer and more unbearable than ever before it even began. Unable to resist, he lightly pecked her lips. When Liu Yu glared at him, Lu Chengxiao chuckled softly and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “This ‘keepsake’ is better than a hairpin. Yu’er, I want to marry you now.”

His voice was low and husky, his warm breath brushing against Liu Yu’s ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

Lu Chengxiao knew exactly what Liu Yu was thinking about getting married now, and how could she not? She quickly moved away, avoiding his proximity.

Liu Chengxiao smiled and embraced her, saying, “Speaking seriously, I had Babao find a house in the county. Zhongren will handle the arrangements at the cloth shop. I’ve talked to my father about it. When the time comes, I’ll have him take you to see it together. If you like it, he’ll arrange it first. After we’re married, if you still want to manage the embroidery workshop, when I’m away, you can stay here with my aunt. When I’m home, we’ll live in our own small home.”


Upon hearing this, Liu Yu’s face flushed completely. Liu Chengzhang and Zhou Qiongying had also gotten married, and the two had previously lived in the rear of Lu Feng. However, Liu Chengxiao was in a hurry to buy a house. Liu Yu thought about the recent times he had been reluctant, but restrained himself because someone else was present. Now, reflecting on tonight, she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. She quickly withdrew from Liu Chengxiao’s embrace and muttered softly, “There’s nothing serious about it.”

Liu Chengxiao enjoyed seeing her embarrassed, so he leaned closer and chuckled, “After we’re married, we’ll be husband and wife. What’s not serious about that?”

Liu Yu’s heart raced, but she ignored Liu Chengxiao’s teasing. She stuffed the bundle she was taking to Yuanzhou into his arms and scolded him with a glare, “I’m not talking to you. It’s late. Go back quickly.”

With that, she took the paper with Liu Chengxiao’s measurements, picked up the lantern, and started walking out. Liu Chengxiao chuckled and followed behind.

As they walked out of the shop, Liu Yu suddenly remembered that Liu Chengxiao might not know where Mrs. Lin’s shop was located. She gave him the address of Mrs. Lin’s new store before seeing him off at the gate.

Liu Chengxiao thought about not seeing each other for over a month ahead, and naturally found it hard to part ways, just like Liu Yu.

“Go on back. One month will pass quickly,” Liu Yu advised gently, then tried to find something else to say, “I’ll sort out those fabric samples shortly and have them ready for my elder brother early tomorrow.”

Seeing Liu Chengxiao still reluctant to leave, Liu Yu added, “I’ll come to see you off early tomorrow morning.”

This finally brought a smile to Liu Chengxiao’s face as he lightly chuckled, “Alright.”

Liu Yu, worried that Wei Shi and the others might overhear, refused to say more and hastily pushed him out the door.

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