Casting Nets to Catch a Husband

Chapter 118: Qin Er

In the blink of an eye, Lu Chengxiao had already walked into the front of the shop. Seeing him coming out so quickly, Liu Yanping was somewhat surprised. However, being the elder brother, he couldn’t say anything improper in front of the Tan family father and son. He simply asked, “Leaving so soon?”

Lu Chengxiao nodded and replied, “I’m going back to inform my father and elder brother. After that, we’ll go to the escort bureau and discuss the matter we talked about earlier with Huaigeng.”

With Liu Yu’s concern in mind, Lu Chengxiao had to be extra cautious about the safety of their trading business.

Liu Yanping understood that they were going to arrange for escorts. He nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll wait here for you.”

Back at the cloth shop, Lu Chengxiao informed his father and brothers, but instead of leaving immediately, he called for Babao and gave him some private instructions. He asked him to inquire through his contacts about any houses for sale in the county and their approximate prices.


Upon hearing this, Babao immediately understood that the Young Master was considering buying a house. His eyes lit up, and he patted his chest, saying, “No problem, I’ll take care of it. I’ll make sure to find out all the details.”

Lu Chengxiao smiled and then left the cloth shop to go across the street to the embroidery shop, where Liu Yanping was already waiting. As for Liu Yanan, he hadn’t left, afraid that Liu Yu might need help around the shop. So, he volunteered to stay behind.

Changxing Escort Bureau. Lu Chengxiao and Lin Huaigeng explained their intentions to Lin and Liu Zhang. Lin and Liu were well aware of the situation at the escort bureau. Lin Huaigeng said, “I know some skilled and experienced hands. Finding five or six of them shouldn’t be a problem. They’re currently idle, so they’ll come back if we call them.”

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They had chosen not to take a salary or even no salary when they did not receive the band, half out of friendship and half because of the lack of resources.


Therefore, at this moment, the business that Lu Chengxiao and Liu Yanping brought to Changfeng Escort Bureau was exceptionally precious. It was not just about money but about Changfeng being able to reopen its doors.

But Qin He also clearly understood that the bureau couldn’t afford another blow to its reputation.

However, if there were no more businesses coming in, could the escort bureau really sustain itself?

Qin He struggled inwardly, but in the end, reason prevailed.

“My esteemed brothers, I deeply appreciate your goodwill. However, if you intend to hire a few skilled hands privately, I can facilitate that easily by making introductions. But I can’t agree to abide by the formal rules of escorting.”

Lu Chengxiao was surprised, “Why is that?”

Qin He explained, “You may not know this, but in our line of escorting, there are certain etiquettes and protocols. Not every job that comes our way is suitable for us to take. The routes we can take and the risks involved depend entirely on the reputation and capabilities of the escort bureau. If we attempt a route that hasn’t been secured properly, the risks are extremely high, and we cannot accept such an escort.”

Liu Yanping pondered for a moment and asked, “So, Qin Erge, are you saying that whether the Jianghu heroes along this route are willing to sell face for the escort bureau is crucial?”

Qin He nodded, “Exactly. In our line of work, besides actual skills and capabilities, personal connections and influence are sometimes more important than martial prowess. Changfeng Escort Bureau has been dealing mainly with overland businesses for years. We haven’t ventured much into water routes, so I dare not guarantee the safety.”

With this explanation, both Lu Chengxiao and Liu Yanping understood. Once the escort bureau took on a job, they would be liable for any losses incurred. For unfamiliar routes, a single loss could be detrimental, just like the recent incident involving the old head of Changfeng Escort Bureau. In essence, Changfeng Escort Bureau couldn’t afford another setback. Therefore, they couldn’t bypass the bureau, and the bureau couldn’t risk taking on unfamiliar routes.

The two glanced at each other, understanding each other’s character without needing to discuss it. Moreover, for this journey, they needed to hire several skilled hands. Lu Chengxiao spoke frankly, “Qin Erge, since we can’t adhere to the formal rules of escorting, we’ll just hire people. However, we will still go through you. We’re looking to hire six skilled individuals to accompany us to Zhejiang. The duration will be approximately between one to one and a half months. We are unfamiliar with the market conditions, so we seek your guidance.”

In essence, Lu Chengxiao’s words carried two implications: first, if they couldn’t take on the escort, they would hire personnel, and Qin Erge would set the price. Second, all financial transactions would go through Qin Erge, maintaining the business relationship with the escort bureau. They were merely changing the method; they were hiring people without requiring the bureau to guarantee the goods. The decision on how much Qin Erge would pay the escortees would be up to Qin Erge.


Lu Chengxiao dared to speak like this because he had heard from Lin Huaigeng and Liu Zhang about the young master’s character and how he treated the escortees well. Furthermore, observing his actions today, he seemed to be an upright person.

To Qin He, however, these two points were overly favorable to Changfeng Escort Bureau.

Qin He wasn’t one to take advantage of others. Even though this single business meant a great deal to Changfeng Escort Bureau, he hesitated for a moment and didn’t immediately agree.

Noticing his hesitation, Lu Chengxiao gently reminded him, “Qin Erge?”

At this moment, Qin He made up his mind and said, “My esteemed brothers, I’ll be frank. The bureau had a bit of an incident a few months back. I believe Huaigeng and the others must have mentioned it to you.”

“I know a little about it,” Lu Chengxiao didn’t deny it. After all, when he took Lin Huaigeng and Liu Zhang to Zhejiang for over a month, it would be too false to claim ignorance of the bureau’s situation.

Qin He nodded and continued, “Changfeng Escort Bureau indeed needs a business opportunity right now. Both of you are generous in your terms, but if you trust Changfeng, I cannot betray that trust. If we decide not to take on this business, so be it. But if we do, I must be very confident in ensuring a smooth and safe passage for you on the water route, so as not to disappoint your trust and commission.”

Lu Chengxiao and Liu Yanping were both invigorated by his words. Liu Yanping asked, “Qin Erge, do you have any ideas on which routes to take?”

Qin He nodded, “There’s a saying about paying respects to the mountains when traveling overland, and similarly, there’s a saying about paying respects to the docks when traveling by water. My esteemed brothers, please give me a few days. I’ll inquire about the intricacies involved. If there’s a viable route, I’ll have Huaigeng come to you for further discussion. If the route isn’t feasible, I’ll select several skilled escorts from the bureau to accompany you to Zhejiang. As for financial matters, you can negotiate directly with them. Since you are friends with Huaigeng, it’s no different from dealing with our own brothers, and I won’t take a cut from it.”

Upon hearing Qin He’s words, Lu Chengxiao and Liu Yanping were deeply impressed. Liu Yanping, who also valued the principles of camaraderie, immediately clasped his hands together and said, “Qin Erge, you are a righteous man. Entrusting this matter to you gives us the utmost confidence. Go ahead and explore the possibilities. Once you have gathered information, feel free to approach us, and we’ll discuss further. I can also assure Qin Erge that Chengxiao and I will continue to engage in business regularly, including frequent journeys by water routes. If you can establish a reliable route between here and Zhejiang, there will be ample opportunities for future cooperation.”

Qin He was delighted, “Excellent! With your words, Yan Xiong, I feel even more assured. If this plan succeeds, it will indeed pave the way for Changfeng Escort Bureau. I will thank both of you when the time comes.”

“In that case, we’ll trouble you, Qin Erge.” Lu Chengxiao nodded respectfully and gestured with his hand towards Qin He.


Qin He returned the gesture with a smile, “It’s my duty to assist.”

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