CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 64

When Tan Jingmo heard such a “truth”, his entire handsome face was twitching. It was still his first time hearing about a marriage like this. He had to say, that was really unconventional.

After they spoke about this topic, the atmosphere between both of them felt a little heavy. Although Tan Jingmo very disliked the blind date that Bao Er had said just now, he still continued to ask for more information about it.

When Bao Er said that her blind date partner was a “butcher who sells pork”, Tan Jingmo’s face completely changed. In his opinion as a rich young master, such an occupation was completely new to him. His entire life could be said to be smooth-sailing. He’d gone through many storms and calamity but he was still someone from a rich family, so he never really suffered much at all. He even never entered the kitchen before, not to mention things like “killing pig and selling pork”.

Bao Er was speaking her heart. She didn’t like Yu Wei Dong, it wasn’t because she looked down on his occupation, but because of the differences in their education, interest and hobbies. They didn’t have a lot of common topics to say the least. Moreover, his “interest” that he mentioned was enough to scare Bao Er far away. Naturally, she had a lesser impression of him.

After Tan Jingmo heard Bao Er’s thoughts, he began scheming something in his heart. He then glimpsed at Bao Er strangely, then a deep smile curled up the corner of his mouth.


“Don’t hang out with that person anymore. Do what you need to do and don’t destroy your future with him.” He felt displeased to let such a cutie marry a person who butchered pigs. Moreover, that babe was his, so how could he agree?

No, he absolutely wouldn’t agree, and wouldn’t give him such an opportunity too.

Bao Er saw that his emotions started calming down again. The big boulder in her heart started to lessen as well.

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“G osxyd pbswzed’v zlyhl pnyap sd bla cseu, svblaokpl kv’zz zssj wtzu.”

Bao Er replied with an “Oh”, then said nothing else.


After a while, Tan Jingmo looked at the time and found that it was still very early. He took Bao Er out to eat and they dated for a while. Both of them did have a romantic evening, except when Lu Xi Jie came up from the fifth floor. When Tan Jingmo saw him, he was very displeased.

“Why is he here?” Tan Jingmo asked Bao Er with a look of dissatisfaction. This Lu Xi Jie, he didn’t like him one bit, especially when he remembered his prank.

Who knew, he still dared to come here right now.

Bao Er shook her head innocently, “I also don’t know!” Looks like Lu Xi Jie wasn’t lucky today, he actually came here when Tan Jingmo was around, and what could she do? Of course she couldn’t do anything and could only watch how things would progress!

Tan Jingmo went up and stopped in front of Lu Xi Jie.

Such a small brat who hadn’t grown up yet dared to bully his woman. This was serious – he was asking for death!

“I think I haven’t settled the scores with you yet!” Tan Jingmo told Lu Xi Jie with a smile, but the words that came out of his mouth weren’t friendly at all.

He didn’t know if Lu Xi Jie had forgotten about that incident or not, but he still remembered that incident clearly. If not because he rushed there in time, if not because Bao Er knew that her body was special, then that drugging incident wouldn’t have ended just like this.

Maybe she would end up like what happened when she was young, and only noticed it when she was about to die. Or perhaps, things would be too late when she reacted.

People wouldn’t get lucky all the time, and luck wouldn’t come to you everyday either. If the worst happened, who would take responsibility for it?

And how would things end if they were unlucky? Tan Jingmo’s brows knitted as he tried not to imagine it.

“What else do you want? That woman had already punished me!” Lu Xi Jie stepped backwards and looked at Tan Jingmo cautiously. He was scared that he might ambush him.


Although he was just seven years old, his father did tell him a lot of stories in the past. He knew what they said – it was easy to avoid a direct attack but hard to predict a surprise attack.

“That woman? This is how you address her?” Tan Jingmo lifted his brow and looked at Lu Xi Jie with unfriendly eyes.

Lu Xi Jie didn’t answer because he knew he was wrong at first. He also didn’t dare to retort Tan Jingmo either, this must be the moment where he was most intimidated in his entire lifetime. Having one Bai Bao Er who scares him everyday with a mouse isn’t enough, now he even has an old man who is over thirty years old, wanting to settle the scores with him.

“What do you want?” Lu Xi Jie didn’t answer Tan Jingmo’s question and asked him back instead.

Tan Jingmo rubbed his own chin and gave him a small smile. “Nothing, you do know what light punishment to avoid big crime1TN: chinese idiom 小惩大诫 to punish someone when he does a small crime to avoid him from making a bigger one means, right?”

This term made Tan Jingmo and Lu Xi Jie to not see eye-to-eye all this while, finding each other disagreeable.

The next day was Monday. Although it was already autumn, T city was still filled with the atmosphere of summer sun. The weather wasn’t very hot but not cooling either.

Early in the morning, Bao Er reached Liang Qing Qing’s office and found that Liang Qing Qing had arrived much earlier than her. Without exchanging a single word, she dragged Bao Er up to the eighteenth floor once she arrived to get ready for today’s task.

“Faster, we do not have enough time. Later during the photoshoot you try to be more natural. Just be yourself and don’t look too intentional, because one of our main highlights in our jewelry series is naturalness. That was why those models were unsuitable because they had been trained into a certain way. Although you ask them to smile naturally, they still look very fake.” Liang Qing Qing said all those words in one breath and didn’t even notice if Bao Er had responded back.

Both of them walked hurriedly. Some people in the design department were confused when they went out to get some water. Liang Qing Qing’s blueprints were stolen, wasn’t it? Why did she look like she couldn’t care less right now!

On the eighteenth floor, Bao Er found that this eighteenth floor was very unique. It looked exactly like a photography studio but it looked more luxurious and grand than those photography studios in the entertainment industry.

“You go and change your clothes first, later I’ll ask the stylist to do your hair, and try not to wear makeup. OK?” Liang Qing Qing asked her.


Bao Er knew the importance of this photoshoot. Although she felt very nervous in her heart, she still looked calm on the surface and nodded. “I understand.”

“Good luck!” Liang Qing Qing patted Bao Er’s shoulder, trying to give her strength.

Bao Er suddenly felt an excitement in her heart that she found was almost hard to control herself. The feeling of being needed and being able to help others was really amazing. She was very grateful towards Liang Qing Qing for real. Thanks to her recognition and also thanks to her unconditional trust.

Hence, she told herself silently in her heart, she needed to do her best and not wreck this.

The first set of clothes that Liang Qing Qing gave Bao Er was a very simple young lady’s style. It was simple and pure-looking, a white T shirt and a black, tight leather pants. The collar of the clothes was slightly large, and the way she wore the pants would show off her long legs and thin waist. She looked extremely good in it.

Seeing that Bao Er had changed her clothes, Liang Qing Qing pulled her to the dressing table and called the stylist to help Bao Er with her hair.

During the time when Bao Er was having her hair done, Liang Qing Qing called Mo Xiaoyi and told her about the current situation. After Mo Xiaoyi heard about it, she didn’t hesitate to clap her legs, asking to come up to join in the fun too.

Hence, the initial idea of making Bao Er the only model turned into making Mo Xiaoyi partner with Bao Er, but Liang Qing Qing was extremely satisfied with this pairing.

Time passed by slowly. Bao Er who had been sitting stiffly on the chair for almost half a day could finally free herself after the stylist’s declaration. One look at the mirror almost made her eyeballs fall out in shock.

How was this considered light makeup? Liang Qing Qing even told her not to wear makeup, but now it was obviously a thick makeup on her face. Even her hair was dyed into a chestnut color.

“Qing Qing Jie, didn’t you say try not to wear makeup? Why did this happen?” Bao Er walked towards Liang Qing Qing and glanced at her with a look of suffering.

Liang Qing Qing felt her body heating up due to Bao Er’s eyes on her. Good, now this cutie looked even more charming. But she still acted seriously on the surface.


“Wakaka, look at Bao Er’s looks now, she looks absolutely cool, I like it so much, wuwu, Qing Qing Jie, I want a makeup like this too!” Before Liang Qing Qing could say any excuse to comfort Bao Er, Mo Xiaoyi who was standing at one side started to make a fuss after she saw Bao Er’s looks.

Liang Qing Qing’s eyes gazed at the two of them. She found that although Bao Er was about to tear up, she didn’t get angry. So she said that this was the effect that was required for the photoshoot, and later Mo Xiaoyi would also do makeup like this as well.

Hence in the end, Bao Er was feeling depressed at one corner alone, while Mo Xiaoyi went to change her clothes excitedly.

It wasn’t that she disliked makeup like this, but when she recalled back to what Liang Qing Qing said about no makeup and only doing a casual hairstyle, that “casual” was different from what she initially thought which made her feel a little depressed.

Bao Er stood in front of the mirror that reflected her whole body. She found that her heavy makeup and chestnut hair looked very obvious, but luckily her eyes were big enough so she still looked pretty good as a whole. She looked pure with a mix of seductiveness. To shoot with this kind of look would still have a bigger effect than those models who were used to beautiful makeup and walking down the T stage. Besides, her whole look was a little rebellious like a bad teenage girl.

Mo Xiaoyi also came out later. Her makeup and looks were similar to Bao Er’s. Liang Qing Qing smiled inwardly when she saw this.

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