CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 62

After she left, Lee Yuezhi continued talking to her parents: “Brother, I see Bao Er is doing well and has grown up to become such a fine lady. She looks petite and pretty, who else in our village looks as pretty as she is? The person I told you about is a good person as well, he’ll get along with Bao Er.” She could almost guarantee it with her heart.

Her mother nodded, the smile on her face was different from when she was treating Bao Er. “Since you said so, then why should I be worried? She’s already grown up and it’s about time. Don’t delay too much and create problems instead.”

As she talked, she seemed to recall an awful past. Her face immediately looked gloomy with a thin layer of unhappiness.

Lee Yuezhi obviously knew the reason but she said nothing since it wasn’t a good thing anyway. She felt scornful about that past too, but no matter what she shouldn’t talk bad in front of others. They were relatives so she naturally shouldn’t start talking about things they didn’t want to talk about.

“Yeah, that’s right. We will see him tomorrow, at that time you can scrutinize him and you’ll definitely see that he’s better than how I said he was.” She felt jovial when she talked about this. She didn’t know why, but she never saw Bao Er in a good light. Her daughter, Bai Xiao Xiao was the same. Thinking that she could massively influence the rest of Bao Er’s life with her participation, she felt extremely satisfied.


She continued convincing them for some time before they finished chatting. At that time, it was almost eleven o’ clock.

“Quickly go and rest. There will be a lot of people coming tomorrow, we need to wake up early!” The mother told her husband.

The father replied with “Yes”, before both of them went back to rest in their room.

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Bao Er’s dense brain was still confused. She didn’t think much about her mother’s abnormality and went up the stairs obediently to change into a light blue dress.


At around ten o’ clock, her aunt arrived. Her brother welcomed them warmly while Bao Er could only follow behind slowly and didn’t know what to say.

“I haven’t seen Bao Er for so many years, her facial features have developed nicely!” Her aunt exclaimed. There wasn’t anything about Bao Er that she didn’t like.

The others didn’t say anything in return. A shy smile curled up at the corners of Bao Er’s mouth.

“Please come in, why are you still standing there? The weather is so hot today, please come in to have some sweet dessert!” Her mother greeted them while glancing at the door. There were no one and no cars outside.

Hearing the words that her younger sister had said, her mother snorted coldly in her heart. Her facial features have developed nicely? As people said, beauty invites troubles, she disliked Bao Er’s looks the most. Everyone in the village were average-looking and Bao Er was the only one who was slender and pretty like an alien. Her looks were clearly not inherited from Bai family.

Her mother’s eyes narrowed. Thinking back to the past, there was more displeasure in her eyes when she looked at Bao Er.

Everyone sat in the living room to eat the sweet dessert. Soon, sounds of a car were heard from outside again. Her mother stood up from the chair and pulled Bao Er outside.

When they went out of the door, Bao Er only reacted after her hand was released. She looked at her mother blankly without a certain focus.

“Bao Er, why are you spacing out? I don’t see you greeting the guests who are arriving!” Seeing that Bao Er was still out of it, her mother held the gifts that the guests had bought while pushing Bao Er.

Hearing her words, Bao Er could only walk towards the person that her mother was implying to help take the things in his hand.

“No need, no need. I can do it myself, I’m strong.” The man quickly waved her away. His darker skin tone and white, clean teeth made a very big contrast. His slightly chubby body gave others a slightly lesser impression.

Bao Er looked at the person in front of her in astonishment. She didn’t know who they were. She remembered that she’d never seen this person before among the relatives who had come to her house.


“It’s alright, this is Bao Er. Bao Er, this is Wei Dong, both of you should get to know each other.” Lee Yuezhi suddenly appeared and her warm introduction gave Bao Er a shock.

Everyone at the scene, except Bao Er, showed a knowing smile. Her mother scanned the person in front of her seriously. His appearance was lacking but he had the skills and expertise. From the girl’s family point of view, they didn’t require the man to look very handsome, but only wanted the man to have the motivation to work hard and take care of his family well.

The young man in front of her looked honest and reliable. He seemed to have a similar personality like her son, so she felt quite satisfied with him.

Not bad, today’s plan was to give Bao Er a blind date.

“Mum, who is this?” Bao Er said hesitantly. She was pretty confused.

Lee Yuezhi patted Bao Er’s hand lightly. She acted like they were both mother and child, and she beamed exaggeratedly like a matchmaker.

“This is Wei Dong, haven’t I told you?”

“Ah?” Bao Er shook her head.

“Girls need to get married after they reach a certain age since our youth will disappear easily. It’s not good to postpone such a big thing as well. When you become old and wrinkly, you’ll find that it’ll become harder to get married anymore.” Lee Yuezhi persuaded her with all her might, saying those words like it was the right thing to do.

Bao Er lowered her head and stared at her shoes without saying a word.

“You are already twenty-one years old, you’re not young anymore. Isn’t Ah Xia the same age as you? Her child is already two years old, and also Xiao Qing, she’s younger than you by two years and she already has a baby. Our village is not the same as the city. Women have to take care of the household and will age faster. Naturally we need to get married when we are younger.”

Twenty-one years old and already getting married? If Bao Er was the same as the other girls in the village who studied until middle high, then went off to work in the city for two years, she might just listen to Lee Yuezhi’s words and think that it was appropriate to get married at the age of twenty-one.


But she wasn’t. She didn’t have big ambitions, but it didn’t mean that she would choose to live the rest of her life like this.

“Auntie, Xiao Xiao Jie is older than me by two years and you’re not in a hurry about her. I’m still young so I obviously don’t need to worry about this. Furthermore, our country also advocates for late marriage and giving birth late, so there’s nothing to be worried about when I’m just twenty-one!” Bao Er pouted her lips and said.

Her mother glared at Bao Er after she heard this, “Your Xiao Xiao Jie already has a boyfriend so she’s naturally not worried. If she wants to get married, she can do it whenever she wants, but you’re different. Like your aunt had said, I’m also anxious for you. Women shouldn’t take our time with youth, you’re not young anymore and it’s about time for you to consider it. ”

After she said this, her mother sighed in her heart. In a blink of an eye, it had been twenty years! The tiny girl at that time had grown up into a big girl now.

Bao Er knitted her brows and her face stiffened momentarily, but it disappeared so quickly that other people didn’t catch it. She lowered her eyes and glanced at her mother’s hand. It was dry, thin and weak like a typical farmer’s hand.

Her mother then remembered that her “future in-law” was still at the side. A smile lit up the corners of her mouth as she used her eyes to hint at Lee Yuezhi.

“Wei Dong, this is our Bao Er, isn’t she pretty? I didn’t lie to you, Bao Er is really a beauty!” Lee Yuezhi immediately understood her meaning and praised Bao Er’s beauty to negate the gloominess just now.

Yu Wei Dong smiled broadly. His face was full with an honest smile. “Yeah, Bao Er is really beautiful.” It was rare for an honest man like him to meet such a beautiful girl. He was also busy with his business, so he didn’t have time to meet women outside. Bao Er’s looks were truly exceptional so he didn’t hesitate to praise her.

Bao Er didn’t show much of an expression after she heard his words. She only smiled slightly and let it be.

“Let’s go in quickly, it’s hot outside!” No one knew who said that but the crowd seemed to only realize that the weather was hot after someone said it. They walked briskly into the house subconsciously.

After they went in, her mother let Bao Er sit in the living room to talk to the guests and let her develop some feelings with her future in-law. Her enthusiastic actions did look like what a caring mother would do as she ran into the kitchen to cook.

In the living room, everyone was chattering noisily. Because Bao Er’s brother’s children and her aunt also brought the children along, the blaring sounds were deafening.


Bao Er poured tea for everyone and sat at her own place without saying much. Yu Wei Dong did not come alone, he had some relatives with him. Bao Er wanted to remain quiet for a while but his relatives did not give her the chance. They would ask Bao Er some questions occasionally. After they heard Bao Er say that she was in T city, their eyes brightened up.

“Aiyaya, our Wei Dong is also in T city! This is really destiny!”

Bao Er was speechless. There were nine thousand nine hundred people, if not ten thousand people who went to work in T city. If you greet someone at random, you might even meet someone from H city. Who expected them to see it as destiny.

“Hehe, is that so?” She felt embarrassed to retort so she could only smile awkwardly.

This shy smile fell into Yu Wei Dong’s eyes. He thought that Bao Er looked even cuter. She looked simple yet kind. Bao Er’s good impression in his heart immediately went up many levels.

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