CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55. Punishment

After around ten minutes had passed, the waiter returned. There was a carton of yogurt and a bottle of apple cider vinegar in his hands as well as some change. He gave it all to Zhong Yufei.

Zhong Yufei must have an unusual family background. Look at his behavior, his attire and generosity, did you really think he cared about that one hundred eighty dollars? Of course not, in the end, those extra change went into that waiter’s pocket like she’d expected.

“Bao Bao, come here.” Tan Jingmo waved at her. The way he addressed Bao Er made everyone’s jaw drop.

“Pfft” Zhong Yufei laughed, ”Bao Bao? Hahaha, Ah Mo you actually gave her such a name, so funny.” The others didn’t voice out their inner thoughts, but wouldn’t they think it was funny for a girl around her twenties to be called “Bao Bao”? They were of course laughing in their hearts.


Bao Er walked towards him unwillingly and glowered at Tan Jingmo. Was he happy to see her get embarrassed when he called her like that in front of everyone?

“Zhong Yufei, if you dare laugh again, I’ll call the mayor’s daughter to come here immediately to laugh with you.” Tan Jingmo said sinisterly. It sounded like a joke but his words seemed to threaten Zhong Yufei effectively, or else why would his expression suddenly change when he heard “mayor’s daughter”?

“I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, you can even call her sweet Bao Bao if you want, but don’t let that witch knows I’m here. I swear, I won’t joke with your Bao Bao anymore.” Zhong Yufei looked pitiful with a teary face. He was only one step away from kneeling down to beg for Tan Jingmo’s forgiveness.

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The more astonishing thing was that their push-ups were not the usual type. They even called two girls in the room to sit on their backs, and they had to finish it within five minutes.


Bao Er was already so shocked that it rendered her speechless. Five hundred was shocking enough, but they actually made a girl sit on their back and asked them to finish it within five minutes. Were they really not joking? Or did she hear wrongly?

“Don’t worry, they both grew up in the army camp from a young age. Five hundred push-ups are easy for them, just a piece of cake. Adding someone and the time limit are just their attempt to challenge themselves to surpass their limits.” Tan Jingmo explained the situation to her patiently.

The atmosphere was heating up in the room. Everyone was cheering for Wei Chi and his twin.

Again, the door was kicked open with a “Bang”, but this time the voice that appeared belonged to a woman.

“Hello handsome peeps!” The voice sounded gentle with some sweetness. Looking towards her, they saw that she even showed off some alluring movements occasionally, such as lifting her breasts and twisting her hips. She did look quite seductive.

The people inside were stunned, what was going on now?

Chapter 56.

Everyone looked at each other. No one knew who that weird and strange woman at the door was. The men only gazed at that woman for a while, then they lowered their eyes without even batting an eyelid and continued looking at the competition between the twins. As for the women…

They were not as calm. These young and pretty girls were mostly the female companions of the guys, some might even be their girlfriends. As for the guys in the room, they obviously came from a wealthy family background. Naturally, these beauties would want to hold onto their big tree tightly to avoid others from stealing them away.

However, that woman at the door kept showing off her sexiness in front of them. It made them grit their teeth angrily.

The woman still didn’t think this was enough. Seeing that no one responded to her, she continued walking forward while still making the body movements, until she stopped beside Zhong Yufei.

“Handsome guy, why are you not saying anything?” Her hand wrapped around Zhong Yufei’s neck. They looked pretty intimate.


In the room, a woman stomped her feet abruptly.

“Where did this shameless person come from? Even if you like to act, you should still consider if the audience likes to watch it or not. With such a low-standard seductive move, I may even do it better than you.” She then insulted her.

From how she reacted, it could be guessed that she was Zhong Yufei’s female companion.

That woman put down her hands after she heard her words and turned to look at her. With her head turned around, the face that was initially not facing her turned to face Bao Er directly. Bao Er was surprised to see that familiar face again.

Why were there so many surprises today?

Bai Xiao Xiao’s face looked a little lost when she saw Bao Er, as if she was awkward and embarrassed. “Bao Er, you’re here?” There were many elements of surprise in her words.

Bao Er slowly lowered her head, could she deny knowing her?

The others were confused by her words and didn’t know what was going on.

“Err, it’s actually Xiao Xiao Jie, I didn’t recognize you just now.” This was the truth, she really didn’t recognize her at first. She never knew Bai Xiao Xiao was such a daring person. Bao Er’s respect towards her had gone up a notch.

Bao Xiao Xiao stood decently like a lady, no longer showing that look just now. “Yeah, I’m here having a gathering with my co-workers. We’re playing truth and dare, and they asked me to do this.” She looked like she couldn’t help it.

As for what she did, it naturally referred to the movements she did and the words she said.

“Your movements are really smooth like you’re an expert, looks like you always play this kind of game? I truly admire you!” Another woman said sarcastically.


As expected, at places where women gathered, there would be war.

Bai Xiao Xiao showed an awkward smile and said nothing.

Her eyes met Bao Er and noticed that Bao Er was laying in Tan Jingmo’s embrace. Her position looked natural and casual, while Tan Jingmo would caress her head occasionally. They looked very intimate together.

“You two?” Her finger pointed at Bao Er and Tan Jingmo. Looking at this scene, no one would think that there was nothing going on between Bao Er and Tan Jingmo.

Bao Er slowly retreated from Tan Jingmo’s embrace. She didn’t want Bai Xiao Xiao to misunderstand and wanted to explain, but she didn’t know what to explain. Just… forget it! Bao Er gave up her attempt to explain.

Tan Jingmo’s expression didn’t look so good. The way he looked at Bai Xiao Xiao even seemed annoyed and disgusted, but he hid it well so it didn’t look obvious.

“Miss, do you need anything else?” These words were obviously an order demanding her to leave, right?

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