CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 47-48

Chapter 47. Her period had come

Tan Jingmo felt his feet slip and almost collapsed to the ground. The doctor gave them such a long lecture just now and yet she didn’t even hear a single sentence!

He sighed, feeling exasperated. Tan Jingmo then “summarized” the whole cause and effect. The conclusion that she got after Bao Er listened to him was that her period actually arrived earlier than usual.

Seeing that Bao Er’s face still looked slightly pale due to the pain, a sharp pain struck Tan Jingmo’s heart. He suddenly felt upset. This was not the first time he saw her like this. They hadn’t been together for long but it was already the third time she was hospitalized. Her body was truly too weak. And also because of her body attributes, the doctor didn’t dare to simply use medicine in the hospital, and only put her on the drip at most.

After that, Tan Jingmo hugged Bao Er up. It was a princess hug – light, gentle and careful, as if she was really a princess and he was the prince. They slowly departed towards his castle.


On the way back, they passed by a supermarket. Tan Jingmo let her stay in the car while he got off.

Approximately ten minutes later, he returned. There was a suspicious blush on his face and an obvious awkwardness.

At this time, Bao Er’s pain had subsided a little, but her whole body still felt pretty uncomfortable. Seeing Tan Jingmo’s expression who didn’t look so good, Bao Er’s eyes slowly lowered and saw the bag he was holding in his hands.

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“As long as you know how good I am, remember to repay this favor!” Tan Jingmo wasn’t very happy right now. They were having an important time but it was interrupted by her ‘unannounced relative’ that made them rush to the hospital. He still had a full tank of desire unable to get its release. At first, the possibility of her getting pregnant did flash across his mind, but he hadn’t yet consider the problem of having it or not when the doctor confirmed that it was just period and not miscarriage. Hence, Tan Jingmo was partially happy and also partially dissatisfied at the moment.


Thinking about the possibility of her getting pregnant, he was actually looking forward to it. But then, when he thought ‘what if it was a miscarriage’, his heart would feel anxious and chilly. Now he could finally pat his chest and relax. Luckily she didn’t get pregnant.

Bao Er didn’t understand the meaning between his lines and thought that he only wanted her to miss him more too, so she nodded obediently.

The small space in the car was intertwined with the breathing of the two. At this moment, it felt warm and passionate.

Chapter 48. Mo Xiaoyi

The legend of “VK” Jewelry. Needless to say, it was T city’s leader of the jewelry industry, even more so, it had an important and firm standing in the whole country and even the whole world.

It was said that the legend of “VK” Jewelry could be traced from one hundred years back. At that time, “VK”’s founder was just a worker in a pawnshop who worked diligently in the pawnshop every day. Afterwards, the pawnshop went bankrupt, and he coincidentally met a few people who came to the city to build a living. They hit it off at once, and went overseas together to expand their business.

The founder had keen and precise eyes. Soon, they obtained exceptional achievements within the jewelry industry.

Later on, after a hundred more years of ups and downs and experiences, “VK” went from the originally small jewelry shop into the big boss of the jewelry world. The types of jewelry under its name had special styles and followed the trend closely as well to cater to the customers’ fancy. Hence they didn’t fade out of the world and only grew bigger and bigger.

Now, the wealth behind “VK” was obviously enormous but as for how much it had, no one knew except for the one who was managing it.

“Don’t read anymore, those are just meant to scare people. Only you who had nothing to do would read things like this.” Mo Xiaoyi sat with one leg over another while holding up her phone to watch a movie. She looked at Bao Er scornfully with a face of ‘I don’t care’ as she told her.

Bao Er put down the magazine that wrote the article about the legend of “VK” after she heard her words. Her eyes scanned around the spacious office and found that although both of them had been waiting here for half an hour, no one was coming.

“I’m bored if I don’t read it.”She slowly kicked both her legs. The white dress on her body swayed left and right because of her motion, sending out small circles of waves.


Because she was here for an interview, she followed Mo Xiaoyi instructions and dressed like a lady. She even put on a pair of high heels with a height of five centimeters. Her whole look was of an intellectual beauty if she quoted Mo Xiaoyi’s words.

Looking at Mo Xiaoyi’s attire, it was jeans paired with white T-shirt. It was simply just that. Although both of them dressed up very differently, she felt that both of them did look a little like twins. They had similar height, similar body shape, their facial shape was also similar, the aura…

Wu, don’t talk to her about aura. She didn’t think she had any kind of aura on her, and as for Mo Xiaoyi who was sitting like a thug, of course not.

When Mo Xiaoyi heard Bao Er’s words, she stood up with a whoosh. She almost fell down because of her sudden action. It seemed like they looked similar for a reason – they even shared the same fear for high-heels.

“You be careful. If you break this shiny floorboard, I assume the company will want you to pay for it.” Bao Er advised her kindly, feeling exasperated with Mo Xiaoyi’s dense brain and clumsy movements.

Mo Xiaoyi was even more dense than she was. She showered herself in many different types of violent and bloody mangas every day. Her inner self had rotted thoroughly and it could be said that her views were corrupted as well.

Mo Xiaoyi patted her butt without a care. Her motion was really like a gangster instead of being ladylike.

Bao Er felt like a flock of crows flew across her brain. What kind of attractiveness did those mangas possess that turned such a good girl into this “obscene girl” today?

“I say, aren’t you bored? Sis will be kind today and let you open your eyes.” She didn’t hear Bao Er’s suggestion at all, and opened a video on her phone for her instead.

In this solemn meeting room, did you really think two freshies who came here to interview could do such an act of watching videos? If they got caught by the higher ups, not to mention the interview, they’d immediately get blacklisted and be forever out of consideration!

“Don’t be distracted, watch, it’s really nice.” Mo Xiaoyi turned Bao Er’s head around so she could face the phone screen directly.

The video was playing a manga, the characters inside were all very handsome but she didn’t understand what they were trying to do!


Bao Er watched for another two minutes patiently. She thought that it was boring and was about to turn her head away when Mo Xiaoyi suddenly got excited: “Don’t move, don’t move, the good scene is coming up. Please open up your eyes more!”

She then listened to her and didn’t move. Then, the surprise happened. The two men who initially had nothing to do with each other, suddenly did a series of dubious actions. What made Bao Er’s eyes bulge was that, the two of them actually… actually..

“Oh, this position is not bad, interesting. It’ll be better if the male at the bottom is more muscular!” There was some regret in Mo Xiaoyi’s voice.

Bao Er calmly moved her eyes away from her phone and pushed her phone back in front of her. “I don’t like it, you watch it on your own.”

Mo Xiaoyi who was indulged in the storyline couldn’t hear Bao Er’s words any longer.

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