CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39. Because I’m drinking apple cider vinegar

Tan Jingmo was also watching the beautiful girl below. He looked serious as he watched.

Bao Er thought that with such a setting and an angelic face and a killer body, which guy wouldn’t like to watch it? If he didn’t like it, then he was not a man, or there was something wrong with him. She wasn’t unhappy when she saw that, instead she thought that it was normal for Tan Jingmo to be interested in her.

“I think that girl looks average.” After she finished eating a piece of dessert, Bao Er slowly expressed her opinion.

These words were simply her personal opinion. She did not have any dissatisfaction or criticism against the beautiful girl on stage. Sometimes Bao Er’s dorm mates would think that Bao Er’s insight was strange, but perhaps they did have their logic. For example, Bao Er always defined her appearance as average, but they thought that she was pretty. For example, Bao Er thought that seductive and sexy women were pretty, but they said something was wrong with Bao Er’s eyes.


Each time they said this, Bao Er was doubtful. Was it because they didn’t have the “enchanting, seductive, sexy” qualities on them, their mindset was slightly twisted. So they thought that someone like her with a “babyface” had a pure, innocent aura and thought she was pretty.

In Bao Er’s mind, an innocent look was considered average, so she classified that type as normal. Naturally it also included herself.

“Little girl, are you jealous that they look prettier than you? Why did I sense a sour smell in the air?” Zhong Yufei grinned as he looked at her. Why did Bao Er think that his smile looked like a lewd smile?

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Tan Jingmo treated her like a pet again as he caressed her hair, “Babe, what nonsense are you saying? I’m just taking you here to watch, there is no need to buy her!”


“You’re not buying? If you missed out on this pretty girl, there won’t be another one. It’s too late when you regret it.” She persuaded him kindly. Buy her so she could see how great this girl was, to the extent that the snake around her body didn’t even bite her.

“Interesting, Ah Mo, your babyface girl is really interesting, she actually wanted you to buy another woman, she’s really…… different from the rest!” He paused briefly before Zhong Yufei described Bao Er with the word ‘different from the rest’ in the end.

This time, Tan Jingmo was not angry after Bao Er tried to persuade him. She didn’t know if it was because Zhong Yufei was around. Bao Er still remembered that time when she said she wanted to open up a spot for his new lover, he was angry for a few days.

Lastly, the beautiful girl on stage was sold with the price of one million three hundred and ninety thousand dollars.

Bao Er thought silently, one million three hundred and ninety thousand dollars for one woman, wow, that was really expensive.

After she told Tan Jingmo her view, Zhong Yufei was about to die laughing at the side.

Chapter 40. Calm

“Little doll, I thought you would be the same as the other women who thought that those women on the stage were miserable. I never imagined that your opinions are really different from the rest. Looks like Ah Mo does have good taste and found a babe like you!” Zhong Yufei said as he gave Tan Jingmo a commendable look.

Tan Jingmo did not show any expression as he held up the glass on the table and slowly sipped the red wine.

Actually his expression right now looked really cool. Hence, Zhong Yufei, a likely reincarnation of a parrot, didn’t dare to poke fun at Tan Jingmo anymore.

“Ah, if I know this will happen, I’ll bring a female companion with me too. If not, I end up being alone like now and become your third wheel, haiz!” Zhong Yufei’s handsome face was full of regrets with a mix of pitifulness. Bao Er’s goosebumps popped out. She felt awkward for him as he made such an expression.

“Since you already know that you’re being a third wheel, then why are you still here? Could it be that you are born to enjoy being a third wheel?” She looked at him curiously and spoke in her usual tone.


Zhong Yufei slowly turned his head to the stage after hearing her words. He didn’t stop dropping hints while he spoke: “Forget it, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything! I didn’t see or hear anything, do whatever you like, just treat me like I’m invisible.”

Bao Er “……”

While they were debating noisily upstairs, the stage at the bottom was similarly lively.

After the snake beauty, a pair of twin sisters made their appearance this time. Their looks, body and height were almost the same. With a sharp chin and a pair of alluring, narrow eyes as well as seductive red lips, it seemed to send this message to all the men in the hall: “Pounce on me if you like me, pounce on me!”

Bao Er was choked by the apple cider vinegar in her mouth. It was probably because of what she was thinking in her heart ‘pounce on me’.

These Caucasian sisters had more to offer than the beauty just now. There was a scorpion tattooed on their bare back which looked realistic. At one glance, it looked a little scary, but after staring at it for some time, she found that the scary scorpion could also become a sharp weapon to seduce someone.

Moreover, the looks of this pair of sisters were more enchanting and sexy than the beauty just now. They did all kinds of fiery, seductive moves after they went on stage. Later on, a staff member even led a huge tiger out to become their “tool”.

They made all kinds of poses beside the tiger, and even used their huge bre*sts to touch the tiger’s mouth. She didn’t know if their bre*sts were D-cup, E-cup or F-cup. Bao Er couldn’t stop gasping after she saw this scene. She wasn’t thinking that they were raunchy, she was just amazed that the tiger did not attack them.

Tigers were ferocious carnivores alright, how could they be as tame as a small kitty, allowing them to tease it and not even fight back? Or was it because this tiger was the same as the p*rvert snake earlier, it was actually also a p*rvert tiger?

That must be it.

So Bao Er started looking at this king of the forest scornfully.

“Wu, sissy boy, the women down there are quite pretty, why don’t you take them home in case you get too lonely to the extent that you become other people’s third wheel.” She suggested this win-win solution to Zhong Yufei seriously.


But Zhong Yufei ignored her solution and focused on Bao Er’s word “sissy boy” instead. “f*ck, Tan Jingmo, your babyface girl is talking what nonsense? She dares to say that I’m a sissy boy?”

Bao Er just imagined his sudden explosive response as an intermittent convulsion. Hence she calmed down and finally ignored his excessive response to continue watching this scene that she’d never seen before.

The beauties that came out later were also very pretty and sexy. All of them were basically bought by those “customers”. The highest price was nearly ten million.

It was such a large number!

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