CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 37-38

Chapter 37. Are you a pedophilia?

It was just six o’clock when they arrived. The auction would formally start at seven o’ clock. Bao Er looked around the surroundings excitedly. She was very curious about this venue that was different from a normal auction.

Tan Jingmo also sat beside her, giving her a few glances at times. He then looked down below. The round floor was still empty.

After a while, some people dressed like service staff came in and poured them red wine. They even gave them some desserts before heading out silently.

Bao Er couldn’t help gaping her mouth when she saw such high-class treatment. Drinking red wine while watching an auction, this was such a luxurious and extravagant life. It made her feel guilty.


“Don’t fret, it’s going to start soon.” Tan Jingmo thought she was waiting anxiously for the auction to start.

Bao Er wanted to say that she wasn’t thinking about the auction at all. She only felt pressured when she saw such high-class treatment and indulgence. But Tan Jingmo wouldn’t understand the feeling of a “poor person” like her who had never seen what the world was like. So she swallowed all the words she wanted to say into her stomach and just nodded.

The wait was always long and unbearable. Bao Er felt as if she couldn’t wait even a minute or second longer. When she opened her eyes to look below, she felt like she could see it all.

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Hearing the threat in Tan Jingmo’s words, Zhong Yufei didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore. He scratched his head and sat down beside Tan Jingmo, attempting to please him: “I’m just joking, don’t take it seriously.”


Brother, was this joke funny?

Chapter 38. This is, the real life Animal World?

After he sat down, the two of them would chat at times. Bao Er took the dessert on the table and ate it slowly. Women better not jump into the conversation when men are talking as they might not like it. So in the next ten minutes, the only thing she did was to be a decoration in front of them without saying a single word, eating those desserts in a ladylike manner.

But Zhong Yufei was very curious about her. This was the doll that Ah Mo had treasured. So he tried to ask about her a few times, but Tan Jingmo just replied to him briefly. He couldn’t obtain the information he wanted so he could only talk about something else with Tan Jingmo.

This weird scene continued until the start of the auction.

“Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. We’re very excited to have so many friends to attend our auction today, and I represent the organizers to thank you. As you all have known, this auction is only held once every two years and is very different from the kind of auction we know traditionally. Our auction revolves around the one and only theme of the night. Hence the things and items auctioned later can only be related to this theme…”

The host continued talking on the stage, making Bao Er roll her eyes. Oh god, time is precious, you better go straight to the point quickly without testing the audience’s patience.

“Our auction this time will be very different from our past auctions, because our theme this time is: women! Alright, let’s skip the gibberish, now let us wholeheartedly enjoy these beautiful ladies who look very different from reality!”

The host then went down the stage after he finished saying that. Bao Er’s eyes were wide open because this auction was beyond her expectations. The guys in the audience seats began shouting in anticipation, and there was certainly excitement in those screams.

She looked at all of this with a shocked expression, unable to believe it. She couldn’t believe what she heard and saw. Even though she couldn’t believe it, that strange theme had placed the real character in front of her.

Bao Er lived in a very small world. It was so small that it only revolved around her parents, money, and some really good friends. Bao Er’s world could also be said as very simple, so simple that she only went to school, home and work. And now, there was also Tan Jingmo.

When her mind was still slowly making sense of it, the crew had prepared a stage at the bottom. It was a huge metal cage that was covered by a black cloth. The audience couldn’t see what was inside it at all.


“The first to make an appearance is our snake beauty, please give her an applause.” The host’s elated voice spreaded out to every corner. After a while, the audience began reacting passionately, and of course the applause was mostly by men.

The cloth was lifted off slowly. That slow-motion made people feel tense. The feeling of wanting to see it but unable to made them feel anxious in anticipation.

Her initial shock slowly faded away. Bao Er also looked down curiously and nervously. Fortunately it wasn’t a far distance away and she had good eyesight, so she could see it clearly.

It felt like a long time had passed until the black curtain was finally lifted up. In the middle of the white round hall, a crystal chandelier hanging on the top was shining brightly and the floor was also made of white brick. At first glance, the person in the metal cage looked purple, but it wasn’t just fully purple, there was also a flash of gold. This type of color was very noticeable in this entirely white hall.

“Yup, she surely looks like a snake beauty.” Zhong Yufei looked down with an amused look as he commented silently.

That girl looked very young, like she was around her twenties. Her whole body was as white as snow but she wore very scanty-looking clothes. Purple T shaped panties, purple bra, and there was even a colorful and realistic-looking butterfly embroidered on her chest, with its color mostly consisting of purple. This girl’s hair was also dyed into a purple color, but it was a faint purple. Under the light, it flashed an alluring look.

The more special thing was a golden snake as thick as the girl’s arm coiled around the beauty’s neck. The snake kept flicking its tongue outwards, looking really scary.

Bao Er was stunned, was this the real life Animal World?

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