CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 35-36

Chapter 35. Why was she looking at you flirtatiously

It took two to three minutes just to talk to each other. Bao Er didn’t want to continue such a boring topic anymore. Just in time, Tan Jingmo who was waiting in front became impatient and came back to pull her hand.

“I’m starving, are you going?” Completely ignoring that there was still another person next to Bao Er.

It wasn’t that he didn’t notice her. He chose to completely ignore her. Tan Jingmo’s eyes were sharper than an average person. People could disguise their face’s expression, but what about the eyes? Not to mention that Bai Xiao Xiao was just showing off from the way she spoke. Such a small supervisor even dared to show off in front of him? She simply didn’t know her place.

If Bai Xiao Xiao could be described as in awe after she saw Bao Er, now her eyes should be described as hungry and thirsty. The person she was looking at was obviously not Bao Er, but Tan Jingmo.


With Tan Jingmo’s 1.8m height standing next to them, it actually felt oppressive. He was in a white casual clothing but it did nothing to block his noble aura and refined features. In the eyes of a normal woman, he was a very attractive man.

Furthermore, people who knew their goods would know that the clothes on his body were costly with just one glance.

“Eh, you are?” Bai Xiao Xiao’s eyes were set on Tan Jingmo completely. Her eyes were burning but she also felt shy. Her face that was considered quite white began to grow red.

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So Bao Er introduced Tan Jingmo to Bai Xiao Xiao although she was unwilling to. She introduced him briefly, only saying his name. But then, she couldn’t say much about him as well, because she had no clue about his other affairs.


Actually Tan Jingmo was quite mysterious, wasn’t he?

When they left, Bai Xiao Xiao was still longing for them as if there were still thousands of words she hadn’t said yet. Goosebumps ran across Bao Er’s arm when she saw that. She just assumed that Bai Xiao Xiao was sick with fever today.

When they reached the restaurant Tan Jingmo mentioned, they got their own private room naturally. He must be a frequent visitor to this place.

Tan Jingmo placed the milk that Bao Er liked in front of her, frowning as he said: “That person is your cousin? Are you sure? Why did she keep looking at you flirtatiously, could she have some sexuality problem?”

Bao Er couldn’t get to swallow the milk in her mouth yet when she “blurp” after hearing his words, spitting it all out.

Tan Jingmo looked at the milky spot on his clothes, then narrowed his eyes and looked straight at Bao Er. His eyes looked like a dry well, giving out an ominous light. Although it was covered by a thick fog, Bao Er could see that he wasn’t happy in his dry-well eyes.

“Bai Bao Er, are you planning to get whipped?”

Bao Er looked at him innocently, then shook her head desperately.

She wasn’t looking to get whipped, but his words were really funny. Bao Xiao Xiao’s eyes looked flirtatious? But the person she was looking at was her, Bai Bao Er, who was also a woman. How could this be? He even said that her sexually was abnormal, but how could this be?

She still remembered that Bai Xiao Xiao failed her exams because of dating!

Tan Jingmo’s slightly pouty lips slowly loosened after hearing what Bao Er said. He laughed, as if a piece of warm jade had sent warmth into his heart directly.

In the end, he pointed out a direction for Bao Er. “Why do I think that your cousin doesn’t seem sincere? You better keep your distance from her.”


Bao Er looked at him, feeling impressed. What kind of attentiveness he had that he could even see through such a warm performance that rarely came from Bai Xiao Xiao with his golden eyes. How would Bai Xiao Xiao feel after she knew this?

“Yes, of course, of course.” Since she didn’t like to be too close to Bai Xiao Xiao as well.

Chapter 36. Auction

The summer air became slightly milder. Perhaps it was because they were entering autumn, so T city’s temperature was gradually going down. Of course it wasn’t a big drop in temperature, but the current temperature was just nice, adding some chilliness in the air.

Bao Er glanced at Tan Jingmo beside her. The slightly pouty lips gave his face an additional seriousness, which was completely different from the “Mr Good Guy” image when she was with him. His entire person was giving out a slight coldness and distant feeling, even more so was the icy glance hidden under his gentleness, making others afraid to get close.

Perhaps he felt Bao Er’s scorching look on him, so Tan Jingmo turned his head around subconsciously and met her eyes. At that moment, the coldness under his eyes was quickly replaced by a layer of gentleness. The transformation was so fast that it felt unbelievable.

“Why? Are you nervous? Excited? Or curious?” He slowly opened his mouth and asked Bao Er. Even so, his low voice still sounded sexier than an average person.

Bao Er raised her head and looked around. This was just the lobby but there were a lot of people coming, so it was quite merry. She then looked at the matching couple casual clothing on her and Tan Jingmo. She felt strange at first, but now that she saw Tan Jingmo looking at it like it was no big deal, she didn’t think much anymore. Although there were still a lot of women wearing beautiful gowns and dresses.

“I am, this is my first time attending an auction, so I’m naturally curious. I just don’t know what they will auction today.”

Right, Tan Jingmo was being very kind this time and brought her to an auction. This was so much better than taking her to the high-class restaurant to eat Western food.

Bao Er thought that the items auctioned would usually have a connection to those ancient cultural items because people would cherish the items with historical value more and they had better holding value. So she was thinking if she came to the auction today, there must surely be a lot of ancient tools and items. Because she was interested in history, she was also curious about ancient items, hence she happily agreed to come with Tan Jingmo.

But when Tan Jingmo made her wear a casual shirt, Bao Er couldn’t really believe it. Although she was old-fashioned and never attended an auction before, she did hear things about auction. The TV programmes would always show people attending auctions wearing formal clothes, for example, men would wear suits and women would wear gowns.


When Tan Jingmo let her wear the casual clothing that she usually wore, it truly overturned her understanding about auctions.

“Later we will know what they’ll auction, perhaps who knows, you may be very interested.” Tan Jingmo smiled at her mysteriously. The curve on the corner of his mouth looked at ease, dissipating the unintentional distant feeling.

After hearing his words, Bao Er understood it as the things sold in the auction must be those ancient items with historical value, so she didn’t ask anymore.

Bao Er consciously grabbed his hand to avoid being bumped into people who were walking around. Seeing this, the curl at the corner of Tan Jingmo’s mouth went upwards as he tightened the grip on her hand. The sensation of ten fingers intertwining together felt cosy.

It was like entering another dimension when they went in. It was just the lobby outside, but the inside was like a stadium. It wasn’t as big as a standard stadium and it was round with the middle being partitioned as the event area. The seats were all set on the second floor. The design really gave out the feeling of being in a stadium.

Later, Tan Jingmo took Bao Er to sit down at an independent area which could be considered as a VIP space instead of sitting together with the other audience.

Seeing this, Bao Er was curious about Tan Jingmo’s identity again. What kind of person would have such a special treatment? The answer was, she didn’t know, and she didn’t plan to ask.

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