CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 31-32

Chapter 31. Couldn’t get to react

After she finished dealing with Lu Xi Jie, Bao Er went back to her “golden nest” delightfully.

Because she only went to tuition him three times per week, and it was only two hours per session, she still had an ample amount of time. This extra time would always make her feel that she had nothing else better to do.

Time passed by. Before long, one week had passed. Bao Er had a feeling like she was sitting in a rocket flying through the time passage. Indeed, time never waits for anyone.

Today, after she returned from Lu Xi Jie’s house, she laid down on the sofa and read a novel on the computer. Because of the “mouse” incident, Lu Xi Jie had categorized Bao Er as a highly dangerous character. No one would bring around a mouse all the time, but she would. If he revolted against her, a mouse would definitely run out to scare him.


So in the end, the arrogant brat became a small kitty. He became very obedient, so Bao Er was able to live her life very comfortably.

Suddenly the door opened, surprising Bao Er who was indulged in the novel.

Later, Tan Jingmo came in looking weathered. His hair was messy and there was some greyish moustache growing under his chin. He gave her a feeling of dejection.

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Tan Jingmo’s gentle face still looked cold as ever, giving out the message that disallowed any person to come close.


Bao Er was thick-skinned as she thought about the kind of relationship between the two of them, and that they were truly the closest person to each other. So she naturally went up to him.

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I was reading the novel just now, and couldn’t get to react. I’m speaking the truth.” She made a crying face and explained why she said such a thing.

Tan Jingmo still didn’t say anything, but after hearing her words, he felt better and the expression on his face slowly calmed down.

Although he did calm down, his face was still cold as if she owed him a few million dollars. When she looked at his face which was different than before, Bao Er still felt really amazed, but after much time had passed, she could feel goosebumps all over her hand. He was truly frightening.

So Bao Er sat at one side and also made her face look cold. “Alright, you’re still angry at me, right? If you don’t care about me then I’ll also do the same. From now on, don’t talk to me.”

She also knew how to look standoffish.

Tan Jingmo’s cold face turned dark. He glared at Bao Er then pulled her into her embrace. He bit her neck roughly. “Such ungrateful girl with no conscience.”

Bao Er abruptly glared back at him, “If you want to talk, then talk. Do more of these tricks, and I’ll take you away and chop your head off.”

After she said that, he was speechless again. He continued glaring. “Shut up, don’t speak.”

Aih, she was really such a silly girl.

Tan Jingmo began to laugh again after hearing her words. He caressed Bao Er’s head like she was a small dog. “Aih, how can I have the same line of thought as someone as heartless as you? Won’t this just make myself suffer?”

Hmph, having the same line of thought as me? You had a shallow vision and was self-centered, Bao Er thought.


“Babe, did you miss me?” His low voice came from beside her ears, laced with expectation.

But the “second-hand goods” Bao Er’s answer was destined to disappoint him. “No.” There was a blank expression on her face as she told him her inner thoughts with all honesty.

Tan Jingmo felt oppressed after hearing that. It was an unexpected answer that he had expected, and he didn’t like to hear it.

Chapter 32. Satisfied with what you see?

Tan Jingmo bit Bao Er’s face. The short mustache pricked the tender skin on her face, making her feel painful. “Babe, your honesty sometimes hurts people, do you know that?”

Bao Er slightly pushed his head away and shook her head, signifying that she did not understand.

Tan Jingmo “……”

He must be thinking in his heart, why did he find himself such a blank and stupid woman, Bao Er thought.

Tan Jingmo let go of Bao Er and stretched his arms. His clothes were slightly tugged upwards due to his movement. A portion of beautiful abs were shown underneath, strong and beautiful, like what they say: Looking slim in clothes and still having meat after removing the clothes1TN: from chinese proverb:穿衣显瘦,脱衣有肉.

“Alright, do what you want. I’ll take a shower and punish you after I come out.” Tan Jingmo said these words proudly, then walked towards the bathroom, letting Bao Er see his handsome behind.

Punish her? Tan Jingmo, you should be the one who shouldn’t have the same line of thinking as hers, all right? Or else you seem so childish.

He came out after a while in a white bathrobe. The collar was wide open and the skin exposed looked firm and white. He also shaved the moustache on his face cleanly, regaining his previous image of being a nobleman.


Bao Er looked at the person in front of her in a daze, then a word popped up in her brain. It was called beautiful and delicious.

Of course, there would surely be no problem to seduce those thirsty women if one had an image like Tan Jingmo’s. One or two or countless of them would definitely dash to him after they saw him, then eat him up until not even bones were left.

“Satisfied with what you see?” Tan Jingmo rarely saw Bao Er show this kind of expression, so he lowered his head, looking amused as he stared straight at her with impish eyes. Bao Er turned her eyes away. She actually felt nervous when he looked at her. She felt that her face was burning up and must have begun to turn red.

Bao Er stretched out her hand subconsciously and poked her finger at his chest. It felt tough.

“Actually it’s just okay. If your chest is bigger and softer, then it will be better.” Bao Er felt funny when she imagined that scene. It would be interesting to turn Tan Jingmo into a big-breast.

Tan Jingmo’s face darkened. Probably it was because he was stunned by Bao Er’s words.

“I see that babe’s imagination is quite rich.” Why did she feel that he was gritting his teeth as he said that?

But Bao Er still remained humble like she usually did, “No problem.”

This was the pretentious nature of people, or to say her pretentious nature. Of course, regarding her response to Tan Jingmo’s statement, she didn’t think that pretentious could describe the current situation. Usually when she met someone who complimented her for her certain achievement, Bao Er’s response was almost the same every time. She would be humble and deny it with a fake smile.

As for this habit of Bao Er, she thought that family and school education had a big relation to that, as well as this society.

Tan Jingmo hugged Bao Er up from the sofa where she was lying on. The sudden action shocked Bao Er that both her hands circled his neck tightly. “Are you trying to shock me to death?”

Tan Jingmo’s ink-black eyes stared at her. There was a desire he had been suppressing in his heart. His eyes were bright as he looked at Bao Er like a sweet… peach when he was starving.


Tan Jingmo, are you in heat again?

“I couldn’t wait to love you, so how would I shock you?”

“Then what are you trying to do?”

“Babe, don’t you know that I’m starving? Of course I’m going to… eat you!”

Bao Er glared at him angrily, “The elders once said ‘don’t express your lust in daylight’, did you never hear that before?”

Tan Jingmo slowly walked in the direction of the bedroom naturally.

He placed her on the bed, then answered Bao Er’s question. “We are not the elders. Their rules are more suitable for themselves.”

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