CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29. Her childhood

After she finished poking fun at him, Bao Er looked at him with stern eyes. She only spoke when she felt that Lu Xi Jie began feeling giddy. “Come, sit.” She pointed at the stool beside her and talked seriously.

Lu Xi Jie shrunk his neck after listening to her. Tears were welling in his eyes without dropping out. He then walked slowly next to Bao Er and sat down on the seat that Bao Er pointed at.

“Little brat, you don’t feel good in your heart right? Don’t like me at all? Hmph, I’m letting you know that there is a price to pay for everything you do. Hold in that unjust you felt in your heart no matter what, or else I’ll let out your companions just now to accompany you.” Threatening a small child was not shameful as long as the threat hit the mark.

Lu Xi Jie flattened his mouth. His clothes looked pitiful like he had just gone through a lot of suffering and was about to cry again.


“You dare to cry again?” Bao Er spoke shadily, her face equaled “fierce” naturally.

“If I hear you cry again, I’ll throw you down the stairs. You can try if you don’t believe me.”

Truly kind-hearted people would get bullied easily. Previously, she treated him with pure and innocent intentions, and she got a glass of juice spiked with diarrhea-inducing drug in return. Now that she threatened him so viciously, Lu Xi Jie became as well-behaved as a lamb, becoming fearful of Bao Er’s words.

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Actually when she heard that his father was in a vegetative state after an accident and was hospitalised for a whole year, Bao Er had decided to discipline Lu Xi Jie, this immature boy. His mother was having a hard time alone. She had a child, a company, and a husband who was in a coma. She had to take care of so many things in and out, so how much time did she have left for Lu Xi Jie?


Her childhood couldn’t be compared to Lu Xi Jie’s, and she didn’t intend to compare her childhood with his, she only hoped that this true event could make him understand that he had such a happy life, and he should learn to mature.

Chapter 30. Still have to surrender even if unwilling

Lu Xi Jie’s face slightly turned pale. No one knew if it was because he was shocked by that toy just now or if he did listen to Bao Er’s words, but this was not a question she was concerned about.

After quite some time, he only came back to his senses and looked at Bao Er in dissatisfaction. He then began to refute her words. “That’s because you are useless, and also because those children are useless. Why are you comparing me to you, or even to them?”

After Bao Er heard his words, she had a sudden inclination to throw him down the stairs for real. She thought that he could at least understand what she was trying to convey, but she was wrong. He wasn’t reflecting on himself, but just picking the mistakes in her words.

With a cold face, she sneered. Her face was covered in iciness that was never there before.

“Yes, I naturally can’t compare to you since you have a rich father. But you brat, what if your father is the same as the average father that I mentioned? Do you think you can still live comfortably in such a beautiful house? Who knows if you will be sleeping in the streets right now, begging in the street.”

Such a small child who pointed out that she wasn’t worthy enough to compare the both of them truly already had his heart corrupted by money. Even a seven to eight years old child had become so snobbish. This society was really tragic.

But Bao Er didn’t know if it was the society that was tragic or if it was just herself.

After a short silence, she didn’t care about Lu Xi Jie anymore. She didn’t even look at him, not to mention speaking to him.

But this small brat was still stubborn and didn’t realize his own mistake.

Actually this was the response by many children who were overly pampered at home. Not just Lu Xi Jie, there were still a lot of children who act like that in this world. They were the small boss at home, and were used to having everything go their way. Once they encountered something they wanted but couldn’t get, they would start to play some mind tricks for their own benefit.


This psychological thinking that was planted since young would then become the source of evil. Like the recently famous Lee XX incident, it was because he was used to being dominant since young and he couldn’t accept even a little suffering.

“Bad woman, I won’t believe you no matter what you say. Hmph, trying to trick me? Not a chance.” Lu Xi Jie barked out those words apprehensively, and then went to sit down on another chair, ignoring Bao Er.

This small brat, being so arrogant? I’ll see how arrogant you can be.

Bao Er’s hand went into her bag again and took out a furry… huge mouse. It was twice the size of a normal mouse. She pressed its tail and placed it on the ground. It then climbed forward in a straight line, and stopped when it reached Lu Xi Jie’s leg. Its eyes seemed to be rolling around and its nose was twitching about.

Lu Xi Jie who was initially sulking at the side turned his head around when he heard the sound on the ground. He didn’t expect to see another mouse that he was afraid of the most, and its size was a lot bigger than the last one. He cried loudly and shrunk his body on the chair, very afraid that he might get bitten by the “mouse”.

“You bad woman, take it away quickly, wuwuwu, mum, mum, this bad woman bullies me.” He cried while complaining.

“Talk, now do you know you’re wrong?” Bao Er quickly took this opportunity while she was at an advantage.

“Wuwu, mum, mum.” He must have been really shocked as he let out kitten-like cries. He continued calling for his mum.

Bao Er was not worried about him too much since a child like him didn’t have such small guts and couldn’t even handle a shock.

“Now do you know you’re wrong?” She asked him the question again. This time Lu Xi Jie spoke and nodded with tears in his eyes. “Wuwu, I… know…, wuwu, take it away quickly.”

Even if he was unwilling, he still chose to surrender.

“Very good, then write a letter of repentance, do you agree?”


“I agree, wuwu.” He was still crying when he agreed. Bao Er thought scornfully that Lu Xi Jie was really timid.

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