CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19. Ice cream

Tan Jingmo took Bao Er to a beautifully decorated dessert shop. Bao Er would never enter if she was alone, but since she was following him, then there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

He was wearing a business suit and looked gentlemanly. He looked like a rich person at first sight. Additionally, he looked handsome with an exceptional aura. The person in front of them was also wearing a business suit, but in comparison, Tan Jingmo looked majestic in the suit.

Would the staff in the shop dare to ignore such a breathtaking person like him? Bao Er guessed that even if he didn’t head to the counter himself, the hungry girls would also purposely come to him on their own, since he looked so outstanding.

“What do you want to eat? Pick anything, I’ll compensate you right now.” Tan Jingmo held Bao Er’s hand, and said that with a helpless yet doting expression.


Other women wanted jewelry and diamonds, but this silly woman wanted him to pay back her ice cream. He naturally agreed to her “small” request without another word.

As for the woman who was standing beside the counter, she glanced at Bao Er subconsciously when she heard that. There was a scorn flashing across her eyes. Perhaps she was thinking that Bao Er was a little woman who wanted to chase Tan Jingmo on purpose, and then slay a “big fish” like him.

Bao Er was speechless when she saw that. Sis, didn’t you see their fingers wrapping tightly around each other? Wasn’t it too much to look down on her like that? Illogical.

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“Babe you’re so cute. If you know this is expensive, then don’t waste it. Eat it all.” A thrifty child would be good for a family, wouldn’t it?


Bao Er glanced at him in surprise, and pointed at the high quality bread in the bag. “Are you not eating? If not, then why did you buy so much?”

Tan Jingmo shook his head, then looked at her dig into the tasty ice cream with her spoon. His eyes squinted. “You like it, so I buy them all for you.”

As he said that, he arrived beside the car. After he entered the car, he didn’t start it right away. He pointed at the ice cream in Bao Er’s hand. “I want it too, feed me a spoonful.”

Bao Er “……”

She thought about how he spent three hundred over dollars for it, so she dug a spoonful and sent it into his mouth. But his purpose was obviously not to eat ice cream, but to…

He pulled Bao Er over and covered her mouth. He passed all the ice cream in his mouth into Bao Er’s mouth.

Bao Er felt bitter but she couldn’t voice it out. It was horrifying to pass food over, Tan Jingmo, could you care about hygiene?

He only let her go when her hands began to punch him. He then “pecked” Bao Er’s lips. “Yup, later let us go and eat some food. We can eat your bread after we go home.”

What else could she say? She could only listen to him obediently. Later, he started the car, and brought Bao Er to a western food restaurant. The decor there was beautiful as well, looking pretty stylish.

Chapter 20. Actually is the first time

After he got out of the car, he tossed his car key to the valet boy, then held Bao Er’s hand as they entered.

Bao Er’s footsteps halted slightly as she looked down at her T-shirt and jeans. She looked like she did not belong here. She suited the food stalls at the roadside better in such shabby clothes. Such a place like a western restaurant was only suitable for a person like him.


Tan Jingmo saw her halt her steps, and also stopped walking. “Why? Why are you stopping?”

“I think I’m not suitable to enter here in such clothes. People will look at me strangely.” Bao Er told him the thoughts in her heart truthfully.

Usually, as long as it did not concern her family, she would try to tell him the truth. Because this was her habit and instinct. Like what her teacher had taught her, people should be honest.

Tan Jingmo looked at her in discontent after he heard Bao Er’s words. “Who dared to say that about you? Don’t worry, you look nice in this, like a girl next door. I like it.”

Bao Er kept quiet. All right, you can say anything since you are the boss. A girl next door? Was this a place a girl next door would go? In her opinion, this should be a place only the rich young women would go, wouldn’t it?

Later, Bao Er acted as if she didn’t know that other people were judging her as they showered her with strange looks in the restaurant. She followed Tan Jingmo’s regular pace as she entered a room.

The decor in the room was elegant. Bao Er would admire it from time to time, since this was her first time here, and it might also be her last time here. She thought of it as a short indulgence of food and sight.

Tan Jingmo passed a menu to Bao Er. She shook her head, not taking it. “You choose, since I never eat any of them.”

She thought that if it was that female cashier just now, she would totally mock her again. But now the waiter next to her was a male, and probably because he had better manners, he didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Bao Er could hear Tan Jingmo tell him in a low voice about what he wanted to order, but she took no notice of it.

Soon the food arrived. It was like what Bao Er saw in the television in the past, she needed a fork and knife to eat this.

Among all the food Tan Jingmo ordered, Bao Er liked the steak the most. Perhaps it was because she liked to eat beef. When she was still at her old house, it was rare to eat beef, because it was expensive and she could only get to taste it during festivals.


Tan Jingmo was quite surprised when he saw Bao Er’s skilled handling. “Babe, you know how to use the fork and knife very well.” From what he saw, Bao Er didn’t look like someone who had been to a western restaurant, but the way she used them adeptly didn’t look fake.

People who’d never used a fork and knife wouldn’t be able to use it smoothly when they first started. He’d even heard one of his brothers talk about his “cinderella” girlfriend that cut the steak so horridly that it flew onto his body the first time he brought her to a western restaurant to eat.

Bao Er put the piece of steak she’d just cut into her mouth, and munched on it slowly. After she swallowed it into her stomach, she took the water on the table and sipped it lightly before answering his question.

“No, this is the first time I’m eating this, and this the first time I use this too. But I’m used to using chopsticks with my right hand and using a spoon with my left hand when I’m eating in school, so it’s not difficult to use this now.”

Tan Jingmo answered with an “oh” as a sign of understanding. The two of them would make conversation at times, so it wasn’t too awkward nor too merry.

Tan Jingmo saw how skilful Bao Er was, and simply put his knife and fork down, saying that he didn’t want to cut it anymore. He wanted her to cut it for him, and wanted her to feed him.

“You’re not embarrassed? Your face is not turning red either.” Bao Er looked at him scornfully. But Tan Jingmo wasn’t mad when he heard her say that, and still looked at Bao Er with a smiley face.

“Why should I be embarrassed?” He asked her back, making Bao Er speechless.

Yeah, what else should he be embarrassed for? His face was as thick as a wall. Cough, of course it was only when he was facing her.

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