CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17. Picked up a small pet recently

After Tan Jingmo left the ‘golden nest’ he gave to Bao Er, he headed off to his company. His current decision was just to go there once or twice a week, since people would get bored if you see that person too often. Moreover, he couldn’t let her get used to his special treatment towards her in case she might overstep the boundary. Furthermore, as a CEO of a big company, he didn’t have much time to accompany Bao Er as well.

“Hu La” The silver gray, streamlined race car started with the sound, and before long he reached the renowned big company in T city. Tan Jingmo parked his car, and went up to his office in the exclusive elevator reserved for CEO use only.

As a rich businessman, the decor of his office didn’t look exaggerated. It was simple and large with very good lighting.

He just sat down for a few minutes when the door of his office opened without even knocking.


Tan Jingmo didn’t raise his head up from the files. There was not a single person who would dare to do this in his company, so the one who entered was naturally not his employee.

In fact, it wasn’t.

“Ah Mo, where did you disappear for the last two days? Hehe, could it be that a pretty girl popped up from somewhere and enchanted you, to the point that you lost your senses?” Zhong Yufei took a seat in front of Tan Jingmo. He crossed his legs naturally like a thug, as if he was looking for a beating.

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Zhong Yufei looked at this unreliable person with a distraught expression, like a male doggy asking for compliments from its master.


Tan Jingmo was speechless at this scene.

“You can get lost now if you’re still not talking!” He picked up the already chilly coffee on the table and took a small sip.

“No brotherhood, and I even especially took the time to come and see you!” Zhong Yufei muttered, but when he thought about what he was going to say next, he began to gloat.

“Ah Mo, I heard your grandfather is helping to find you a woman in England. If everything goes as planned, em, I mean if you don’t object to it, I should be able to attend your wedding around next year!”

Tan Jingmo didn’t mind his teasing, and thought about this problem with a frown instead. He’d been so busy with the company these days that he didn’t notice his grandfather’s activities. But that old man had been keeping himself busy with this stuff for more than a year, he guessed he must already find it addictive!

He was just twenty-nine years old, so he naturally wasn’t in a hurry to get married. But wasn’t his grandfather thinking too much? Or he was getting bored staying in England after these few years?

Tan Jingmo slightly narrowed his eyes as he pondered about it, his brain spinning quickly. It was his own life, shouldn’t he be the one to take charge of it?

Chapter 18. A coincidence meeting on the street

Bao Er stayed in boredom at the “golden nest” for another few days. Tan Jingmo didn’t come to her, so she began to go out to find herself a part-time job.

T city was a bustling place, so there were naturally a lot of part-time jobs  Bao Er was a student of teacher education, she could easily find herself a tutoring job that gave pretty good benefits.

After they finished discussing the tutoring job, she took the rare chance to stroll casually down the streets.

Slowly walking ahead, the wide, bustling streets were crowded, with loud shouts amplifying up and down merrily.


Bao Er walked ahead at a slow pace, when she put her head up and saw a jewelry shop in front of her. Various types of beautiful and expensive jewelry were lined up in it, lighting up this world, giving it a different look.

Bao Er paused on her feet, but in the end, she still couldn’t help herself to enter and take a look.

In the shop, the staff didn’t even want to go and greet her after they saw Bao Er. They were just relaxing on their original seats, chatting with each other gleefully.

Bao Er didn’t mind too much, then she lowered her head to look at her own attire. White T shirt coupled with a pair of jeans, and she was wearing a pair of canvas shoes. At one glance, she looked like a poor person, hence the reason why they didn’t serve her.

Kissing up to the higher-ups and stepping on the inferior, was a very common occurrence. People with influence were like that.

Bao Er looked at the beautiful jewelry in front of her earnestly. They looked grand, classic and shining brightly, easily captivating other people’s eyes. No wonder so many people liked jewelry.

She stretched out her hand to take a better look at the pinky ring, when a staff member told her unhappily: “Ai ai, don’t touch the rings as you please, they’ll get dirty!”

Bao Er halted her movement and slowly understood her meaning. Her face burned up. If she still didn’t know what the woman meant between her lines, she didn’t gauge others’ expressions for the past twenty years to learn nothing.

She put up her hand to pull the bag around her shoulder, then turned around to exit the shop.

The female staff member said “Cheh”, and lowered her head to look at her fingernails that she’d trimmed beautifully herself. “She dares to enter here with such shabby clothes, I really admire her bravery. If I’m her, I’ll try to distance myself from a shop like this.”

Her voice wasn’t very loud but it wasn’t small either. Bao Er, who was just walking out the door, happened to hear it. She didn’t do anything about it, since the mouth wasn’t hers so it was up to her how she wanted to use it. Such words couldn’t hurt her a lot now. She’d already trained herself to have a steel body in an unpleasant environment.

After that, Bao Er walked into the drinks shop beside it and bought a cup of ice cream. She was happier when she was eating these snacks. When she was young, she never had enough pocket money to buy herself some snacks, so she could only watch others eat it.


Now that she thought about it, she felt embarrassed. She was so lowly that time, so shameful.

Bao Er didn’t sit in the shop to eat it. She was holding the cup, eating it while walking. Actually she liked this kind of feeling, she wouldn’t care about her own reputation too much, and was able to taste the sweetness.

Yeah, actually ice cream was a very tasty thing in her eyes.

Just as Bao Er was about to cross the road, a race car “Shuaa” and stopped in front of her.

Bao Er could only sigh in her heart when she saw that, and wanted to walk around the car to go to the other side. But she’d only taken two steps when someone pulled her into a hug. The sudden, major action made her drop all her ice cream onto the floor.

Looking at the snowy white load on the floor, Bao Er’s flames deep within her heart burnt up more. What was wrong with this person? So rude and deliberately blocked her road, not to mention hugging her once they met and made her drop her ice cream.

Bao Er raised her head and glared at the person in front of her angrily. But, she was stunned when she saw him, because the one hugging her wasn’t anybody else, but Tan Jingmo.

She’d been wondering who had such guts to hug someone once they met, so it was actually him. Bao Er looked at the ice cream on the floor, feeling unhappy but she couldn’t voice it out. In the end she could only glare at him scornfully.

“It’s your fault, compensate me for my ice cream.” Bao Er said these words with all righteousness, because he was the one at fault at first.

It was a rare chance for Tan Jingmo to come out to the streets, when he met Bao Er. He hadn’t been able to express the happiness in his heart yet when she complained to him instead. Bao Er’s words also made him want to laugh, as he stretched out his hand to pinch her nose. “So petty, isn’t it just ice cream? And you even want me to pay you back! You don’t even know to get excited when you see me, such a naughty girl.”

Bao Er groaned unhappily. “Will this happen if not because of you who suddenly run out? And you hug me all of a sudden, luckily I didn’t learn any martial moves, or else you’ll already be flying across the road.”

She’d only come out to take a walk down the streets when she met him. Was this what they call an unlucky day? If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have come here.


“Alright, it’s all my fault. That’s enough, you’re pouting your lips so high up that I can hang a piece of meat around it. Come, I’ll take you to eat ice cream, don’t you like it? Get in.” Tan Jingmo opened the car door to let Bao Er enter. Ice cream? He’ll treat her until she’s had enough!

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